Zadar Airport maintains growth


Zadar Airport has registered strong first quarter results by handling 15.071 passengers over the three-month period, representing an increase of 40.5% on 2017. In March, the airport welcomed 11.019 travellers through its doors, up 34.6%. Zadar Airport is gearing up for growth of between 5% and 7% this summer. A total of five new carriers will launch operations to the city, while the airport will offer ten additional destinations when compared to last year. “New arrivals include Aegean Airlines from Athens, Norwegian Air Shuttle from Oslo, Germania from Zurich, Brussels Airlines from Brussels and Condor from Frankfurt. This summer, Ryanair will maintain fourteen routes from Zadar and launch three new destinations: to Frankfurt, Memmingen and Bremen. Eurowings will run seven routes to Zadar and easyJet three. The national carrier, Croatia Airlines, is this year operating flights to Zagreb and Pula, as well as a service to Frankfurt”, Zadar Airport said in a statement.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN1.985 47.6
FEB2.067 73.3
MAR11.019 34.6


  1. Anonymous11:20

    Go Zadar, go! You can do much, much better that this.

    Realistically Zadar should handle 1 million pax annually given its potential to take a large number of pax away from SPU. Its position is excellent, has two runways, everything is in place to stimulate growth. I expect ZAD will be next bright star in Croatia this and next year.

    1. Its just a matter of time before Zadar wil reach 1 million pax

    2. Anonymous08:55

      It is with no doubt that ZAD has potential for at least 1 mill pax but realistically SPU won't shrink because ZAD grows. Currently SPU is a little limited (in summer on some weekdays) and because it lacks terminal space and taxiways but that will all change, it is either in final stages of planning or already being built. SPU serves a much larger portion of the coast towards the South, areas where ZAD cannot and will never be able to compete due to its northern location.

    3. Anonymous10:28

      A trebaju li se natjecat?
      Jedan i drugi sluze nama

  2. Anonymous18:06

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous23:50

    Let‘s see if PUY or ZAD will have more PAX at the end of the year... I still think PUY will


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