Pristina Airport continues to grow


Pristina Airport welcomed 168.519 travellers through its doors last month, representing an increase of 13.7%. So far this year, it has handled 764.385 passengers, up 12.8% on 2017. This summer has seen a number of airlines introduce new routes to the city including Norwegian Air Shuttle, Eurowings, SunExpress, Germania, Orange2Fly and Electra Airways.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN144.137 17.3
FEB123.565 14.1
MAR150.432 19.2
APR177.732 3.1
MAY168.519 12.8


  1. Anonymous10:02

    Nice growth in May.

  2. Anonymous10:40

    Wait, does it mean PRN is number three right now? :O

    BEG 1.924.601
    ZAG 1.140.105
    PRN 764.385

    1. Anonymous10:42

      SKP&OHD 190.665 +16%

    2. Anonymous10:45

      Seems like SKP is ahead but we don't know by how much because numbers are mixed together.

    3. Anonymous10:48

      This was such a game changing year for ex-YU airports. ZAG's growth has prevented SPU from overtaking it as early as last year. SKP and PRN have grown so much that even SPU and DBV could not overtake them by June.

      Difference between SKP and ZAG is down to just 300.000! Who would have guessed!

    4. Anonymous10:58

      SKP is around 784.000

    5. Anonymous08:15

      @AnonymousJune 8, 2018 at 10:48 AM

      Around 350 000, but it is only first 5 months, By year's end Zagreb is expected to handle around 3.4 million pax, Skopje, 2.2 million so difference will be around 1.2 million by year's end.

      Split and Dubrovnik will overtake Skopje with June numbers.

      Split is expected to handle around 1 million pax by the end of June, Dubrovnik around 950k.

      Zagreb is expected to handle between 340 and 350k in June, or around 1.5 million pax. Skopje I imagine would handle around 200k and might have more pax than Dubrovnik airport overall but in July that picture will change quickly.

      This year 3 Croatian airports are expected to handle...

      Zagreb: 3.4 million
      Split: 3.2 million
      Dubrovnik - 2.75 million

      Skopje - 2,2 million
      Prishtina - 2.1 million
      Ljubljana - 1.93 million

    6. Anonymous13:29

      Still too early relax, SKP can't achieve 2.2 million that easy and can not pass PRN forever, relax and see next couple months.

  3. Anonymous11:51

    Now it's more than clear that PRN lost it' s battle of numbers with SKP.
    I was flying on Wednesday from Skopje Airport. I felt like I was in some other country..
    There were lots of kosovar cars and small shuttle buses, lots of south Serbians, foreigners..

    1. Anonymous12:06

      its stil early to say. PRN's August numbers are unreal :) but its true SKP gets a lot of attention from our neighbours

  4. Anonymous13:03

    any information about Aegean's launch of SKP service. Wikipedia says that flights are started. Check it

  5. Anonymous20:43

    Keep growing PRN doing great! Every day passengers, new airliners are increasing next month July and August will be double.


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