easyJet selects Croatia as its destination of the year


easyJet has selected Croatia as its destination of the year for 2018. The low cost airline has launched a number of new services to the country this year and currently maintains a total of 49 different routes, with more to come in the coming days. The no frills carrier is Croatia's second busiest with over a million passengers handled each year. “It is a great success for us that one of the key European airlines selected Croatia as its destination of the year. It confirms that we are achieving significant and strategically important improvements in the transport sector”, the head of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, said.


  1. Anonymous10:54

    I wish they would just launch ZAG! We desperately need more lowcost airlines.

  2. Anonymous12:02

    The thing is the bulk of Croatia's passenger demand is on the coast.

    1. Anonymous13:13

      No its not, The coast dominates in high season, but Zagreb is in demand just as much, just number of LCCs in Zagreb is small, well Norvegian, Vueling and German Wings, if you can call any of these low cost.

      Zagreb needs 2-3 LCC carriers but won't happen before 2020, problem is management wants to consolidate current carriers so they're established and routes are profitable, EasyJet when they come will just supplement BA and OU on London flights.

      However, LCCs are good for opening and increasing traffic to other destinations across the EU, especially when there's a promotion going on. If Wizz air and Ryan air come to Zagreb, then they could have destinations to places we might not consider visiting initially.

      Wizz air had what 900k in Belgrade last year, 1.4 million @Skopje. Imagine if they had same numbers in Zagreb.... Problem with LCCs, however, is they never pay for landing or pay peanuts.

    2. Anonymous14:26

      Wizz Air pays what others pay in Belgrade. No preferential treatment there.

  3. Anonymous12:42

    Congratulations to Croatia for their amazing achievements in tourism boom in the last and this year. Numbers are rising, a lot of new routes and airlines all seem to be doing great this year. Together with LCCs they have managed to open themselves to a new markets and to become popular tourist destination.

    But regarding this article I think it's more of another way of well known croatian self promotion and self ego-pumping.
    Maybe I am wrong and willing to admit my mistake, but searching the internet about what is written in the article, all I can find are other articles in different croatian websites self promoting their tourism, apparently making something out of nothing.

    All it really is are a few nicely written articles about croatian coastline, 35 pages + cover page in total in the 138p monthly edition of Easyjet's in-flight magazine. That's about it - no "Destination of the year for 2018" or something similar. Even among "popular destinations" on the easyjet website there are no croatian airports listed.

    If anyone could find something else about this please post a relevant link where we can read more about this prestigious award?

    1. Anonymous16:49


    2. Anonymous09:34

      @anon 16:49: That's what I'm saying. Croatian media and representatives of tourism industry talking about some award and you can't find anything about it anywhere else.

      And as I said, it is about 1/4 of monthly magazine dedicated to Croatia not "entire magazine for the first time in history" and such epic statements.

  4. Anonymous17:56

    Can we see EasyJet on brac bwk soon?

  5. Anonymous09:47

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  6. The prices for flights to Croatia are a disgrace


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