Montenegrin airports maintain growth


Montenegro's two international airports have continued to registered strong passenger throughout April. Podgorica Airport welcomed 89.731 travellers last month, representing an increase of 23.8% on last year. Over the January - April period, Montenegro's capital city airport handled 271.112 passengers, which is up 19.9% on 2017.

Change (%)
JAN59.861 17.8
FEB55.002 17.7
MAR66.518 18.7
APR89.731 23.8

Over at Tivat, the airport handled 52.365 passengers last month, an increase of 23.7%. So far this year, Tivat Airport welcomed 111.814 travellers through its doors, up 22.2%.

Change (%)
JAN19.845 35.1
FEB16.534 15.6
MAR23.070 14.2
APR52.365 23.7


  1. Anonymous14:40

    Only airports that published their numbers:

    1. BEG - 1.445.206
    2. ZAG - 839.429
    3. PRN - 595.866
    4. TGD - 271.112
    5. SJJ - 256.119
    6. DBV - 245.669
    7. SPU - 241.845
    8. INI - 115.161
    9. TIV - 111.814
    10.PUY - 26.350

    Few things I find interesting. First PRN seems to be growing really fast and the difference with ZAG is less than 300.000 now.
    Compared to last month, INI has actually overtaken TIV.

    The table will change once TZL, SKP and LJU publish their numbers.

    1. Anonymous14:44

      Thank you for the effort.

      So SKP handled more than 600.000 passengers so far? :O :O

    2. Anonymous19:19

      INI was ahead of TIV in Q1, so it hasn't really overtaken it.

    3. Anonymous19:48

      Are you sure?

    4. Anonymous22:00

      So INI is quietly climbing the peak. Such a proud moment.

    5. Anonymous22:10

      I am more impressed by SJJ being ahead of SPU and DBV.

    6. Anonymous22:39

      Anon 7:48
      INI Q1: 84.894
      TIV Q1: 59.449

      Anon 10:00
      INI isn"t gonna be climbing any peak.
      In regards to pax numbers it will even fall further behind once summer season kicks in and the likes od ZAD, PUY and TIV show up in the statistics.

    7. Anonymous22:49

      It's ok, all those airports had a head start compared to poor old INI. I wish them to reach 400.000 this year.

  2. Anonymous15:05

    SKP + OHD (Apr) - 184.407 . . . SKP is around 174.400~176.300

    SKP (Jan-Mar) - 432.620 + 174.400/176.300 = 607.000/608.920


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