Air Serbia and AtlasGlobal expand partnership


Turkey's AtlasGlobal has expanded its codeshare partnership with Air Serbia. The Turkish carrier has added its flight numbers and "KK" designator code onto the Serbian airline's flights between Belgrade and Podgorica, Skopje and Tirana. AtlasGlobal already codeshares on Air Serbia's flagship service to New York, while the Serbian carrier maintains codes on its Turkish partner's flights between Istanbul and Belgrade. The two carriers are also exploring opportunities to provide passengers frequent flier benefits, including the ability to accrue miles on codeshare flights, and reciprocal premium lounge access at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Istanbul Ataturk Airport for eligible travellers. "We continue to pursue our European growth through joint agreements. We are thrilled to have extended the codeshare deal we have made with Air Serbia. With this expanded agreement, we will provide more flights for our passengers via Istanbul and Belgrade", AtlasGlobal's Deputy General Manager, Nevzat Arsan, said.


  1. Anonymous13:45

    And then to think some on here were claiming KK was cutting BEG.

  2. Anonymous14:36

    Haha funny seeing a random 'ortak' in the ad, but guess that's where the word came from.

    1. Anonymous15:14

      ЈУ и КК ... ортаци из краја.

    2. Anonymous12:01

      To sam i ja zapazio :)

  3. Anonymous15:31

    It is good news. Such a shame JU pulled out of that route when demand is huge. Something just went wrong.

  4. Anonymous17:35

    JU's afternoon flight to SKP seems to be a champion in collecting codeshares yet they can only fill an ATR (HAINAN AIRLINES,ETIHAD AIRWAYS,ATLASJET,MONTENEGRO AIRLINES, ALITALIA according to SKP webpage plus Aeroflot according to Something is wrong in here. Imho the KK codeshare has very little impact on this flight. As if there werent enough direct flights between SKP and IST. I personally think SU is the most useful codeshare here

    1. btw KK codeshares on Ju's SKP flight for months now (just check SKP airport page)
    2. why is the afternoon flight to SKP not listed on o_0

  5. Anonymous19:40

    Hainan doesn't have code share with Air Serbia.
    JU to SKP (only three codes JU,EY,YM)

    1. Anonymous10:51

      HU 8119, AZ 2487


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