TRIP REPORT: Flydubai, Colombo - Skopje via Dubai


Submitted by Dragan Gligorievski

A trip report from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Skopje via Dubai on board Flydubai's business class. Trip taken in February 2018. The impressions from the flight are in the video below.

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  1. Nice report. That business seat is really good looking.

  2. Anonymous09:27

    It's nice , thanks for the effort of making/ editing the video. I prefer written reports with pictures , where its elaborated what you liked or didn't like it...

    1. Anonymous16:02

      thanks for your comment.

      I, on the other hand, prefer to watch than to read.
      As the title of this section of the blog is trip reports and not trip reviews i thought i would present as much info as possible so everybody can decide for themselves what they like and what they don't like about the flight.

  3. Anonymous09:29

    and then it snows!

  4. Nemjee09:30

    Thank you for the nice trip report.

    That said, I have to say that flydubai's product isn't that great, it looks more like premium economy in my opinion.

    Lounges at both Colombo and Dubai look rather modest and I have to say that I don't like the fact there are no windows looking outside.

    Overall, one should not complain as FZ usually tends to be rather cheap so the product matches the fare I guess.
    Unfortunately it seems their partner Emirates is heading the same way. I guess it makes sense that they have to cut on quality as they grow in size.

    How was the load on your flight to SKP?

    1. Anonymous16:19

      Hi Nemjee,

      thanks for your comment.

      This winter i had 4 legs with FZ.
      The first one was end of December and then economy was around 70 pax but C was fully booked.
      my return flight was on Jan. 4th, then the entire flight was fully booked (probably people returning home for orthodox Christmas)
      The last two legs in Feb. were again the first one with around 80 pax (don't remember about C pax anymore) and the return flight 80 pax in total (i overheard the purser-78 in economy + 2 in C)

    2. Nemjee18:14

      Thank you. That's what I heard as well on the side, that is that FZ isn't doing as well outside the busy periods.
      I am sure they are no losing money as otherwise they would have cut the route.

  5. Anonymous10:46

    Thanks for the report.Skopje airport looks realy nice.


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