Ljubljana Airport targets carbon neutrality by 2020


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is aiming to become carbon neutral within the next two years. It is currently accredited at Level 2 Reduction of Airport Council International's Carbon Accreditation, and has reduced its carbon footprint by 40% since 2012. “This means that from 3.6 kilos of carbon dioxide per passenger in 2012, we dropped down to two kilos per passengers in 2017”, Ljubljana Airport's General Manager, Zmago Skobir, said. He added, “We have established a carbon management plan, implemented LED lighting where possible, and are introducing more energy-efficient ways of heating the terminal”. The airport has also implemented a new mobility system, which includes electric car-sharing and bikes around the city. The electric car sharing is available for passengers, as well as employees. Travellers can make a booking via their smartphone and then use the code to unlock the car. The next step will be to introduce electric ground-handling equipment. “We are starting with some of the forklifts and tractors. Then we will introduce e-vehicles every year into our plan, thus further reducing our carbon footprint and helping Ljubljana and Slovenia to be even greener - not only as a country, but as Slovenia’s gateway to the world”, Mr Skobir concluded.


  1. Anonymous09:37

    Modern stuff

  2. JU520 BEGLAX08:42

    Thats what this Fraports are good for. bureaucratic process certifications. LJU will be certified for everything, just the necessary investments are not brought forward. In 2018 we are confronted with socialist bureucracy again which we only know from Communist area countries


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