Macedonia seeks Romania flights


The Macedonian Chamber of Commerce has signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the Romanian National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) as the two sides work on establishing flights between Bucharest and Ohrid. "Romania is very interested in developing its tourism industry togeather with Macedonia given the close proximity of the two countries. Our goal is for Romanian tourists to visit Macedonia in the same numbers as those from Poland and the Netherlands. In order to achieve this, nonstop flights must first be established between the two countries", the President of the Tourism Chamber within the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, Arkan Kerim, said. ANAT head Adrian Stanculescu added, "We are particularly interested in establishing flights to Ohrid as it is considered the Jerusalem of the Balkans". The two sides agreed to lobby airlines to introduce services between the two countries as soon as possible.


  1. Anonymous11:13

    before you start with the negative comments here a friendly reminder:

    oficial MK tourist stats for Aug.17:

    1:TUR 2. SRB 3.POL 4.NED 5.ROM (ROM tourists have a 4,8% share in August)

    Now you see where this is coming from. poz.

    1. Anonymous13:34

      Aren't Bulgarians number 1?

    2. Anonymous13:43

      Bulgarians are third.
      The correct listing is:

      1. Turkey
      2. Serbia
      3. Bulgaria
      4. Greece
      5. Netherlands

  2. Anonymous12:06

    Who is going to fly this route?

  3. Anonymous12:29

    LOL sure

  4. Anonymous13:00

    ¡EXCELLENT news!
    RO can try with seasonal flights from OTP to OHD. 4 weekly. Packages can be selled and the ATR-42 easily filled gradually upgraded to 737.
    On the other hand, OTP-SKP daily is doable. This route is terribly and brutally underserved, with so much demand.

    1. Anonymous13:29

      they are clearly talking about charter flights. something for Blue Air, Air Bukarest etc

    2. Anonymous17:46

      Special interest tourism is the provision of customized tourism activities that caters to the specific interests of groups and individuals. In this case, Romanian tourists are especially interested in Orthodox tourism in Macedonia, St John the the Baptist Monastery in Debar and Other churches and wine tourism routes in Macedonia and direct flights between Skopje Alexander the Great Airport and Romanian capital city.

    3. Anonymous17:48

      SKP is now simply Skopje International Airport and not Alexander the Great.

  5. Mislim da bi na ovu rutu trebalo stavit A380. Ono - jedno triputa dnevno

    1. Anonymous00:45


    2. Anonymous01:14

      a bunch of haters


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