Zagreb Airport maintains growth


Zagreb Airport has continued to maintain its growth momentum by handling 300.676 passengers in May, representing an increase of 11.8% on last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 4.023, which is up 7.2%. Overall, during the January - May period, Croatia's busiest airport welcomed 1.140.105 travellers through its doors, up 11.2%, while aircraft movements grew 4.6% to 16.281. During May, Zagreb handled its millionth passenger, some thirteen days ahead of 2017.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN191.276 13.3
FEB170.658 10.3
MAR223.642 16.2
APR253.853 5.7
MAY300.676 11.8


  1. Anonymous11:27

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous11:29

    Nice organic growth at ZAG. This is just right for a small country like Croatia.

  3. Anonymous11:38

    Overall the growth will be approx. 10% annually which is more than expected once French took over. Soon the terminal expansion will be needed.

    1. Anonymous11:49

      *gate expansion

    2. The French said they would target 8% growth and obviously they are doing better so good to see.

    3. Anonymous15:54

      Great news for any airport that will be taken over by French. They know how to run the airport and are sure to provide major growth in the first 5 years of concession.

    4. Anonymous15:58

      I hope SPU will be given to French as well! We need a better management there with all the untapped potential!

    5. Anonymous16:42

      DBV is negotiating with American Airlines over the possible (seasonal) route from Philadelphia. The decision is to be known within a month.

    6. Anonymous18:19

      Next airport that will be taken over by French in the region is BEG. We have to see if they will build a new terminal and provide the same growth as in ZAG.

    7. Anonymous19:01

      It's not the same company, as far as I know.

    8. Anonymous20:39

      Great job, Zagreb! This will be a good year!

  4. Anonymous11:50

    That's just the first phase

  5. Anonymous12:34

    Zagreb has become a destination on its own and this is helping fuel the traffic numbers.

  6. Anonymous12:40

    Strong growth happened this month mostly thank to OU performing better.

  7. Anonymous12:41

    The Croatian government is doing the right stuff to stimulate better traffic numbers.

    1. Anonymous12:57

      The hard work done by HTZ and the Govt to bring new airlines. What is not clear to you?

    2. The Government has the least credit for the numbers of passengers. In that case, they shouldn't have given the concession to the French and do the work themselves. HTZ can only get some credit for promotion.

    3. Anonymous13:02

      The Govt is eventually responsible for all success and failure of the concession and HTZ's activities. Therefore it should reap the fruits of the success this time. Credit should be given when deserved!

  8. Anonymous12:43

    Interestingly SPU still has not managed to count their pax for May. Their management really needs to step up their game, looks mediocre really.

    1. Anonymous12:51

      Either way their growth should be between 15% and 20%.

    2. Anonymous12:56

      It's not about the percentage but about providing information on time and reliably

    3. Anonymous14:01

      Svibanj 2017 / 2018
      257.445 / 304.135

      YTD 2017 / 2018
      468.858 / 545.980

    4. Anonymous14:04

      SPU prebacio ZAG u svibnju. Prvi put da se to desilo tako rano.

  9. Anonymous13:00

    All Croatian airports will see strong growth:

    1. Anonymous13:05

      The tourists obviously appreciate the package offered by Croatia compared to other markets. This also means the prices are not too high for the visitors.

  10. Anonymous14:16

    I Like the photo !! Very nice picture of the airport!!

  11. Anonymous15:02

    So far this month we have in Croatia:
    SPU: 304,135 (+18,1%)
    ZAG: 300,676 (+11,8%)
    DBV: 291,453 (+14,7%)
    ZAD: 67,024 (+7,9%)
    PUY: 61,539 (+27,8%)

    Like it!

    1. Anonymous15:06

      Sad that the airports in the north (Pula, Zadar) do underperform so much compared to Split and DBV...

    2. Anonymous15:46

      PUY will improve a lot in the coming years. The whole Istria connects to that airport and there are plenty of new tourism development ongoing there.

    3. Anonymous16:42

      North Adriatic destinations are easy to reach by car from many big European markets (Austria, Germany, Italy, and Poland). But the biggest chunk of the problem is in the local tourist boards and tour operators. For example Kvarner region and Rijeka Airport have negligible number of tourists arriving by air just because their main market focus is in Budapest-Munich-Verona triangle.

    4. Anonymous20:13

      Agree with Anon 4:42
      Many Italians, Austrian and some Swiss people come by car because you can reach the Northern Adriatic in 6-10 hours or (for Italians) even less. Regarding the number of tourists, the Northern Adriatic region can easily compete with the Southern Part.

