PHOTOS: LOT touches down in Skopje


LOT Polish Airlines introduced year-round flights between Warsaw and Skopje last Friday, with the Macedonian capital becoming its eighth destination in the former Yugoslavia. The Star Alliance member will operate six weekly flights between the two cities this summer and four over the winter. Commenting on the new route launch, the General Manager of airport operator TAV Macedonia, Alper Ersoy, said, "The introduction of nonstop flights between Skopje and Warsaw comes as a result of long-running marketing activities, discussions and negotiations. Every year the airline business becomes more competitive and carriers are very cautious in deciding new destinations and entering new markets. Therefore, I would like to thank LOT Polish Airlines for adding Skopje Airport to its destination network. With this new service, we expect more Polish tourists will visit Macedonia and that Macedonians, as well as those from neighbouring countries, will be able to travel to Warsaw and experience Poland. This route will also serve to improve trade, economic and political relations between Macedonia and Poland".

LOT Polish Airlines' Chief Commercial Officer, Michał Fijoł, said, "I am delighted to welcome passengers from Macedonia on flights to Warsaw. Thanks to this new route, passengers from Macedonia have gained a new quality connection and ability to travel not only to Poland but also many other cities in Europe and throughout the world, such as New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, with our most modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The opening of this new service will undoubtedly connect and bring closer Poles and Macedonians by encouraging greater air traffic, which will result in more tourists".


  1. Anonymous11:37

    New era begins.

    1. Anonymous16:47


    2. Anonymous16:51

      Probably an angry fan from PRN. LOL!

    3. Anonymous19:22

      For the record: I am from a non-ex yu country (also not Poland) and I mean nothing against SKP or INI or PRN but I do find it a massive exaggeration to use the term "new era". It is just a Warsaw flight with an Embraer. Dude, get real. New era would be the opening of a base for a long haul plane at SKP or a new strong national flag carrier with +5 Airbus or Boeing jets etc. For the opening of a new LO WAW Ejet flight you should not get more than a big lol, if you use that very strong term. Sadly on here, we have many fanboys that lost attachment to reality a lot and exaggerate often.

    4. Anonymous02:15

      To Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 7:22 PM - You are absolutely right!!!

  2. Anonymous12:52

    Very good, Skopie!
    Greetings from Sofia!

  3. Anonymous12:53

    Welcome LOT!

  4. Anonymous17:48

    Great news!

  5. Anonymous00:37

    Any of these genuine passengers ??? Or all transfers ? You do know transfers aren't genuine passengers. lol.


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