Ljubljana Airport maintains double digit growth


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has continued to record double digit passenger growth with its figures increasing in June by 13.3% to 176.784 travellers. This is despite a 0.5% decline in the number of aircraft movements, which stood at 3.264. During the first half of the year, Slovenia’s busiest airport welcomed 831.195 passengers through its doors, up 15%. The number of aircraft movements grew 3.9% to 16.947.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN100.375 12.3
FEB99.213 10.2
MAR129.624 19.0
APR157.837 19.4
MAY167.257 14.4
JUN176.784 13.3


  1. Anonymous11:13

    Super good

  2. Anonymous11:32

    I'm predicting 1,9 mio pax this year.

    1. Anonymous11:48

      I still hope for 2 million as it will be a good and strong winter season thanks to Transavia and Adria.

    2. Anonymous12:04

      seriously, you need a year round growth over 20% for that. there is not a single month with 20%.

    3. Anonymous13:20

      So this will 1mio passenger will come in july

  3. Anonymous13:22

    What is with Easyjet Berlin flights that are on schedual only through the half of november? Other airports have them till march already.

  4. Anonymous15:16

    When will LJU surpass SKP in that case?
    OK will stop flights to SKP soon and this will hurt the figures..

    1. Anonymous16:43

      Funny. LJU would surpass SKP if Wizz or Ryan opens 5 new routes.

    2. OK’s discontinuation won’t hurt SKP figures because they carried like 3 passengers this summer period. Also with LO entering the market; OK was doomed from the start

  5. Anonymous16:45

    I am courious about passanger growth on Brač airport. Any info?


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