Adria Tehnika starts wide-body maintenance


Aircraft maintenance company Adria Tehnika has begun servicing wide-body aircraft with yesterday's arrival of WOW Air's Airbus A330-300 jet in Ljubljana. The Icelandic company is a regular Adria Tehnika customer, although it has so far sent only its A320s and A321s for maintenance. Adria Tehnika reported a gross operating profit of 2.7 million euros for 2017. It generated over 23 million euros in revenues last year after it concluded long-term maintenance contracts with Swiss International Air Lines, easyJet and SAS Scandinavian Airlines. In late January, the maintenance, repair and overhaul specialist legally renamed itself from Adria Airways Tehnika to Adria Tehnika and announced plans to transform from a joint stock to a limited liability company. Adria Tehnika previously said it was seeking new long-term customers with its focus being on low cost airlines.


  1. Well done, Slovenia!!!

  2. Preparations for Adria I guess.

    1. No, it’s for VLM and its fleet of A330s.

    2. Hope you're being sarcastic about VLM.

  3. SAS & Swiss both have A-330/A340 so it is expected to be soon here :)


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