Fraport hiring Croatian workers


Fraport's Frankfurt Airport has advertised job vacancies for workers from Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria. The company, which holds shares in about a dozen other airports around the world, including Ljubljana, is one of Germany's largest employers. However, Fraport is looking to expand its workforce even further, and has turned to some markets within the European Union with higher unemployment rates. "We want to speak directly to jobseekers in Greece, Bulgaria, and Croatia and ask them to come work for us", Fraport's Human Resources Manager, Michael Muller, told the DPA news agency. Throughout April, Frankfurt Airport is seeking to attract workers with at least a basic understanding of German and English. Fraport said they were looking for both unskilled workers and professionals, offering up to 30.000 euros gross annual pay. A list of available vacancies can be found here.


  1. Anonymous16:48

    OMG, the list is huge!! But this is the problem in Germany, English is still used but German is required for many jobs unlike Holland or Scandinavia where English is widely spoken.

  2. Anonymous20:49

    30.000 euros GROSS annual pay to live in Frankfurt is VERY little!

  3. Anonymous21:19

    Yes, but Fraport arranges accommodation just outside Frankfurt and close to the airport so workers can commute and pay their rents with no problem. I read it somewhere but can't remember where.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX23:51

    German media are saying that Fraport is looking badly to employ people as about 10% of their total jobs are currently open. But yep 30K is nothing and if they do not pay better salaries, no wonder Germans do apply there.
    And honestly general reputation of Fraport is not at its best

  5. Anonymous23:43

    €30,000 gross is enough if 3 people share an apartment. It's not meant as a career or a job to sustain a family


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