TRIP REPORT: Adria Airways, Munich - Zurich


Submitted by Planespotter 3.0

This is a trip from last summer (August) with Adria Airways from Munich to Zurich operated for SWISS. Flight was operated by CRJ900LR delivered new to Adria in 2009. It has a capacity of 86 seats. The impressions from the flight are in the video. Enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous11:19

    Great video, and unusual trip report, but I like it.

    1. Anonymous20:15

      Nice report! Thanks!
      I like MUC really much but it is really annoying when they make you take all those stairs to bus gate. It is really unpleasant when you have a heavy hand luggage.

    2. Anonymous14:29

      Adria has 8kg limit for hand luggage so that isnt heavy

  2. Anonymous12:34

    Good and innovative way of a trip report. However, I had hoped for more information on the airports, flight itself, passenger structure, services, prices and so on.
    Also, the music when fast forwarding was a lot too loud in my opinion. But it's a really good idea.
    I just didn't understand the comment "it's very small" when boarding the plane. There are a lot of plane types that are significantly smaller than a CR9. Although personally I am not a big fan of CRJs in general.

  3. Its not directly linked to this report, but on friday i flu with JP on the route LJU-FRA-(RUH). It was operated by A319, AC almost empty, total:30 pax, C class:5. At approx the same time JP also operates LJU-HAM, i counted the number of pax (22-23), but dont know which AC was used on this route. I was surprised that both flights were empty and it was a friday morning flight (7am). I talked with the GS lady. I asked her about LF on new JP routes and of course she didnt have any numbers but she said that till now it doesnt seem to be very succesful that AC fly more or less empty. So i tried to get more info helping with “so you mean there r less than 20 pax per flight?” And she just nodded. I really hope JP manages to get through this summer and keeps at least half of the new routes.

    1. Anonymous13:25

      Today afternoon flight are fully booked... even soms overbook
      I think that flights to CPH are the most full every subday there is a319

    2. Where is the guy working at the LJU to tell us how the new routes perform from his perspective 🙏🏽

    3. Anonymous13:52

      Im working at the airport... so when i start i will tell loads for today and tommorow flights... but i think that the worst route is OTP... HAM and GVA are quite full but mostly transfer pax from balkan

    4. So i should fly to OTP ASAP :) before we loose it! I thought HAM will be good. I was a bit sceptic about GVA but im happy for it!

    5. Anonymous14:05

      Yeah you should but normaly inbound flights have better load factor then outbound... the same goes for SOF

    6. Anonymous14:23

      JP's brand is non existed outside of Slovenia. They need to work on that.

    7. Anonymous14:42

      They have reduced frequencies to both OTP and SOF until May.
      I am very surprised OTP is the worst performer, any ideas about average LF for both OTP and SOF inbound?

    8. Have they already reduced frequencies? 🙈🙈🙈 2 weeks after they launched the new routes? So the reasons are poor loads or lack of the metal?

    9. Well, i dont think the brand plays any role today, coz ppl look for flights through the enginees and if JP os shown as the cheapest or with the best transfer times, noone really cares about their brand. But its true that tickets sold via agencies, its more important the brand, because most of the agents dont check for all the available options, but they sell the one which is the most recognized.

    10. Anonymous15:19

      I would say metal because OTP is sometimes operated twice per week in May :( but then in June OTP resumes 4 weekly, while SOF 3 weekly.

    11. Anonymous15:34

      I disagree. I think brand is still important today because people are more likely to book a flight with an airline they are familiar with and with which they know what to expect than with one for which their first reaction is: wtf is this?

    12. People only care about the price. People would care about the brand if the brand had an impact on the safety which is not the case with JP

    13. Saabs are not in the system anymore. Checked different dates in june, july and august and routes to SOF and OTP will be operated by CRJ700. I found saab on HAM route in septembre.

    14. Anonymous15:43

      So let's say someone from Sofia was looking at flights to CDG and JP charged €200 while LH was €210. Who do you think the average traveller with go for? With the global and well known brand or some airline he never heard or before?

    15. Anonymous15:58

      I can tell you that JP has the shortest MCT (minimum connecting time) via LJU to the rest of its network from SOF for example compared to LH or OS. The total flight journey to SOF-CDG is only 4h 30min with transfer compared to the direct 2h 55min flight! There is no other airline offering this.
      JU, however, reacted and reduced fares from both SOF and OTP.

    16. Anonymous16:01

      And what hapens when JP has to increase its fares once the honeymoon phase is over?

    17. Well, well, well. One thing is the price (the most important one), the other thing is connecting time and the third thing is the AC operated. 90% ppl look only at the price (they open skyscanner and go for the first option - and dont forget ADRIA is not a unknown company in the former YU). Ppl who travel often they look at the connecting time as well and then only the psychos - we look at the AC as well, but then ... it doesnt really matter if u fly with LH, OS or JP if the flight is operated by some regional AC and it doesnt really matter the type - me personally i prefer Saab over CRJ. Saabs seats are very comfortable and if u seat in the single row i even prefer it over some over squeezed A320. Dont forget, ppl fly with Ryanair from Venice to Marrakesh (i did this as well and never again), packed like sardines and they dont care. Im not defending JP, but this is a real world, where markets are very price sensitive.

