SMATSA to launch SUSAN project


The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA) has been granted a loan by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to commence work on the multi million euro improvement of its air navigation services. Known as the SUSAN project (SMATSA Upgrade of System for Air Navigation), it entails an upgrade of all equipment and services, including a new radar system at Belgrade Airport, Besna Kobila Mountain in Serbia and Vršuta Mountain in Montenegro, implementation of a voice-to-ground and ground-to-ground voice communication system, upgrade to SMATSA's aeronautical fixed telecommunications network (AFTN) system and aeronautical message handling system (AMHS), the construction of an annex to the existing air traffic control centre in Belgrade, the construction of a new air traffic control tower in Belgrade (pictured) and the construction of a new air traffic control tower in Niš. SUSAN is valued at 118 million euros and will be completed by 2021. The EIB has provided a loan worth 45 million euros, while the rest will be covered by a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and SMATSA's own funds. In 2016, SMATSA completed work on the overhaul of Tivat Airport's control tower.


  1. Anonymous15:05

    Congratulations. This all sounds really great and it will make SMATSA one of the most modern air traffic controls in Europe.

    Shame Bosnia is not part of SMATSA. They could have profited from it like Montenegro did.

    1. Anonymous17:57

      Bosnia is larger than Montenegro, they have enough airspace and traffic to be independent (as it is now). It would be more logical for Bosnia to be part of CCL, due to geographical position and shape, and traffic flow, than SMATSA. There's not a single reason why it would be better for Bosnia if they joined SMATSA.

    2. Anonymous18:40

      It would make more sense to be part of SMATSA because of Republika Srpska. It's quite obvious. Anyway, SMATSA seems to be far more organized and successful than CCL. SUSAN is best proof of it.

    3. Anonymous23:40

      Why would it make more sense because of one of the Bosnia's administrative units? As I said before: traffic flows, shape and position of Bosnia (and Croatia) makes more logical and operational sense to be under one control. Your last 2 sentences show that you are completely ingnorant about this part of aviation.

    4. Anonymous06:52

      SMATSA has been a leader in quality throughout this region. Just look at its facilities and then compare them to the ones of CCL.

      Administrative units of Bosnia have a lot to do with it because aviation and politics go hand in hand if you haven't noticed.

      Finally, traffic flows have little do with it as it can be directed and managed from anywhere. Croatia is a thin country and flights that do overfly it spend around 10 minutes overflying it when going from a Bosnian airport.

  2. Anonymous15:13

    Those are money from the European Investment Ban.
    And they are being invested into something extremely useful for safe aviation.
    Next time please read the story before you commend.


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