Croatia Airlines unions hint at summer strike

The Workers Organisation of Croatia Airlines (ORCA) has warned it may stage industrial action during the summer when the carrier handles the bulk of its annual traffic after unions described the company as being on the "verge of collapse", a claim the management has disputed. At the same time, the government has approved for Croatia Airlines to take out an 8.5 million euro loan to finance the overhaul of aircraft engines. The loan, which is being provided by two banks, one of which is state-owned, must be repaid by December 31, 2022. The latest developments at the company and the ongoing feud between the unions and management overshadowed the carrier's launch of two new routes from Zagreb last week, which marked the airline's third consecutive year of network expansion.

The unions have again warned that the airline is facing a shortage of staff, particularly in its maintenance division. "Aircraft are returning to service from maintenance late because of bad planning and a lack of licensed mechanics. There is no one to work in the hangars in three shifts", the pilots' union said. Aircraft have been late for up to 45 days in returning to service, forcing the carrier to wet-lease over a dozen different jets and cancel a number of flights through to May 17. Furthermore, the union noted that over the past four years 44 pilots have left Croatia Airlines and a further 73 mechanics, 68 of which went on to work abroad.

Croatia Airlines' employees are pushing for a new collective bargaining agreement after the previous one expired seventeen months ago. Talks between the unions and management have so far failed to produce results, while conciliation measures headed by the government have also been unsuccessful. This, according to ORCA, will pave way for a strike, which was cancelled in August of last year to allow for more talks over the collective agreement to take place between all parties involved.

Over the weekend, Croatia Airlines' management denied union claims that the carrier was on the verge of collapse, boasting of its strong financial performance in 2017, but failing to mention it was generated primarily through the sale of assets. Furthermore, the management said it was not facing an exodus of workers and noted that between January and April a total of seven different carriers operated on the airline's behalf on 89 flights. Meanwhile, the acting CEO of Croatia Airlines, Jasmin Bajić, has had his term extended by a further six months after the government failed to name his successor following a public call to select the carrier's new management.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    I have never head of an airline doing so many engine overhauls each year. What gives?

    1. Anonymous09:40

      I'm wondering that too. I have never heard of another airline having to constantly overhaul engines and taking loans and selling slots to do it.

    2. i am just wondering how in the world selling LHR slots is not enough to finance overhauls. they got 19.5 mil USD

      is it possible they were not setting aside maintenance reserve?

      furthermore, if you take in account that they will have to repay the loan and finance new 320s, there will be lots of fun in OU in the next 5 yrs

    3. Anonymous12:33

      Incompetence is only thing that could explain all this. The entire management team is incompetent and unqualified to hold their posts.

      Fire every single one of them, bring up charges for gross neglect and incompetence against thous in charge and hire new management, pay staff their dues.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    So unions want to make a bad situation even worse?

    1. Anonymous09:07

      They have been without a collective agreement for a year and a half. They have the right to be pissed and ask for basic rights.

    2. Anonymous09:25

      They are standing up for their rights, and so they should.

    3. Anonymous10:19

      Full support for the union! They should strike!

    4. Anonymous10:31

      And what more company is in colaps. Foreign planes are flying they are spending millions for that and Croatia staff get salary to sit at home. They are really afraid that they will have to leave country to find job to support their families as Croatia is rapidly running to belly up.

  3. Anonymous09:04

    Wait, wait, wait ... they sold the LHR slots to repair these engines. Why do they need €8.5 million for? Where did all the millions from the slots go?

    I hope there is no industrial strike. April and May numbers at ZAG will be affected by all these numerous and pointless cancellations.

    1. Anonymous09:07


    2. Anonymous09:09

      My guess is that the government took it and a large part went to pay for the expensive leases.

    3. Anonymous09:33

      Croatia is in the EU so government can't steal from OU.

    4. Anonymous09:36

      You have a very rosy image of the EU. I suggest you follow the news a bit more.

    5. Fully agree with anon 9:04.

      Whole situation with OU looks very problematic - they are selling slots to repair engines, after it they take loans to repair the same engines, the costs of other planes wet leasing is higher than the costs of salary increasing (reason why employees are leaving OU), OU is receiving funds from EU for navigation modification on Q400 planes, many cancelled flights, no dialogue within the company that might result in strike action etc, no new CEO...

      "...Ako kompanija hitno ne promijeni stanje, ova firma će nestati za dvije godine", upozorio je Šćuric."