    18. Anonymous16:31

      JP currently has competitive fares compared to the rest. Slovenija's geographical position gives it more margin for transfer flights. The only problem now in Europe is the extreme competition between airlines. There a lot of big sharks out there hungry for more and waiting for the weaker to fall. Pure examples: Malév, Air Berlin, NIKI.
      Airlines are continuously upgrading their seating, increasing seat and aircraft capacity, thus lowering the rates. They offer less catering and charge for you for extras. The connecting flights are still an alternative but their role is slowly fading away. Pure example: PER-LHR with QF. No passenger will miss the SIN or KUL transfer and this is just the beginning.
      More and more cities are getting non-stop flights. In our region, we see BEG as a game changer too. I think aviation is changing so much lately that by 2025 even a Swedish village will be connected to a Croation airport or SKP connected to more capitals and so on.
      I am not saying JP is doing the wrong thing, but they must not rely too much on transfer as they might get really surprised in the end.
      Ironically enough, even LCC themselves started offering connecting flights such as FR with UX and U2 with DY and who knows what W6 are going to be up to.
      On the other hand, Fraport apparently have serious plans in transforming LJU to an important and significant airport as they are doing with the Greek and Bulgarian airports. Lets wait and see what will happen.

    19. I agree 100% with anon@4:31!

    20. Anonymous18:10

      Well, like it or not, SOF is different market. You are not competing with LH or OS, but for example on CDG route you have a direct flight in the morning (FB) and early evening (AF). Both of which are cheaper than JP and have, obviously, shorter door-to-door.

      Both SOF and OTP are already a very developed markets, much more than LJU to be honest. Plenty of choices with true legacies (AF, LH, OS, BA, ...) with direct flights with local airlines (FB, RO) and LCCs (W6, FR). Honestly, I don't see how can generate enough P2P pax, and I'm not too sure people will rather take 2 flights when they can take a single cheaper one. Especially in price-sensitive markets such as Bulgaria and Romania.

    21. Anonymous21:29

      LJU OTP 11 pax
      OTP LJU 56 pax
      LJU HAM 57 pax
      HAM LJU 31 pax
      LJU SOF 53 pax
      SOF LJU 63 pax
      LJU HAM 31 pax
      HAM LJU 57 pax

    22. Anonymous21:34

      and FRA today:
      LJU FRA 122 pax
      FRA LJU 128 pax
      LJU FRA 69 pax
      FRA LJU 76 pax
      LJU FRA 96 pax
      FRA LJU 117 pax

      608 pax in just one day to FRA if this isn't good resoult I don't know what is.

    23. Anonymous22:05

      Very very interesting! So SOF isn't doing that bad at all. LJU-OTP is a disaster :(
      I have realised that most inboud flights are performing much better vs outbound which confirms what we spoke about. JP has a very good price and MCT compared to other airlines. Many would avoid huge airports like CDG or AMS to make transfer.
      I think JP will achieve it, slowly.

    24. Woow! Dude, we should get u a beer for all these 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank u!
      OTP it does look bad, but I still would not call it a disaster. If they had Saabs available, they could develop and operate this route and loads wouldnt be low low. summer should be better - and of course, JP should promote itself together with STO (slovenian tourist board) directly on the market served. This way they get cheaper promotion and better recognition (market n airline as well).
      If HAM is operated with CRJ700 loads are decent, but not great, but if operated with CRJ900 than LF are low. Saabs would be perfect again.
      SOF is better than expected. Do you know if most pax are transfer in this route as well? Where do they connect? On JP flights or flights of other Star Alliance partners?

      FRA is a star! So then my flight on friday at 7.10am seems to be a big expection - only 30pax!

      What we can see here is that even we have read TONS of commente how JP has absolutely no clue about the markets, how business is done from one day to another, JP made a good calculation and they knew what size of the AC they need for these routes. Numbers show Saabs would fit perfectly into JP’s system.

    25. Anonymous01:23

      The evening flight to FRA was overbooked for 4pax(S5AAR)

    26. Anonymous06:30

      Tell us please what kind of pax are OTP and SOF? Are they transfer or O&D? Million thanks!

    27. Anonymous07:31

      So can we expect April growth at LJU to be around 20%?

    28. Anonymous08:11

      Difference in traffic between ZAG and LJU is getting smaller every month and year. LJU's growth is impressive.

  4. Anonymous13:09

    just for your info the flight back fra- lju it was full...

    1. Well thats what i hoped for! Coz it looked quite sad to look through the AC and there were people seated in every second row!

    2. Anonymous18:14

      Still, even if it was completely full, it's still only 60% LF overall. Nothing to write home about to be honest.

    3. Anonymous23:27

      FRA is currently growing like crazy especially with FR and EW expansion. I personally think it will be the busiest airport in Europe in 5 years time. LHR will no longer be the number 1 airport.

    4. Anonymous07:28

      Anon 06.14

      Yes but imagine if it was only 30% on the flight back? I would take 60% over 30% any day.

  5. Anonymous17:01

    I am curious also about LF on LJU-Prague flight and on LJU-Podgorica flight. Could you tell us some info?

  6. Anonymous19:07

    Ma pokidase. Kad ce vise da daju Adriu na prodaju.

  7. Anonymous13:07

    What about the Saabs?


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