Belgrade Airport registers strongest April


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport recorded its busiest April on record by handling 447.688 passengers, representing an increase of 7.5% compared to the same month last year. It marks the airport's 22nd consecutive month of growth. The number of aircraft movements stood at 4.853, up 4.1%, while the amount of processed cargo grew 29%. Since the start of the year, Serbia's busiest airport welcomed 1.445.206 travellers through its doors, up 5.3%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN333.989 1.3
FEB297.430 5.3
MAR366.099 6.5
APR447.688 7.5


  1. Nemjee10:26

    Great to see BEG growing once again. I wonder if this summer we might see double digit growth. We are set for yet another record breaking year bringing us closer to six million passengers.

    In other news, INI welcomed 30.044 passengers which is some 2.000 more than last year. It's good to see other routes compensated for EIN's termination.
    So far this year INI had 114.938 passengers.

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Oh, my dear Lord. 115 thousand pax for INI?? God bless, hoping to see another 1 in front by 2025. INI-DTM is also now available for winter.
      Also, I was secretly hoping that BEG could have achieved a double digit growth.

    2. Anonymous14:54

      Lordy, Lordy, Lordy ...

    3. Nemjee18:51

      I found this especially interesting:

      Овогодишњи нови дневни рекорд забележен 27. априла, када услужено 18.095 путника.

      I checked and it seems like there was a lot of extra capacity sent that day. Alitalia, Qatar, Lufthansa ... all sent the A321 while LO's E95 is regular on Fridays.

      Then again, it was the weekend just before May 1st so many people travelled abroad. I think even JU had charters to Kerkyra and Naples.

  2. Anonymous11:06

    May will see even more growth. Just today there are four A321s at the airport and almost every day there are charter flights, two to Italy yesterday (Pisa and Naples).

    1. Anonymous21:04

      6 A321
      LH A321
      TK A321 x 4
      QR A321

    2. Anonymous21:11

      Nice. Are the extra two TK flights charters?
      I guess this is how TK is compensating for the lack of widebody.

    3. Anonymous23:29

      A321 are soon going to be permanent in SKP too. I hope W6 deploy them on BEG-MMX and BEG-FMM busy routes.

    4. Nemjee07:05

      I doubt Wizz will be bringing the A321 anytime soon to Belgrade. They seem to have become a bit too passive here.

  3. Anonymous12:04

    Fantastic result, congratulations.

    1. Anonymous12:22

      I like how BEG is always among the first to publish.

    2. Anonymous12:36

      Whenever the results are good (there is growth), or when they want to hide something (as was the case with the 5 millionth pax).

      Happy for BEG.

    3. Anonymous12:38

      At least we didn't have those problems for 22 months now. :D

  4. Anonymous12:41

    Woow, that's nice! Go Belgrade, soon we will have direct flights to Shanghai.

    1. Before Shanghai I believe we shall have flights to LIS and LYS

    2. Anonymous13:51

      I doubt there will be LYS with GVA next dooe getting more flights.

    3. Geographical proximity between GVA and LYS could be limitating factor for LYS flights from BEG, but at the same time U2 flies only 3pw (in January 2pw) from BEG to GVA with some flights starting from BEG very early in the morning.

      That leaves enough space for other company to introduce BEG-LYS flights.

    4. Anonymous18:36

      HOP on the Embraer would be nice.

    5. Anonymous20:22


  5. Anonymous13:06

    So BEG added some 70.000 passengers this year. Not bad given the state of JU.

    1. Anonymous15:13

      Today zero, tomorrow hero ����

    2. Anonymous16:47

      500.000 next year in April.

  6. Anonymous12:57

    Great job BEG.....


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