US among Air Serbia's busiest markets

The United States has become one of Air Serbia's busiest markets, the airline's financial report shows. The carrier, which only serves New York within the States from its hub in Belgrade handled 72.257 passengers on the route in 2017, an increase of 53.4% on the year before, while offering a total of 95.614 seats for sale. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the United States, the carrier's passenger performance between the two cities further improved during the first quarter of 2018. Based on the Sabre Airline Solutions system, New York accounts for the largest porion of passengers flying between Serbia and the United States. It is followed by Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles and Washington.

The Serbian government has said that its financial support for the airline, which in 2017 amounted to just over twenty million euros, is primarily aimed at developing markets such as the United States. The Serbian Finance Minister and the former Chairman of the Air Serbia Supervisory Board, Siniša Mali, said, "The government made a strategic decision that Air Serbia should develop the North American market, as the most affluent and most important to us. Since the flights to New York were launched [in June 2016], Air Serbia has handled over 150.000 passengers on this route". He added, "As part of our tourism development strategy until 2025, the Serbian government has decided to extend its support to whatever contributes to tourism growth. In this case, it is flights to North America. Without that support there would be no service to the US. However, Air Serbia's financial performance would remain unchanged".

The Minister noted that both the airline and the government review the performance of the New York route each year. "The investment is relatively small compared to the return on investment", Mr Mali said. The Serbian government noted last November that Air Serbia was considering Toronto as its second long haul destination after New York. At the time, it said preparations for the new service were underway and in the advanced planning stages, however, it emphasised that there was still a lot of work to be done concerning the Air Service Agreement, which has since been concluded. Toronto's Pearson Airport confirmed earlier this year that it held talks with Air Serbia over the resumption of flights between Belgrade and Canada's largest city. A spokesman for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Robin Smith, said, "At this time, Air Serbia's service will not be starting this summer, but we will continue to work with Air Serbia to find an opportunity to add Toronto Pearson as one of their newest travel destinations". Mr Smith added, "We will make an announcement in cooperation with Air Serbia if there is any future development of service to Toronto Pearson".


  1. How come Montenegro is not one of Air Serbia's busiest markets?

    1. Anonymous09:04

      Because most flights are with ATRs and during winter there are just 2 daily flights to TGD and 1 to TIV.

    2. Anonymous09:09

      Not in top 7?

    3. Anonymous09:18

      There must be an error in the report. MNE would for sure rank in the top markets.

    4. Nemjee09:19

      BEG wasn't even the busiest market out of Montenegro last year, it was TGD-DME.

    5. Anonymous09:19

      What does busiest market even mean? Because they have more passengers to Montenegro than to UK or USA...

    6. Anonymous09:25

      9.18 if you look at their financial report, it is correct.

    7. the financial report itself is wrong. and this article just copied the information from there :(

    8. Anonymous09:44

      You wold expect the financial report of an airline to be correct. Regardless there is some interesting info in the article such as pax numbers and the government's decision to fund these flights.

    9. Anonymous10:19

      TIV-BEG cca 210.000 pax in summer 2017, TIV-DME cca 600.000 pax in summer 2017

    10. Nemjee10:41

      TIV-DME is a bit of an exaggeration.

      TIV-DME #1 market
      2016: 296.373
      2017: 295.842

      TGD-BEG #2
      2016: 282.874
      2017: 293.913

      TIV-BEG #3
      2016: 230.288
      2017: 216.553

      Only other market with over 100.000 passengers are TIV-SVO and TGD-IST. LJU had 49.824 passengers last year, up from 37.070 in 2016.

    11. Anonymous10:45

      But this is for Air Serbia and Montenegro Airlines combined right? Not just Air Serbia.

    12. Nemjee10:55

      Yes, that is correct. It's easier to look for airport markets than individual airlines.

    13. Anonymous11:43

      So Tivat-Moscow (DME, SVO, VKO) has probably more than 450k. It could be one of the busiest routes out of Ex-Yu.

    14. Anonymous12:31

      For passengers it's BEG-ZRH which has around 450.000 passengers. I think there was an article on here.

