PHOTOS: Aegean touches down in Zagreb


Aegean Airlines yesterday launched seasonal summer flights between Athens and Zagreb, with the service to run up to four times per week until late October. The route will be flown by the carrier’s Bombardier Dash Q400 turboprops which are operated by Olympic Air, with the Star Alliance member expecting to face no direct competition on the city pair. According to "Anna Aero", some 14.800 passengers travelled indirectly between the two cities last year, with 51% of passengers originating at the Croatian-end of the route. Based on the same source, the most popular airport for connecting traffic was Belgrade, with it capturing 44% of the market courtesy of Air Serbia. The second most popular connecting airport for transfer traffic between Zagreb and Athens in 2017 was Vienna.

Commenting on the new route launch, Aegean's Airport Services Manager, Sergios Diplarakos, said, "We are delighted to be introducing a new service to Zagreb, which has become a popular destination for both leisure and business travellers. We also look forward to welcoming Croatian passengers who have chosen Greece as their point of travel". Previously, Aegean Airlines told EX-YU Aviation News it would consider upgrading Zagreb to a year-round operation. "The flights to Zagreb are initially planned as seasonal. Depending on performance we may consider a year-round operation", the company said. In addition to the Croatian capital, Aegean will introduce flights from Athens to Zadar next Tuesday. Furthermore, it will strengthen its operations to Dubrovnik this summer by operating daily flights from May 29 with a Dash 8 turboprop, up from last year's four per week, while starting June 5, the Greek airline will introduce an additional flight to Split for a total of four.


  1. Anonymous18:37

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous19:04

    Will be interesting to see how JU and OS/OU respond to Aegean.

    1. Anonymous22:08

      JU's ATH flights are packed both during winter and especially during summer.

  3. Anonymous21:33

    2h 30 on a turboprop is just too much for me..

    1. Anonymous21:35

      Then fly on OU.

    2. Anonymous21:38

      OU does not fly nonstop to Athens.

    3. Anonymous21:45

      You are too picky my friend. Charter a Trade Air F100.

  4. Anonymous05:02

    HM, I am worried that Aegean started with 4 weekly flights and demand from what article said is around 15090. Wouldn't 3 weekly flights be more prudent, better be safe then sorry.

    I think the full year service is quite likely. Now we need to get SAS, Finnair, Aer Lingus, EasyJet, Air Baltic, TAP and Alitalia to commence service to Zagreb. Vueling, Czech Air, Brussels and Swiss to go full schedule too. Zagreb would be sorted in terms of all destinations.

  5. Anonymous09:22


    BEG-ZAG 35 pax (8 from ATH)
    ZAG-BEG 62 pax (8 to ATH)

    BEG-ZAG transfers

    18x OTP
    8x ATH
    7x SOF
    3x SKP
    3x AUH
    2x TGD
    1x TIV
    1x SVO
    1x SPU
    1x LH to FRA

    Total: 45/62

    LJU-BEG had 60 passengers.

    1. Anonymous09:56

      Interesting info, if you have this info more often please share it with us!

    2. Anonymous10:05

      Has OU launched OTP or not yet? JU seems to be carrying a lot of passengers.

    3. Anonymous11:51

      Why would anyone transfer to SKP via BEG when you have direct and cheaper OU flight?

    4. Anonymous12:21

      For me the more shocking part is the guy who flew to SPU. lol
      He was probably re-routed if OU cancelled that morning's departure.

      Here's JFK:

      JU 501 5/217

      36x JU170 - TGD
      7X JU810 - TLV
      8X JU230 - ZAG
      4X JU8154 - OTP on RO
      2X JU642 - OTP
      6X JU162 - SKP
      2X JU 182 - TIV
      2X JU 112 - SJJ
      1X JU 604 VIE

      Transfers: 68/222

    5. Anonymous12:25

      Wow I didn't know people from ZAG flew to JFK via BEG. Nice to see there were 8 of them!

      Those loads are really good. I guess OS in TGD must have been affected as they lost all those transfers to New York.

      No wonder they are no longer sending their B777 to JFK.


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