Mostar to offer subsidies to Turkish Airlines


Mostar is planning to provide financial incentives in order for Turkish Airlines to launch flights from Istanbul to the city. The Turkish carrier has been negotiating the launch of its second destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years. Recently, Croatia Airlines introduced two weekly year-round flights between Zagreb and Mostar, which will be subsidised with over half a million euros, while Eurowings will commence seasonal services from Dusseldorf and Stuttgart this week, with local authorities forking out just over a quarter of a million euros for the flights on a yearly basis until 2023.


  1. Anonymous14:51

    I don't see a reason for TK flying to OMO when they're already flying all-year to DBV? I mean, distance from OMO to DBV is ~100 km.

    1. Anonymous15:07

      Well the reason for them is obviously to pick the subsidies provided ;)

    2. Anonymous08:06

      Ovi letovi mogu jedino utjecati na Sarajevo, ne i Dubrovnik.

    3. Anonymous11:18

      Distance from OMO to DBV is 180 km. With border crossing waiting during summer journey coud be over 4 hours

  2. Anonymous15:59

    I forgot that money trumps everything :)

  3. Anonymous05:11

    Not only the subsides, DBV is very busy airport especially in summer when it is technically impossible to get a ticket unless you have a long previous reservation. This is more than just a flight it is new amount of seats added to the region. Those 100km are one bumpy road and one has to go to another country to fly to somewhere else. When DBV is booked it is done and last-minutes can be handled through neighbouring airports/destinations.


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