    15. Nemjee16:40

      It seems like there is a new way for Serbs from Australia to reach Belgrade. Aegean's A320 to BEG arrived full and roughly 60% of the passengers were Serbs from Australia that arrived to Athens on Scoot via Singapore.

    16. Anonymous23:34

      That is a 2 stop trip. There are other 2 stop options, and 1 stop options with more comfort and probably cheaper from all three Middle East carriers.

    17. Anonymous00:48

      @Nemjee Australia by statistic has ~100,000 Serbs. I’d be interested to see how 60% of an Aegean A320 was Serbs travelling from Australia. The connection with Scoot is shocking ~7 hours in SIN on the AU-GR and overnight on the way back in SIN. Prices are not massively different unless you take no meals, no luggage, no prearranged seating. It might seem like it because they are already in Serbia on holiday and doing side trips to Greece. The market here is not interested in anything beyond EY/QR/EK. They change travel plans to suit availability with these airlines.

    18. @Nemjee I totally agree. I doubt the majority of Australian passengers would punish themselves with such long connection times. The most popular way that I know of is Etihad and Emirates/Fly Dubai to Belgrade.

    19. Anonymous06:46

      Hahahaha soon air albania stsrts with a330 direct flight to new york in december 2018 or january 2019
      Airplane will be newer than a330 air serbia 11 years old airplane
      Only in 3 months from may to agust 80k albanians fly to kosovo Macedonia and albania from new york
      It will he 3 to 5 times a week flight
      Turkish airlines is 49 percent partner
      Like air serbia 49 percent partner is etihad airways
      Only with this air serbia will lose 10 to 20 percent of usa market stsrt with macedonia kosova montenegro bosnia

  2. Anonymous09:05

    Interesting. Nice to see US market developing for JU. Many were saying here that there wolf be no passengers.

  3. What the hell? How did that happen?

    1. Anonymous09:06

      What do you mean?

  4. Anonymous09:07

    Most pressing thing in the article is that the government finally admitted they are subsidising these flights to New York.

    1. Anonymous09:12

      well? it's not in collision with EU laws. and US as well, as it seems

    2. Anonymous09:14

      And the Macedonian government is subsidising Wizz Air.
      And the Croatian government is subsidising domestic routes.

    3. Anonymous09:16

      And just a few days ago it was revealed that Montenegro gave tens of millions to YM last year. And they were still unprofitable.

    4. Anonymous09:28

      At anon 9:14 Macedonia's gov't had open tender for subsidies, unlike Serbia.

    5. Anonymous09:30

      Open tender tailored for one company and one company only.

      Air Serbia is state owned with over 2,000 employees. The government can give it money if it wishes to.

    6. Anonymous09:50

      Croatian Government is no subsidizing domestic route. It is PSO, totally different story. Please learn difference.

    7. Anonymous09:52

      So you are telling me they are not giving money for it from the state budget?

    8. Anonymous09:59

      Croatia is subsidizing Emirates to Dubai.

    9. LOL. Here we go again.

    10. Anonymous10:27

      now when AS is charging for food and luggage, can it apply for Skopje subsidies, or what is the definition of LCC...??

    11. Anonymous10:44

      WOW really funny ha ha ha

    12. Anonymous11:46

      Well, frishki, Zagreb CEO admitted that so i don't see what's the problem.

    13. Show me his quote.

    14. Anonymous12:46

      Are you of short memory?

    15. Obviously I am. I do not remember him saying "Croatia is paying subsidies to Emirates to fly to ZAG". Help a brother out, man.

    16. Anonymous13:33

      I'm not sure about Emirates, but there was announcement from government about investing in long hauls routes in Croatia.

      The Minister for Tourism noted that several years ago only a small fraction of tourists holidaying in Croatia arrived by plane, with that figure growing to 20% this year. The Ministry has launched a four million euro project entitled "Positioning Croatia as a airline destination", with plans to double its budget next year. "The project aims to attract carriers from far away markets", Mr Cappelli said

    17. Which is called marketing and promotion. A big difference from giving money to the specific airline just to start a certain route.

