Split Airport handles millionth passenger


Split Airport handled its millionth passenger of the year over the weekend. The airport has seen its numbers grow 15.7% so far in 2018. It anticipates welcoming its second millionth traveller in August and its record third millionth passenger by year's end. Split Airport's General Manager, Lukša Novak, previously said, "It took us ten years to grow from one million to two million travellers. Before the war, the airport was handling around a million passengers per year. However, it took us just three years to increase our figures from two million travellers to 2.8 million. In 2018 we will handle three million passengers". Split has cemented its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia and was ahead of its counterpart in Zagreb for several months during 2017. However, Mr Novak noted that Split has no ambitions to surpass Zagreb Airport's traffic figures and become the country's busiest. "We want to be an effective regional airport. We need to work to stimulate traffic in the winter months", the General Manager said.


  1. Anonymous12:28

    To bi okvirno znacilo cca 450 000 tijekom lipnja.

    1. Anonymous21:58

      Yep, around 455k.

      So projections are:

      455k first 6 months.
      July - 700k
      August - 650k
      September - 450k
      October - 220k
      November - 40k
      December - 40k

      Total: 3100 000 pax in 2018. Not bad

      Projections - Croatian Airports 2018:

      Zagreb: 3400
      Split: 3100
      Dubrovnik: 2750
      Pula: 720
      Zadar: 650
      Rijeka: 150
      Osijek: 50
      Brac: 50

      total: 10770

      Just shy of 11 million.

  2. Anonymous12:43

    Interesting, very interesting.

  3. Anonymous12:54

    To bi okvirno bilo cca 175 000 putnika vise n3go za isto razdoblje prosle godine.

  4. what a huge peak in july and august

  5. Anonymous22:24

    This is horrible news for the local community!


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