    6. Anonymous12:36

      @AnonymousMay 7, 2018 at 9:04 AM

      April was already affected, some 65 flights were cancelled in April alone, some 11000 pax lost due to sheer incompetence.

  4. Anonymous09:08

    "Furthermore, the union noted that over the past four years 44 pilots have left Croatia Airlines and a further 73 mechanics, 68 of which went on to work abroad"

    This is a massive number for a company with less than 1000 employees.

    1. Anonymous10:34

      That is 50% of mechanics and 35% of pilots.

    2. Not sure what to make if this. From what I understand OU have been putting on about 12 to 20 pilots on average per year to replace those that leave to both retirement and pilots finding work elsewhere. It’s been like this for many years with only a few exceptions like during the GFC when pretty much no one left as no airlines were hiring at that time. So 44 pilots leaving in the last 4 years doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary.

      Regarding the loan... I would say that they will be using this to pay for the Neos which they don’t have. I think this is scandalous that a small company like OU was aloud to get themselves into a situation where they are paying for planes they don’t have. Dead money and for me this would be enough to replace the entire management. I think saying the money is for engine overhaul is a bit of a red herring.

    3. Anonymous15:49

      What is so strange if people are leaving the company? It's not mid-1900's with jobs for life anymore. You have to change jobs once in a while anyway.

    4. Anonymous15:54

      True but Croatia Airlines is supposed to find a replacement for them, which it obviously isn't able to.

    5. Anonymous18:32

      They are not even looking for any engineers/pilots. The only open job ad is for system administrator.

    6. Usually pilots are hired around September / October.

  5. Anonymous09:10

    You really wonder now how smart was that neo order which they are also paying for.

    1. Anonymous09:13

      Deferring their delivery probably would have been even more expensive.

    2. I would say this loan is for the Neo’s. To embarrassing for management to say we need the loan to pay for planes we don’t have so theybare saying it’s for engine overhaul.

  6. Anonymous09:13

    So after almost 2 years the government still can't pick a new CEO. Why?

    1. Anonymous10:34

      Because they are idiots.

  7. Anonymous09:25

    way to go planning a strike in the middle of the busiest part of the year...

    1. Anonymous09:41

      Maybe it's the only way to wake up the government and management.

    2. They called the last strike off in good faith and it seems they got screwed. I don’t want to see it but I think a strike in this case is fair.

  8. Anonymous09:27

    What a shame at this entire situation, hope it won't last long.

    1. Anonymous09:47

      There’s no shame to ask for worker’s rights. The only shame is this agony called Croatia Airlines, that’s been going on for years.

  9. Anonymous09:30

    The last strike lasted 8 days. Hope it won't come to that. It would really be a nail in the coffin for this company.

  10. Anonymous09:39

    From tomorrow a lot of new cancellations from ZAG.

    Zagreb-Brac-Zagreb, Zagreb-Brussels-Zagreb, Split-Belgrade-Split, Zagreb-Prague-Zagreb, Zagreb-Munich-Zagreb, Zagreb-St Petersburg-Zagreb, Pula-Zagreb, Zagreb-Zadar, Zagreb-Zurich-Zadar, Zagreb-Dubrovnik-Zagreb, Zagreb-Sarajevo, Zagreb-Brussels-Zagreb

    1. Anonymous09:41


    2. Anonymous10:29

      That's more than a thousand passengers wh will receive a refund or an expensive re-routing.

      Such a shame it has come to this. I guess SN Brussels, Lufthansa, Air Serbia and CSA will profit the most from this.

  11. Anonymous09:42

    What a destructive idea

  12. Anonymous09:43

    And at the same time the government decides to sell OU. This doesn't look good for any perspective buyer, especially with unhappy unions

    1. Anonymous09:57

      Last time they were trying to sell OU there was a similar situation of "fiascos". I'm starting to think it's done on purpose so the company isn't sold.

  13. Anonymous09:52

    Would a potential strike involve only Zagreb or would it affect the entire network, including airports on the coast?

    1. Anonymous09:56

      I think entire network but naturally it effects Zagreb the most since they have the most flights from there.

    2. Anonymous10:05

      In case of a strike, a third of all flight must keep operating.

  14. Anonymous09:55

    I can understand the employees. They are the backbone of the company and do a very good job. You cannot always give but not receive anything in return, especially after ist been promised for so long.

