Fake airline scams Kosovan passengers


Germany Airlines which advertised flights from Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart and Basel to Pristina has been exposed as fake after scamming more than 300 people into purchasing tickets for nonexistent flights. Two days before the advertised services were due to commence, Germany Airlines informed passengers their flights were cancelled and that all travellers would be compensated. However, ticket holders never heard from the so-called airline again. Germany is now investigating twelve people in relation to the alleged fraud. If charged, they face between six months and fifteen years in jail. The Swiss consumer protection agency Reklamationszentrale, has warned against similar operators such as Germani Airways, Aeroprishtina and Adria Fly.

Germany Airlines website


  1. Anonymous14:06

    To scam Kosovars is a very bad idea...

    1. Anonymous14:18

      Almost same story as Dalmatian airlines.

    2. Anonymous16:37

      As opposed to scamming anyone else?

    3. Anonymous17:46

      scammed by own people btw the article doesnt say

    4. at first sightbthe site looks very nice

    5. Anonymous01:22

      An. 14.18
      Dalmatian was real project , not fraud. They had lease contract for the first plane, contract for HQ building in Zagreb and were employing people. They had to stop everything overnight after the "warning". ALL PASSENGERS who bought the ticket were FULLY REFUNDED. So this has absolutely nothing in common with Dalmatian.


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