Mostar approves Eurowings subsidies


The government of the Herzegovina - Neretva Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina has approved a five-year subsidy agreement with Eurowings. The low cost airline will be granted just over a quarter of a million euros on a yearly basis until 2023 (inclusive) in order to maintain flights from Dusseldorf and Stuttgart to Mostar, which commence this May. "Considering that Mostar Airport provides services which are of general interest, contributes to the mobility of citizens and the connectivity of the Herzegovina - Neretva county, we have decided to approve these subsidies", the government said in a statement. Previously, it approved half a million euros in subsidies to Croatia Airlines on an annual basis in order for it to maintain year-round services from Zagreb to Mostar starting next week.


  1. Replies
    1. ne cveta cvece ni u vase preduzece

  2. BiH on fire. Soon busiest country in ex-Yu in traffic after Hrvatska

    1. Whole Bosnia has less traffic than LJU, but ok...

    2. Ok ok, lets see in 2019 ;) ;)
      I hope MBX contributes a bit to LJU...

  3. Hope Pristina airport will sue them...


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