    1. Anonymous10:06

      Feeling so sorry for the OU staff, hope they reach a reasonable agreement for all.

  15. Anonymous09:58

    I hope they manage to resolve their issues and that it doesn't affect airport performance.

    1. Anonymous11:01

      They haven't resolved their differences for over a year for the collective agreement. I doubt they will now.

  16. Anonymous10:04


  17. Had a horrible first-hand experience with OU yesterday. Boarding the flight to SJJ was a mess, and OU's ground staff was incapable of dealing with a simple ticketing issue and they bumped by gf off the flight. They took her to ticketing afterwards and just kept saying the situation wasn't their fault, and telling her to "get a bus to SJJ on her own dime". Once I landed in SJJ and got to OU's ticketing office there, it took me 90 seconds to get the issue fixed and get her on the evening flight to OMO (SJJ was cancelled last night).
    Dealt with LH ticketing 3h before that in MUC, and they were very professional, courteous, and took 30 minutes to fix the said ticketing issue, involving calls to AF and DL. OU literally didn't care enough to just find the fix (issue was resolved at MUC), even when told exactly what they needed to do.
    For what it's worth, ZAG also felt somewhat chaotic and understaffed.

    1. Anonymous10:13


    2. Anonymous10:30

      I wonder how many passengers were affected by the cancellation to SJJ.

    3. Yeah...
      For anyone interested, it was a complex itin that had a schedule change, so DL reissued the ticket with a new ticket number (but apparently not connected to the original reservation and not showing up under gf's name). LH agent in MUC fixed it, and made sure everything was connected. She couldn't give my gf a boarding pass, and in ZAG they told us they'd just issue one at gate before boarding. Gate agent didn't want to do it before starting boarding; boarding started late and it was 5 min before scheduled departure before someone from OU showed up. Told them repeatedly "just check this ticket number, they fixed everything in MUC", to be told "no no no you don't get it, reservation is not connected to ticket".
      Took 90 seconds at OU's SJJ office and somebody actually listening to find the ticket and fix everything.

    4. Anonymous23:47

      That is terrible! Shame on OU! You should definitely ask for compensation.

    5. Anonymous10:04

      So there was schedule change in original ticket (AF), other airline made the exchange (DL) not completely correctly), than LH in MUC fix it but she didn't give the boarding pass from ZAG although we all have same DCS (Althea). You showed up in ZAG, have 30-40 min for transfer and OU staff staff in horrible experience because your original airline mess up with your ticket? There is a transfer desk for situations like this, and is serviced by Zagreb airport staff, not OU.

    6. Actually it is on OU.
      My transfer in ZAG was 90 minutes, and there was no one at the transfer desk.
      As I said, it took 90 seconds to fix the issue once I was in SJJ, but no one from OU cared in ZAG.
      And especially at their home bases, airlines tend to have their own staff at gates. A person from OU sgowed up very late here, and she wasn't helpful at all.

  18. Anonymous10:05

    Unfortunate for Croatia Airlines.

  19. Anonymous10:58

    That is called the reality of Croatia Airlines

  20. Anonymous11:00

    I was always curious, why is OU striking so often when compared to other ex-YU airlines? Are their working conditions that much worse or are the employees disillusioned and spoiled?

    1. Anonymous11:18

      Mozda zato jer su racionalni i ne boje se kao njihove kolege iz drugih exyu nazovi kompanija

    2. Anonymous11:49

      JU crew has no reason to strike, they have good salaries.

    3. Anonymous11:57

      Usporedbi s cime?
      Srpskim prosjekom?

      Ne bi to nazvao dobrim placama, posebno ne u industrijskim razmjerima

    4. Anonymous12:58

      Pa sa cime bi ti da ga poredis? sa prosekom u Finskoj? A to kolike su plate u drugim exYu zemljama za nas je isto toliko bitno kao i plate na Madagaskaru.

    5. Anonymous13:12

      Upravo tako.
      Prosjek je porazavajuci i bezpredmetno ga je povlaciti.

      No, motivi strajka nisu prvenstveno place.

    6. Prosek srpskih primanja je duplo manji od hrvatskog, ali su i mnoge cene znatno nize u Srbiji. Zato se ne moze proizvoljno zakljuciti da je standard u Hrvatskoj duplo bolji od onog u Srbiji vec za nekih 60%.

      S obzirom da Srbija nije u EU srpski radnik nema slobodu kretanja po EU (nema je jos ni hrvatski za sve zemlje EU)i zato je zadovoljan natprosecnom platom u JU.

