Tuzla Airport maintains growth


Bosnia and Herzegovina's second busiest airport, Tuzla, continued its growth streak into April by handling 52.638 travellers during the month, representing an increase of 3.7%. Overall, during the first four months of the year, the airport welcomed 172.289 passengers through its doors, up 33% on the same period in 2017. Wizz Air, which has two aircraft based in the city, launched five weekly flights from Vienna to Tuzla at the end of April, although these have now been reduced to three per week. Furthermore, the budget airline will introduce services from Tuzla to Baden Baden next month, while Turkey's Freebird Airlines will run summer charters from Antalya to the Bosnian city starting in June.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN40.563 52.8
FEB35.976 55.7
MAR43.112 48.1
APR52.638 3.7


  1. Anonymous15:08

    Super Tuzla!

  2. Anonymous15:09

    That's quite a drop!

  3. Anonymous21:02

    It is, but the numbers are green. Could you have ever imagined 173 thousand people in TZL, because I wouldn't.
    God bless BiH and its land.

  4. hmm 3% whats the main reason for this small growth

    1. Anonymous21:24

      No new routes. All of them were launched last March.

    2. Anonymous21:29


      2nd aircraft in no time.



      To me TZL is the ex-Yu gem.

    3. Anonymous21:31

      2nd aircraft was last year. VIE-TZL started on 27th April so it can impact numbers from May. Shame they reduced it though. I do agree with you that TZL has done very very well.

    4. Anonymous09:21

      yes but BTS-TZL was dropped, so no big change here

    5. Anonymous09:54

      Pet letova sedmicno ne pokazuje da sumnjaju u uspjeh. Letovi za Bratislavu su obustavljeni zbog planova za Bec.

  5. Anonymous01:53

    Great news Tuzla! Cant wait to see the new terminal soon! :)


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