    5. Anonymous20:21

      PUY will become more interesting for city break tourists which come for a weekend. Pula, Rovinj, Poreč, etc. all have many things to offer to such visitors and flying is their preferred way of travel.

    6. Anonymous20:29

      Demand from the UK and Ireland is significantly increasing this year... I wonder why BA didn’t react and only starts to fly in July, while all others UK-carriers (TUI, Easyjet etc) have scheduled its flights already in April/May! TUI even serves with a Dreamliner (787-9) with 345 seats!

    7. Anonymous20:39

      I think ZAD needs flights to Iceland and Canada, where there is extremely high demand.

    8. Anonymous20:49

      Before ZAD sees flights to Iceland and Canada, EK will serve ZAG with a A380 - so no, not rly going to happen.

    9. Anonymous20:52

      Read the statistics, there is a 57.6% increase in Canadian tourists and 67.1% from Icelandic ones.

    10. Anonymous21:09

      The northern Adriatic doesn't compete but it's leading in both tourist numbers and overnight stays over the southern and middle parts, yet the volume of traffic at airports of Split and Dubrovnik can't be compared to those at Pula or Rijeka. The counties of Istria and Littoral-Gorski kotar last year had 7 m tourists and 40 m overnights while Split and Dubrovinik had 5 m tourists and 24 m overnights. The middle part (Zadar-Šibenik-Senj) received 3 m tourists and 17 m overnights so the difference (or lack of) between the airports of Pula and Zadar is another indicator of air/land destination.

    11. Anonymous21:30

      @Anon 8:52
      Canada is already connected via ZAG.
      Iceland has just 350,000 inhabitants... tourists from Iceland can make stopover in FRA, LGW, MUC, TXL... where there is a higher demand.

  12. Anonymous15:31

    Few more positive news out of Zagreb.

    Swiss air is going year round with 3 weekly flights out of Zurich, they should announce the news soon.

    I was worried when Korean Air announced Zagreb - Zurich as their winter schedule, but from what I understand, they won't be taking passengers from Zagreb to Zurich, as they didn't get permission from the Swiss authorities, now we know why the Swiss didn't give permission...

    More importantly though, and due to dramatic increase in number of wide body aircraft that land @Zagreb airport, the terminal will expand ahead of schedule, phase 2 and 2b will be completed ahead of schedule this winter 2018/2019 if weather permits.

    2 additional wide-body aircraft passenger boarding bridges will be added as part of phase 2a and 2b design.

    The work on expansion should commence in October to minimize disruption to ongoing traffic and should be completed by late April 2019.

    Terminal will get total of two additional gates with 4 additional passenger boarding bridges, capable hosting two B777 wide body aircraft or four single isle A320 type aircraft.

    The original plan was to add these features when terminal exceeds 5 million pax, but was brought ahead due to dramatic increase in number of carriers that land at Zagreb and future prospects. In 2020, up to 10 daily wide body aircraft landings are expected, and having only one gate to deal with B777 or A330, isn't adequate. Hope is 3 should be sufficient until Zagreb airport exceeds 10 million pax, sometimes in late 2020s.

    As part of terminal expansion, parking apron or aircraft stand/platform will expand by 20 000sqm, to allow for four Q400 parking positions, the 100x200m playroom will be built next to the existing platform, not sure which part though. Work on this and extending the current terminal should commence in October and be completed by late April next year.

    When all the work is completed, terminal will be capable of hosting 12 single isle aircraft or combination of 7 A320 type and 3 A330 type and four Q400 at remote stand at the same time, increasing the capacity significantly.

    1. Anonymous15:56

      Good news on Swiss becoming a year-round for Zurich! That was really needed!

    2. Anonymous16:07

      Makes no sense for LX to fly three weekly when OU is double daily. They could easily go with daily flights!

    3. Anonymous20:33

      LX is targeting for transfer passangers especially these from the long hauls in the morning.

  13. Anonymous15:58

    Anonymous 3:31 prestani širiti dezinformacije i izmišljati lažne novosti.

    1. Anonymous15:59

      What do you mean by dezinformacije?

    2. Anonymous20:41

      @AnonymousJune 5, 2018 at 3:58 PM

      when this blog posts very same news, will you still call it disinformation ???

      These are news, just not public yet, should be announced next week or week after. You can call it an open secret.

    3. Anonymous22:31

      Javna tajna olitiga public secret


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