      Sa druge strane radnik u Hrvatskoj vidi da moze bolje zaraditi van granice svoje zemlje i to i cini.
      A to se upravo dogadja jer je i hrvatski prosek porazavajuci u odnosu na prosek zapadne Evrope

    7. Anonymous14:11

      Ovako brzinski, cijena litre eurodizela je gotovo ista.
      U srbiji par lipa jeftinije....

    8. Anonymous14:17

      Pa kad na brzinu usporedim cijene u Hrvatskoj i Srbiji nekih osnovnih proizvoda kao sto su naftni derivati, ulje, secer, kruh....bome nije srbija tako jeftina...razlika je jedva 20%.
      Ako i toliko



    10. Anonymous14:25

      Pa nije Srbija toliko jeftinija koliko se prica

    11. Anonymous14:26

      Nebojisa, lose se izrazavas.
      50% nije duplo manje nego upola manje.

    12. Mislim da ste me dobro razumeli, no hvala na ispravci.

    13. Anonymous14:46

      Opet nisi razumio.
      Ajmo ovako.
      Iz HR tocke gledista, srpske place su manje za 50% a cijene nize za 30%.
      Iz SER tocke gledista, hrvatske place su vece za 100% a cijene vise za 60%
      Mislim da bi ovo bila potpunija slika.

    14. Drago mi je da si otkrio tabelu koju sam poslato. Nema na cemu.

      SER se kao medjunarodna skracenica za Srbiju nigde ne upotrebljava. Medjunarodna skracenica za Srbiju je SRB.

      Tacno tako. Kupovna moc u Beogradu je samo za 40% niza od one u Zagrebu iako se cesto predstavlja kao da su Beograd i Zagreb nebo i zemlja po standardu.

    15. Anonymous15:34

      Isti djava

    16. Anonymous15:55

      OU is paying market salaries, the problem is people don't understand how market works.

      If they weren't paying enough, everybody would quit. But as you can see, there are still people who will work for OU regardless of everything. So no need to pay more money.

      Unpopular opinion, I know, but this is how things work.

    17. Anonymous15:56

      Drugim rijecima, kupovna moc u Zagrebu je za 67% veca od one u Beogradu....

      Alberte, sve ti je to relativno.

    18. Dejan Milinković16:07

      Anon 2:46 PM, svakako bi slika bila potpunija, nažalost ne i tačnija. Ako su u SRB cene niže 30% onda u CRO nisu 60% već 42,86% veće. Uzgred ovo je i povoljnije za CRO od vaših 60%. Eto, samo malo pojašnjenja sa moje strane...

    19. Anon @ 3:56
      Isto sam i ja to rekao u mom postu u 1:32.

      Izgleda da se neko pokusava igrati "brojke i slova" ali mu niti jedno ne ide od ruke

    20. Dejan Milinković16:16

      Anon 4:07 PM, opet loš račun. Ako su plate u SRB 50% manje od onih u CRO a cene su 30% manje onda je kupovna moć u SRB tačno 40% manja. Da se razumemo, nije nešto čime se Srbija može podičiti ali hajde bar da se ne gađamo ciframa tek tako.

    21. Dejan Milinković16:29

      I da budem potpuno precizan, u CRO je u tom slučaju kupovna moć tačno 40% veća, u SRB je 28,57% manja. VIdite, ista se stvar može prikazati na dva prilično različita načina. Igranje ciframa i statistikom je vazda bila opaka igrarija. Bilo kako bilo, standard je u CRO znatno bolji nego u SRB. I mi bismo ovde trebali ozbiljno da se zamislimo nad time. A mogli bismo i puno naučiti, kako od svojih zapadnih tako sad već i od istočnih suseda.

    22. Anonymous16:31

      Upravo tako Dejane.

    23. Anonymous17:45

      Cestitam za postove Nebojsa!

  21. Anonymous11:01

    Happy days for Croatian tax payers. Hopefully this moloch will disappear and Lufthansa will take their share of the Croatian market.

    1. Anonymous11:21

      Cista glupost. To sve placaju nemacki uposlenici. Slicno je i u Americi gde je Obama dodelio ogromne dotacije americkim gigantima umesto da ih je prepustio trzistu. I pored svega toga ovo se desava

    2. Anonymous11:33

      Glupost ili ne Hrvatskoj kompanija poput CA ne treba. Neka se skinu s državne sise.

