EX-YU Aviation News turns 10!

EX-YU Aviation News today marks ten years since going online, on June 1, 2008. Since then, there have been dramatic changes to the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia. With 4.721 articles published as of today, EX-YU Aviation News has been there to track all of the latest developments over the past decade.

In addition to the over 4.000 articles, there have been over 1.000 new route launches recorded, 400 vintage photos published, 202.681 comments made and 218 weekly editions of the newsletter sent out to over 1.000 subscribers. Over the years, a total of 21.244.587 page views have been registered. Since going online ten years ago, the website has been updated every single day, sharp at 09.00 Central European Time.

EX-YU Aviation News was initially launched as a blog with the aim of bringing together commercial aviation news from the former Yugoslavia, which was at the time sparsely available. In 2015, EX-YU Aviation News became a stand-alone website with its own domain.

Of course today is my day to thank you, loyal readers, who are here day in and day out, on weekends, public holidays, after hours, most more than once a day. It's a mutual passion that has kept the site alive.

Below you will find the full list of the top ten most read articles of all time, since June 1, 2008.


Emirates to launch Zagreb service, January 12, 2017
Ryanair to launch Banja Luka service, April 23, 2018
Wizz to launch new Tuzla, Ohrid, Niš flights, January 9, 2018
Ryanair plans further Serbia expansion, April 12, 2017
Air Serbia touches down in New York, June 23, 2016
easyJet to launch new Ljubljana, Belgrade flights, January 30, 2018
Wizz Air ends hand luggage fee, July 19, 2017
Aegean to launch Athens - Skopje flights, October 10, 2017
Adria unveils six new routes, November 28, 2017
Ryanair hiring in Ljubljana, January 19, 2017


Published April 13, 2018: A JAT B707 taxiing at San Francisco Airport bound for Buffalo on its third "tour around the world" in November 1973. The tour's routing was Belgrade - New Delhi - Bangkok - Hong Kong - Kyoto - Tokyo - Honolulu - San Francisco - Buffalo - New York JFK - Belgrade.


Thank you for visiting, contributing and participating.

Here’s to the next ten years!
EX-YU Aviation News


  1. Thank u! First website I open everyday at around 9am! We are all waiting for the new outlook of the website. App would be even better!

    1. Lets support the website, by clicking sometimes on the ads.

      Keep up the good work

  2. Anonymous13:27

    For me it's also an every day ritual :)
    Good job!

  3. Sve cestitke za prvih deset godina postojanja. Svaka vam cast za vas trud i korektnost.
    Jedino bi mogli da promenite ime. Ima prikladnijijih imena od EX... vi to zasluzujete. Pripada te buducnosti. Ipak vase je pravo i volja.
    Mnogo pozdrava.
    Rodney, Sydney. ������������

  4. Anonymous13:35

    Thank you admin for your time and effort , as always it is pleasure to read it daily.

  5. Anonymous13:43

    Congrats! Good job

  6. Anonymous14:36

    Svaka čast i zahvala na svakodnevnom trudu, odavno mi je postala rutina svakog dana u 9:01 otvarati stranicu :)

    1. isto ovde!

      Svaka čast! Živeli!

    2. Anonymous17:19

      Također! Sretan rođendan i puno uspjeha u radu!

  7. Želim vam još 10 puta 10 godina najmanje.
    Puno pozdrava iz Ohrida.

  8. JU520 BEGLAX15:09

    This blog is my favorite media I chose every morning to start the day with.

    Its now unbelievable 10 years old and I still look out for it every day after 9 am
    Its absolutely fantastic and thank you 100000 x for all the hard work and dedication behind it. We know so much more about civial aviation in YU than before. And its this blog which keeps Yugoslavia, our region and all the different regions and culture together. Big hug fm ZRH

  9. Thank you Ex-YU Aviation for all the hard work, passion and insights that allow us aviation geeks to follow what is going on.
    Congratulations on the many 'firsts' you have had. Ex-YU has been quoted many times in regional media. I have been following the blog/site for probably 7-8 years. Since then it has become a morning routine.
    Only problem is that for us geeks in N. America by the time we wake up there are often over 60-70 comments, (and then we come to the conversation late!) because at 9:00 CET it is 3:00 in the morning here. How about a compromise and post the daily news at noon CET?
    Anyway, thank you so much for all your efforts.

    1. Anonymous23:07

      True dat my brotha!

  10. JohnnyLee15:56

    срећних првих 10, и желим још пуно пуно година

  11. Anonymous16:02

    Dear @Ex-yu Aviation
    Sometimes I don't like what some people write here in order to belittle "others".
    And I thank you not only for keeping us updated on ex-yu aviation news daily, but also for trying to minimize the harm these bad people do.
    Happy anniversary and best wishes for the future!
    Greetings from Croatia!

  12. Anonymous16:40

    Happy birthday from Albania! There s no day that passes without visiting this website.

    1. Anonymous17:35

      Cheers to our friends in Albania. Beautiful country.

      I think it would be nice to occasionally cover aviation news from Albania, Bulgaria, & Romania.

    2. Anonymous23:10

      Good idea

  13. Anonymous17:10

    Čestitke za vloženi trud. Veliko uspeha v prihodnosti!

  14. Anonymous18:01

    Hoće za 20 rođendan biti barem 20 long haul destinacija na ex yu?

    1. Anonymous20:36

      Bice, sigurno. Bice i vise, kako je krenulo. Mislim da BEG i ZAG mogu da imaju po desetak long-haul-ova,mozda vec i za 3-4 godine. Srecan rodjendan! ��

  15. Anonymous18:08

    Vse najboljše- All the best :D

  16. A few of us have been here from the beginning and it’s mostly 99.99999999% been a blast.

    There are those times when some of the comments have been shit (I could be/am guilty of some of those too) but hey, this is what free speech and the internet is about.

    Thanks for for providing such a great platform for us aviation nerds!

    Happy birthday :)

  17. Anonymous21:05

    Happy birthday and many more years of great news!

  18. kraspeed22:18

    I haven't been a reader since the beginning, but for some six years this blog has been a part of my daily routine.
    As for the comments, sure there are occasionally some bad ones, but I feel both informative and passionate comments complement the professional and objective journalism behind every article.

  19. Anonymous23:28

    Bravo ExYuaviation !

  20. Simply extraordinary dedication and effort. It's a remarkable achievement for somebody to be so consistent over a decade. Few people can keep a goal like that.

    I have been a daily reader of this site for over four years. I wish I was here since the early days, but occasionally I go back and read what this site was like back then.

    Even in the last four years there has been an exponential rise in the number of users contributing to the conversation. I remember when 100 comments was super rare and basically only happened when there was some big argument between multiple users. Now, 100+ comments is a daily occurrence.

  21. Anonymous19:20

    Happy birthday! :)

    Love it! Everyday ritual to read it and I can't blame it.

    Pozdrav iz Makedonije!

  22. Happy birthday 🎊

  23. Anonymous13:05

    Čestitke za dosedanje uspešno delo in najboljše želje za nadaljevanje ..... še na mnoga leta.
    Pozz iz Ljubljane


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