Serbia and Canada ink air agreement


Serbia and Canada signed a bilateral Air Service Agreement yesterday following years of negotiations. The new deal paves the way for the resumption of scheduled flights between the two countries. The Serbian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dačić, and the Special Envoy of the Canadian Prime Minister to Europe and the European Union, Stephane Dion, sealed the agreement, noting that it represents a major step towards the establishment of flights between the two countries. Late last year, Air Serbia expressed interest in launching operations between Belgrade and Toronto.


  1. Anonymous13:48

    Ok, definitely next year we will have BEG - YYZ flights.

  2. Anonymous14:33

    This is pretty cool. I think it will happen next year. Maybe this is something BEG CEO was referring to?

  3. Anonymous18:16

    Why not? Makes sense.

  4. Anonymous18:50

    Air Serbia, Air Canada, Rouge, or Air Transat? Which one to expect on BEG - YYZ route?

    1. Anonymous19:11

      I doubt it will be Transat. Rouge is attacking them on the ZAG market. They won’t let them get BEG. So it will be between Rouge and JU.

    2. Anonymous20:06

      I am not sure JU will risk that much to lease additional wide body.

    3. Ju staff08:55

      Air Serbia don't have plane, ground staff and cabin crew for more flights

    4. Anonymous09:36

      They can always lease and hire but I hope they will look for stabilisation in main markets rather than adventurous new expansion.

    5. Anonymous11:07

      It will be JU with new metal.

    6. Anonymous16:20

      AnonymousMay 22, 2018 at 7:11 PM

      Really, because I think them being kicked out of ZAG will be even more of an incentive to fly to BEG

  5. anyone one of them! just begin already

  6. Napokon vise...

  7. Anonymous01:05

    I would love Rouge to come!


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