    3. Anonymous12:04

      To je jedna opsta glupost u exYu drzavama. Sve te aviokompanije mnogo doprinose privredi tih zemalja. Nece leteti privrednik iz Nemacke sa Eurovingsom u Hrvatsku na tim bilding sa lokalnim sljakerima ako ne mora. Opterecenja budzeta za sve aviokompanije su u exYu regionu minimalna vise potrose vlade na druge gluposti. Znam da se nece preustrojiti da pokriju bivse exYu
      i bugarsko trziste, ali samo tako mogu da opstanu. Flota od cetri tipa aviona. Fiderima LH je odbrojano ma sta se vi nadali.

    4. Anonymous12:13

      Tržište postoji i doći će oni koji mogu da lete bez subvencija države. Nadam se Lufthansi jer je Hrvatska ionako upućena na Njemačku.

    5. Anonymous14:01

      Luftika nece doci samo njen ogranaka Eurovings. I LCC kompanije.

    6. Anonymous14:14

      Pa nek dođe Eurowings, nemam ništa protiv. Bitno da se konačno riješimo sisača državne sise.

    7. Anonymous15:46

      Ni ja sto si ti sledeci na redu.

    8. Anonymous16:36

      Ja nikad nisam bio na državnoj sisi pa me zaboli za sisače i državu. Jedino me zanima da živim bolje.

  22. Anonymous11:45

    Shame. A company with a lot of potential being wasted.

  23. Anonymous12:24

    I would love to hear from Purger about all this and what are some of the solutions the unions are suggesting.

    1. Me too.

      There was an article on T6 about 2 weeks ago where he was already asked to provide his comment, but it never happened.

    2. Alen Šćuric Purger16:06

      Moj stav vezan uz štrajk je vrlo jasan:

      - piloti, mehaničari i stjuardese su bili više nego strpljivi, dva puta su ih izveslali (zbog čega su prolonogirali odluku 2x 4 mjeseca). Bio sam na posljednjem sastanku gdje je ministar obečao da će se sve rješit do kraja travnja. Nije ispunio obečanje. Nije rješio baš ni jednu jedinu stvar od one koju je obečao

      - ljudi nemaju 17 mjeseci kolektivni ugovor

      - kompanija nema godinu i pola CEO jel se vlast ne može odlučiti

      - kompanija tone i zaposlenici su svjesni da će svi ostati na ulici u roku kraćem od godine dana.

      I zato se ljudi bore. Opravdano bore. I u tome ih treba podržati.

      Bio sam najljučiji protivnik štrajka u kolovozu, napao sam sindikate radi toga. Sada smatram da su bili u pravu jel, eto, vlast je pokazala da potpuno ignorira katastrofalno stanje u Croatiji Airlines i ne želi ga popraviti, a može. Lagano, brzo i efikasno.

      Rješenje za Croatiu postoji, napravio ga je tim ljudi u kojem sam bio i ja. Ministru je isto osobno prezentirano. Bio je "otuševljen". Samo nije baš ništa poduzeo u tom "oduševljenju".

    3. Anonymous16:28

      Vidis ja sam jednog naseg coveka savetovao kada je isao kod naseg ministra. Svi su se lepo ispricali, ali nikako da izvade pare koje su morali ili da naloze da se nesto uradi. Promenio se do sada treci ministar, ali nista nije uradjeno. Dali su samo novac koji su morali zbog EU sa velikim kasnjenjem, nista vise od toga, a covek sada radi u Omanu. Kod vas su "odusevljeni".

      Ako ne mozes da ih stisnes za muda ne trebas ni ici na razgovore sa njima. Cist caprzdivan.

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger19:30

      Pa štrajk bi trebao biti stiskanje muda. Sindikati su od prvog dana jasno naglašavali da će štrajkati, samo su stvar prolongirali uvjereni da će ministar ispuniti obečanja. Ja nisam bio tako optimističan kao oni u siječnju. No, ja sam i neusporedivo iskustniji u obećanjima političara. Kako ja ni na koji način ne vodim sindikalnu politiku, niti bih je ikada i hito voditi ili mogao (konačno ja sam poslodavac, ona druga strana), tako su oni odlučili postupiti na ovaj način. Njihovo pravo, zar ne?

      No, mislim da su sada stvarno uvidjeli da više nema dalje. E, sad, što da Vam kažem, nemam pojma hoće li ih opet nećime na kraju "uvjeriti" ili ne.

