Adria launches travel app


The Slovenian national carrier has unveiled its new mobile application which offers a range of services to passengers. Entitled "Adria App", it is available for those using Android and iOS devices. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play and the App Store and offers individuals the opportunity to book a flight, check-in, manage their booking, check their flight status and view Adria's timetable. Furthermore, articles from Adria's "OnAir" magazine can be viewed via the app and individuals can subscribe to the airline's newsletter, check their Miles & More status, get passenger support and leave their feedback.


  1. Welcome in 2018! 10yrs too late!

    And management is still just waiting to send JP to insolvency, yes? JP is trying hard to (re)gain some dignity! Good luck JP!

    On the other side - GS at LJU threatens with industrial action:

    Preobremenjenost, nizki dodatki, deljen odmor za malico in omejitev nagrajevanja razburjajo delavce Aerodroma Ljubljana

    1. Anonymous20:18

      sigurno se je poskusal pri adrii zaposliti pa ga niso sprejeli, zato je sedaj tako jezen na njih in siri fake news

    2. Anonymous21:00

      "And management is still just waiting to send JP to insolvency, yes?"

      They are trying to make the most of it, but yes, it will end in insolvency. The Saab saga ends on the 9th of May, when the new owner will be officially anounced by the insolvency authorities in Switzerland (the new owner is an American company called JetStream).

      My guess is this will be used as an excuse to drastically change Adria. Either in the form of bankruptcy or restructuring it in a pure wet lease company.

    3. Anon@8:18pm: Fake news? What is fake here?

      Anon@9pm: well, i hope u r wrong! I rarely believe in conspiracy and there is only conspiracy here - why would the owner (4k) let the board to lead the company down this path? There is no logic here and business is (should be) pure logic.

  2. Anonymous17:29

    pejt ti za direktorja Adrie, pa bomo vidl kaj boš naredu...

    1. ??? U obviously didnt get my post.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX23:53

    Nice. Just all the bookings done on JP are missing per pax like u hve it on LX for example


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