Montenegrin airports to get makeshift terminals


Montenegro's two international airports, Podgorica and Tivat, will build temporary structures to deal with strong passenger growth and capacity constraints this summer season. Podgorica Airport will construct three additional areas spanning over 1.000 square metres. This will include a 220 square metre extension of the departures area on the northern side of the terminal building, which will feature additional toilet facilities, as well as a smoking room, while an extra 438 square metres will be added to the arrivals area, which would allow for additional passport control booths and customs control. A third structure, covering an area of 319 square metres will be added to the VIP and general aviation gates. Tivat Airport plans to add a makeshift structure spanning 1.300 square metres, which could be completed by the start of the peak summer months.

The construction of the temporary facilities are valued at four million euros. Montenegro's two international airports have registered strong passenger growth throughout the first quarter, with Podgorica growing 18% and Tivat almost 21%. For the first time last year both airports handled over one million passengers.


  1. Anonymous19:52

    And in this region makeshift temporary solutions usually become permanent.

  2. Anonymous01:32

    Hopefully is not gonna look like cow barn in Budapest

  3. Anonymous17:05

    does anyone know will pobeda start to fly to podgorica on daily baises?


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