  24. Anonymous12:42

    Prekovise "demokracije" je razlog ovom rezultatu.

    1. Anonymous12:46


    2. Anonymous15:57

      Pilots should be pilots, not management. It's up to owner (government) to nominate the management, who then runs the company. It's not Jugoslavija anymore.

      But in the Balkans, things and mentality change with glacial speed. Sometimes even in reverse direction.

    3. Alen Šćuric Purger20:52

      And that is why Lufthansa pilots strike for so many times last year, and why Air France-KLM pilots made their CEO to resign. And why United pilots force management to buy some type of planes...

      Workers have right to fight for themselves. And if company is public, like Croatia Airlines, than they have obligation to fight for public good.

  25. Anonymous12:43

    I do not like the idea of sitting in a plane flown by frustrated and unhappy pilots.

    1. Well that pretty much covers every low cost carrier in the world.

    2. Anonymous16:08

      Pilots will always be pilots and complain and moan, but the top 3 European LCCs (RYR, EZY and Norwegian) pay more than the Balkan flag carriers with better benefits.

    3. Anonymous00:40

      @AnonymousMay 7, 2018 at 4:08 PM

      You're totally clueless, pilots who work for Ryan air are paid peanuts.

      Also, OU pilots are well paid, EU average for pilots. However, pilots are overworked and have little in terms of benefits their EU colleagues get.

      Same goes for most staff at OU, decent pay but working hours and stress levels are terrible.

      The airline is run by a bunch of crooks.

  26. Anonymous13:55

    I have had a few friends that have been screwed over by OU last week. It looks like the number of flights being cancelled or rescheduled is quite large and their call center staff isn't very helpful at all. In fact they were very rude as if it was my friends fault that their flights got cancelled.

  27. Anonymous14:25

    any news about the possible adria takeover

  28. Anonymous14:45

    Return of 2 OU planes from maintenance into service which was planned (after many delays) for 15th May has now been delayed for 21st May and more delays are expected. The company is in complete chaos.

    1. Anonymous14:48

      Shouldn't they have done all these maintenance work during the winter so the planes would be ready for summer?

    2. Anonymous15:15

      Yes they were supposed to but like it says there are not enough mechanics and everything is taking much much longer.

    3. Anonymous16:52

      Plus not enough cash to do it all in winter.

  29. Anonymous14:47

    These short term wet leases must be expensive as hell.

  30. Anonymous15:18

    Pretty weird, JP has the exect same problems (minus pilots leaving) Cancelled flights, costly wet leases, exodus of mechanics (from a seperate company, but still)

    1. The number of JP cancelled flights is much lower... u cant compare both situations. But its true, a lot (!!) of JP flights are operated by ACMI companies. 5 weeks ago I flu on the route CDG-LJU which is operated by Carpatair - flight was delayed (like most of JP evening operations) for an hour, but I cant complain about nothing else.

  31. Alen Šćuric Purger15:54

    Kompanije koje su u zadnjih mjesec i pola letjele umjesto Croatie Airlines:
    Air Explore (Slovačka)
    Get Jet (Litva)
    BH Airlines (Bugarska)
    Jet Time (Danska)
    NEOS (Italija)
    Trade Air (Hrvatska)
    Helvetic Airlines (Švicarska)
    Peoples' Viennaline (Austrija)
    Carpatair (Rumunjska)

