Astra to operate Maribor charters


Greece's Astra Airlines will run a series of charter flights from the Greek island of Chios to Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport. According to the "Sierra 5" portal, services will be maintained each Tuesday between June 5 and July 24. The flights are being operated on behalf of the Intelekta tour operator, whose travellers will also be granted free parking at Maribor Airport. The flights mark a resumption of charter services from Slovenia's second largest city after SHS Aviation took over the running of Edvards Rusjan Airport last year.


  1. Which airplanes will they send? BAe 146?

    1. Anonymous15:55

      They will be leasing a B737.

    2. Anonymous17:36

      Can a 737 land (and take-off) at JKH?? 1500m runway only.

    3. Anonymous17:39

      Yes it can.

    4. Anonymous17:53

      Also loaded with 180pax - or only empty with minimum fuel? Source? Usually not possible with such short runway and considering the heat in summer requiring more TO distance

  2. Anonymous18:39

    Charter flights are becoming very popular in smaller cities. The other day it was BNX receiving Aviolet. OHD to AYT. My next guess is INI.

  3. Anonymous19:20

    Where did you get the information about OHD-AYT?


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