Belgrade handles two-millionth passenger


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled its two-millionth passenger of the year last evening, the earliest it has done so to date. The milestone came eight days ahead of last year and for the first time during the first week of June. The second millionth passenger of 2018 flew on Air Serbia's evening service from Tivat to Belgrade. The airport has announced it expects strong growth in the coming period as a result of a busy summer, aided by the significant charter traffic.


  1. Anonymous12:20

    Congratulations to BEG and Serbia.
    Today also marks the return of Ellinair from Crete. I have a feeling June will see around 10% more passengers than last year.

    The airport should welcome some 560.000 passengers.

  2. Anonymous12:21

    Number of Aviolet's return charter flights:
    2016 > 530 flights
    2017 > 600 flights
    2018 > We expect around 640 flights.

    1. Anonymous12:22

      Is this for June alone or the summer season?

    2. Anonymous12:26

      summer season Aviolet charter flights only

    3. Anonymous12:30

      Oko 5m cistog profita na ovim letovima.

  3. Anonymous12:27

    Fantastic growth over the past ten years for BEG. Let's hope we get really close to 6 million this year especially with easyJet's announced expansion.

    1. Anonymous12:38

      EasyJet is pereparing for summer 2019, I can't wait

    2. Anonymous12:52

      Preparing what? More flights and destinations?

      I am praying for ORY. Wizz to BVA €400, JU to CDG €485!

      Imagine the horror of paying €400 to fly on Wizz Air.

  4. Anonymous16:10


  5. Anonymous16:45

    Not bad, RIX is almost the sane.
    Both airports are doing great..

  6. Anonymous17:19

    With SOF growth slowed down BEG will reduce the difference.

    1. Anonymous18:34

      SOF is still growing faster than BEG. I don't know what kind of math you've studied, but when somebody grow with faster rates and already have a bigger base, there is no way to reduce the difference until you start growing faster.

    2. Anonymous19:01

      Belgrade will this summer and especially in autumn when SOF loses 11 routes!!

    3. Anonymous19:11

      You forget SOF is quite busy in winter, because of the ski charters. Even if some routes are dropped it will be ahead of BEG. 7 million vs 5.6 million approximately.

    4. Anonymous20:01

      That is a very big difference for BEG to cover.

    5. Anonymous20:38

      SOF had 6.490.096 passengers last year. Even if they manage to keep growing at a 7% rate they will reach 6.944..400. With November and December seeing major cuts to gasto friendly destination they will be lucky to finish the year with 6.9.
      Next year, unless something major happens, will see numbers stagnate. We see now that without a hub there are only so many pax an airport can have.

    6. Anonymous21:39

      The TLV and DXB flights will compensate.
      BA is adding a 2nd daily flight every Saturday. LO will go double daily. JP will maintain LJU.
      Jordan flights will compensate Spanish ones, etc.
      No need to analyse every route. The airport will maintain its piso5 trend.

    7. Anonymous22:51

      LO is adding a few more flights on a regional jet to make it double daily. FZ is adding like two, three weekly flights...

      However, if BEG lost ten destinations operated by high density aircraft I can only image what would be written on here.

    8. Anonymous15:22

      There is expected a major WIZZ press-conference in Sofia very soon. New destinations are expected to replace part of the current ones.

  7. Anonymous18:41

    Looking forward to 2019 once French take over. I'm sure we'll see higher growth rates.


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