Serbia and Iran ink air deal


Serbia and Iran have concluded a bilateral Air Service Agreement, regulating flights between the two countries which were resumed in March following a 27-year hiatus. The Serbian Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, said the deal will act as a framework for commercial cooperation between Air Serbia and Iran Air. The Iranian national carrier, which maintains two weekly flights between Tehran and Belgrade, said, "We hope to expand this operation [to Belgrade]. We could introduce some additional flights from other Iranian cities and we hope to establish good relations and cooperate with Air Serbia". The agreement was signed yesterday at the sitting of the Iran - Serbia Joint Economic Committee. The meeting was attended, among others, by the Iranian Minister for Industry, Mohammad Shariatmadari; the Senior Advisor to the Managing Director & Vice President of Mahan Air, Mehdi Aliyari; and representatives from Iran's largest tour operator Iran Markaz.


  1. Nemjee11:27

    Minister of trade said that Kish Air still plans on flying to Belgrade so that's good news for BEG.

  2. Anonymous11:40

    Code share with JU? I hope

  3. Anonymous13:15

    JU needs to be very careful about US sanctions on Iran and in any business having dealings with Iranian companies - should things go that way with the Americans

    1. Anonymous13:37


    2. Anonymous14:46

      well, OU, SU, LH and TK have code-share with IR, and fly to JFK. I don't see why JU shouldn't have code-share on BEG-IKA

    3. Anonymous16:06

      Why JU should be 'careful' and not KLM, AF, Alitalia and others who fly there?!!

      What's the crap you're bringing up?

    4. Anonymous16:25

      JU should code share on their flights and be happy to have people transferring to JFK flight.

    5. Nemjee16:54

      Serbia is free to do as it pleases. Personally I think these closer ties with Iran are fantastic as it's a new market for our companies where they can be competitive. If the EU is bothered then they can start asking themselves why is Serbia behaving the way it does.

      By the way, it was also decided that both countries will be signing a free trade agreement. I expect more flights to be added in the coming months.


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