Aeroflot to deploy A330 to Belgrade


Russia's Aeroflot has scheduled to operate its wide-body Airbus A330-300 aircraft from Moscow to Belgrade today on two of its flights in the lead-up to the EuroLeague Final Four championship which is being hosted in the Serbian capital. It marks the first time the carrier will send its 302-seat jet, featuring 34 business class and 268 economy class seats, to Belgrade. Nikola Tesla Airport will also see Turkish Airlines operate its two flights from Istanbul today with the A330-200/-300 jets. Furthermore, Iberia and KlasJet will today run a charter to Belgrade from Madrid and Kaunas respectively. The airport will see a total of twelve flights upgauged to wide-body equipment over the next four days.

Aeroflot A330-300 business class cabin


  1. Anonymous18:14

    TK also had a charter today so in total three flights.


    08.20 A333
    11.00 B738
    19.25 A332

  2. Anonymous18:21

    Ex-YU please if there is a video of it landing at BEG online post it here. :) :)

  3. Anonymous19:44

    SU changed its schedule and now the evening flight is also on the A330 just the smaller version, -200!!


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