Mostar anticipates Scandinavia flights


Mostar Airport is in talks with a large European carrier over the introduction of flights from Scandinavia, the airport's General Manager, Marin Raspudić said. "I would like to inform the citizens of Mostar and Herzegovina that we are holding advanced talks concerning flights to Scandinavia. Following the arrival of Eurowings, we are negotiating with another major airline, which, we hope, will commence services next spring. This way, we will cover connectivity to that part of Europe, which has been somewhat neglected". This year, Eurowings commenced seasonal flights from Germany to Mostar, while Croatia Airlines launched year-round operations from Zagreb. Talks are also underway with Turkish Airlines over services from Istanbul.


  1. Anonymous13:28

    Who could this be? Wizz or Ryanair?

    1. I think Ryanair because they want to defeat Wizz on Tuzla

  2. Anonymous16:03

    Go BiH go BiH!!


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