    Otkazani letovi u mjesec dana:
    12.4. OU660 Zagreb-Dubrovnik
    12.4. OU632 Zagreb-Zadar
    12.4. OU632 Zadar-Pula
    13.4. OU460 Zagreb-Zurich
    13.4. OU660 Zagreb-Dubrovnik
    16.4. OU660 Zagreb-Dubrovnik
    17.4. OU663 Dubrovnik-Zagreb
    18.4. OU456 Zagreb-Brussels
    18.4. OU660 Zagreb-Dubrovnik
    #### od 19.4. do 22.4. nismo pratili situaciju
    23.4. OU660 Zagreb-Dubrovnik
    26.4. OU660 Zagreb-Dubrovnik
    #### od 27.4. do 2.5.nismo pratili situaciju
    3.5. OU474 Split-Paris
    3.5. OU657 Split-Zagreb
    4.5. OU4436 Zagreb-Munich
    5.5. OU460 Zagreb-Zurich
    5.5. OU461 Zurich-Zagreb
    5.5. OU657 Split-Zagreb
    5.5. OU658 Zagreb-Split
    5.5. OU4463 Zurich-Split
    6.5. OU390 Zagreb-Milano
    6.5. OU391 Milano-Zagreb
    6.5. OU460 Zagreb-Zurich
    6.5. OU461 Zurich-Zagreb
    6.5. OU530 Zagreb-St.Petersburg
    6.5. OU531 St.Petersburg-Zagreb
    6.5. OU657 Split-Zagreb
    7.5. OU341 Sarajevo-Zagreb
    7.5. OU342 Zagreb-Sarajevo
    7.5. OU462 Split-Zurich
    7.5. OU463 Zurich-Split
    7.5. OU651 Split-Zagreb
    7.5. OU652 Zagreb-Split
    7.5. OU673 Pula-Zagreb
    7.5. OU674 Zagreb-Zadar
    7.5. OU674 Zadar-Pula
    8.5. OU442 Zagreb-Vienna
    8.5. OU443 Vienna-Zagreb
    8.5. OU456 Zagreb-Brussels
    8.5. OU457 Brussels-Zagreb
    8.5. OU640 Zagreb-Brač
    8.5. OU641 Brač-Zagreb
    8.5. OU673 Pula-Zagreb
    8.5. OU674 Zagreb-Zadar
    8.5. OU674 Zagreb-Pula
    #### još nam nisu poznata otkazivanja od 9. do 11.5.
    12.5. OU320 Zagreb-Prague
    12.5. OU321 Prague-Zagreb
    12.5. OU336 Split-Beograd
    12.5. OU337 Beograd-Split
    15.5. OU436 Zagreb-Munich
    15.5. OU437 Munich-Zagreb
    15.5. OU530 Zagreb-St.Petersburg
    15.5. OU531 St.Petersburg-Zagreb
    15.5. OU673 Pula-Zagreb
    15.5. OU674 Zagreb-Zadar
    16.5. OU464 Zagreb-Zurich
    16.5. OU465 Zurich-Zagreb
    16.5. OU384 Zagreb-Dubrovnik
    16.5. OU385 Dubrovni-Zagreb
    17.5. OU344 Zagreb-Sarajevo
    17.5. OU456 Zagreb-Brussels
    17.5. OU457 Brussels-Zagreb

    Važne napomene:
    - to nisu svi otkazani letovi, nego samo oni koje sam uspio pronaći i potvrditi ih
    - konačno neki letovi su sigurno otkazani, a nisu navedeni jer nema šanse da je otkazan samo Zagreb-Brussels, a ne i povratni let (no isto nisam mogao potvrditi), a takvih slučajeva ima bar 20
    - isto znači da je otkazano i biti će otkazano sigurno preko 100 letova u dva mjeseca od 18.3. do 17.5.
    - stoga možemo sa sigurnošću ustvrditi da nije istinit podatak da je otkazano samo 99 letova od nove godine do danas

    1. Anonymous17:34

      What is happening purger? Why so many cancellations? This is disturbing

    2. Anonymous17:44

      Hoce li biti clanak na ovu temu?

    3. Alen Šćuric Purger19:25

      Not enough mechanics and because of that planes were delay for more than 45 days behind plan. They should be finished at end of March, but now they will do it at end of May.

      Naravno da će biti članak.

    4. Anonymous20:01

      Zašto hrvatska vlada šuti?

    5. Anonymous20:56

      A sta da kazu?

    6. Anonymous20:59

      U ovom trenutku, bilo što bi bilo dobro!

  32. ZAG-SJJ was cancelled last night as well, and so was SJJ-ZAG this morning (since it's the same A/C)

  33. I am feeling a bit worried reading that aircraft maintenance is impacted. Or who can calm me down that safety is still the highest priority in this company?

    1. If they weren’t concerned about safety they would have returned the aircraft to service when they needed them. If anything this just shows they take safety seriously.

    2. More concerning is the impact of their bottom line as the maintenance centre was one of their most profitable operations.

  34. Anonymous20:56

    OU will go bankrupt next year unless something changes.

  35. Anonymous20:57

    Is the Croatian media reporting on this?

  36. Anonymous22:27

    Why don't they service their aircraft at other nearby MRO's such as Adria Tehnik or Jat Tehnika ??

    1. Anonymous04:13

      Jat Tehnika would make sense, Trade Air uses them.


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