Mostar Airport in strike warning


Mostar Airport employees are staging a second strike this year, unhappy over their working conditions. The action will take place over two hours this Friday starting at midday. It comes several weeks after the airport welcomed its first scheduled flights from Zagreb, operated by Croatia Airlines, as well as services from Dusseldorf and Stuttgart run by Eurowings. Workers are seeking a new collective agreement as well as additional pay for night shifts, overtime and weekend work, in line with Bosnia and Herzegovina's labour laws. If their demands are not met, Mostar Airport's labour union said it will be forced to enter into a general strike until their conditions are fulfilled.


  1. Anonymous18:53

    Will this affect some floghts?

  2. Anonymous19:56

    Even if it affected one, that single flight would be postponed only a little since the strike will last only 2 hours.

  3. Anonymous11:42

    They are no flights scheduled during the strike tomorrow.


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