Red Wings schedules Belgrade service


Russian carrier Red Wings Airlines has scheduled its new three weekly service between Moscow's Domodedovo Airport and Belgrade, starting June 12. As previously reported, Red Wings will become the third airline to maintain flights between the two capitals, ending Aeroflot's and Air Serbia's duopoly on the route. Red Wings will run flights each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with its Airbus A320 aircraft. Tickets are already on sale through the airline's website. The Russian carrier will become the fourth new airline to introduce services to Belgrade this year following Iran Air, Qeshm Air and Mahan Air. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous11:04

    Seems like they are after transfer passengers.

  2. Anonymous12:31

    Let's hope they have more luck than Yamal, Sibir and all the others.

    BEG-MOW will be 27 weekly.

  3. Anonymous12:52

    Šta je s Ural Airlines i letom Beograd - Domodedovo ?

  4. Anonymous14:23

    Što nije to malo previše kapaciteta za Moskvu?

    1. Anonymous16:37

      Nije, rusi vole da dolaze

    2. Anonymous21:11

      Jos vise vole srbi da rade u Rusiji! Dobro je pasce cene karata.

  5. Могли су вала за Ниш, прије него за БЕГ.


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