Split and Dubrovnik airports soar in June


Split and Dubrovnik airports have registered their strongest June and half yearly results on record.

Split Airport recorded its busiest June by handling 474.646 passengers during the month, representing an increase of 17.6%. During the first half of the year, the airport welcomed 1.020.626 travellers, up 17%. Split Airport expects to register over three million passengers this year. A number of carriers have launched new seasonal flights to Croatia's second largest city this summer including Croatia Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, airBaltic, easyJet, Thomas Cook Airlines, Condor, Volotea, Smartwings and Jet2. Furthermore, charter airlines have significantly boosted their presence in Split.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN33.699 10.8
FEB30.629 28.0
MAR53.165 57.2
APR124.352 0.9
MAY304.135 18.1
JUN474.646 17.6

Dubrovnik Airport recorded its fifteenth consecutive month of growth by welcoming 365.348 passengers through its doors during June, an increase of 7.9% on last year. Since the start of 2018, the airport handled 902.500 travellers, up 11.1%. Dubrovnik Airport has projected 10% passenger growth this summer. “This year we expect the biggest increase in arrivals from the United Kingdom. In addition, several new routes have been launched. Among them is Edelweiss Air from Zurich, Flydubai from Dubai, as well as Adria Airways from Ljubljana. There will also be a number of charter flights from the Middle East”, Dubrovnik Airport’s Operations Coordinator, Josip Paljetak, said recently.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN22.280 15.3
FEB24.074 5.5
MAR47.684▲ 40.9
APR151.661▲ 5.4
MAY291.453▲ 14.8
JUN365.348▲ 7.9


  1. Anonymous10:59

    Split ove godine rastura, svaka čast. Ima li šanse da pretekne Zagreb po broju putnika. Ovaj rast od +17% u junu mesecu(sezona) je obećavajući. Valjda je ovo poslednje leto sa ograničenim kapacitetima :)

    1. Anonymous11:20

      Razumjes li iscitano?

    2. Anonymous14:22

      Jedino ako Croatia bankrotira i obustavi letove

    3. Anonymous14:39

      Niti tada.....

  2. Anonymous11:08

    DBV is falling behind. Strange thing for "the best airports in the region" as some have boasted here :D

    1. Anonymous11:18

      So, "one of the best airports" means "more passengers"? Congrats to both SPU and DBV!

    2. Anonymous11:33

      Probably can. It already had Last july.

    3. Anonymous14:24

      Dubrovnik caters for smaller part of riviera. But also for higher yielding guests

  3. Anonymous11:30

    Can Split have more passengers than Belgrade in July?

    1. They did last year.
      Split had about 30 thousand more passengers than Belgrade last July.

    2. Anonymous15:07

      Will be interesting as both airports are growing nicely.

  4. Anonymous14:28

    Great news!
    Such a shame we are discussing today possible bankruptcy of OU instead of great results they could have made in their two summer bases.

  5. Anonymous03:12

    Zagreb grew only 6.7% in June it might also grew less in July cause of strike. June was bit slow cause effect of Monarch and few other reductions on last year, so loss of around 20k,331000 pax,should have been around 350k.

    July cause of strike will be around 375k, predict drop of 20-25k for 2 day strike. Well the drop will affect all Croatian airports not just Zagreb, in summer months, Zagreb has only a third of OUs operational flights. If strike is longer,numbers could be even worse. OU has wet leased two aircraft to cover the strike, but that won't be sufficient.

    1. Anonymous07:12

      When you speak of other reductions in Zagreb you mean the OU cancellations?

      I am a bit disappointed with the number.

    2. Anonymous22:39

      No, The loss of Monarch and reduction on last year by some other carriers, Monarch alone was responsible for around 10000 pax as they were flying A321 daily and almost always full.

      Another 10k was lost due to OUs cancellation and other airlines also flying at reduced schedule.

      July should be better, but we'll see, OU strike can impact on Zagreb figures in July.
      However, if Croatia can secure semi finals in the World cup, than we're looking at increased demand for charters, there are 6 charters planned for this Saturday and Egyptair has just introduced service to Zagreb for the first time in history, albeit charter for next few months.

      This Mont 12 additional weekly rotations and increased size of aircraft landing at Zagreb will contribute to growth, that is additional 3000 pax per week, or additional 15000pax this month based solely on charters and these extra 12 rotations.

      So 387 000 pax for July is achievable, question is will OU strike have an impact on these figures.

      Without OU strike, 387k is probable, with OU strike 375k is likely.

      Although, load factor needs be also accounted for, as LH Group and KLM are all sending larger aircraft to Zagreb, 10-12% increase on last year in terms for capacity.

      So, I expect extra 25-30k in capacity this months from these carriers. If that reflects in actual increase in pax,than we could end up with 400k if no OU strike.

      We'll see,as of now I projects 375k.

  6. Anonymous17:14

    I know that both airports are highly seasonal destinations, but still the difference beetween winter and summer traffic figures is fascinating
    I wonder how can they manage those airport regarding manpower, equipment and those big terminals which are highly underutilised during winter.


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