    18. Anonymous13:42

      Come on, marketing & promotion :)
      So, if they give couple of millions for mkt and promotion to certain airline, and then airline in reality spends 10% of that money for mkt, what is it?
      Same question is valid for both OU and YU.

    19. I guess no destination isn't spending the marketing and PR money this way. My bad.

    20. Anonymous13:57

      Well, actually it is modus for transferring funds without "officially" doing it. And don't get me wrong, it is not something exclusively related to airline business, I saw it many times, different projects, different businesses. I'm sure, we can list several similar non-airline projects with same purpose in both countries at the moment, you really think it is not applicable to national carriers?

      Važno je samo kako mrmot zavije čokoladicu :)

    21. Anonymous15:33

      Anonymous20 July 2018 at 09:59

      No it is not, Croatia can't subsidize or give any money to anyone that gives the other party commercial advantage over the market dominance, it is in the EU law, it is a benchmark law that prevents state intervention or assistance to any commercial entity. EU Articles 107, but also article 36, 84, 81, 82, 88 and 101 are relevant here.

      Croatia isn't permitted to give any form of subsidies to anyone, in any form, any of Croatia's state agencies aren't permitted to do any form of subsidies to anyone.
      What Croatia did in promoting Croatia, is upping its marketing campaign in Japan, China and S. Korea by €8 million.

      This is promotion of Croatia in these markets through various campaigns, be it trade, tourism or defence. However, recent world cup result has given Croatia so much positive PR, the country couldn't buy so much pr for a $billion let along measly $9 million.

      Last time Croatia subsidized a company, in this case Croatian Airlines, the airline was ordered to pay back every penny, 587 million kuna, it happened in 2012 and airline almost went bankrupt as a result. The airline under the deal with the EU had to go restructuring and pay back in 4 payments every penny.

      Croatia as an EU member must obey EU rules and regulations, these are strictly enforced and state aid isn't permitted in any form. There is a clincher for national airlines, they are allowed to receive one-off payment once every 10 or so years to cope with fuel price hikes.

      Rule introduced to help Alitalia survive, however as we know now, Alitalia went bankrupt, however LOT has also used the same rule to survive. Maximum payment allowed is €150 million. Most likely in 2023, Croatian Government will provide such payment to OU to pay for new planes, the full payment would allow OU tom purchase additional new planes on top of 4 A320 Neo ordered.

    22. Anonymous15:50

      Forgot to mention also, The one off payment must be paid back in full, however the time frame is 10 years.

      Also, if Croatian government by some magic managed to subsidize Emirates, Lufthansa and other competitors would immediately inform the EU for unfair competition and subsidies given to emirates or anyone else for that matter.

      Any private EU citizen can report subsidies or illegal state aid to the EU Commission and they'll investigate.

      If you know someone with the EU passport, ask them to lodge a complaint against Croatian government for subsidizing Emirates, if you feel so strongly about Croatian government subsidies. lets see where that takes you.

      PS, I know you're trolling, need to divert from the fact that Air Serbia is receiving massive subsidies from the state, subsidies that in some years are as large as half of airline's turnover. This has been the case since Air Serbia was created, and there's nothing wrong in doing that, Serbia has right to do what it wants with its own national airline.

    23. Anonymous16:11

      @noir dresses didn't your nostradamus predictions also include that the Chinese will take Belgrade Airport as a "good will gesture" to Serbia and that no serious company would apply for the concession?

  5. Anonymous09:13

    Congrats Air Serbia. That is quite a good development within just a year and a half since starting flights on this route.

  6. Anonymous09:13

    When were flights to NY launched?

    1. Anonymous09:15

      It says in the artocle

      > Since the flights to New York were launched [in June 2016], Air Serbia has handled over 150.000 passengers on this route".

    2. Anonymous10:06

      "..72.257 passengers on the route in 2017, an increase of 53.4% on the year before,.."
      Nice! So they managed to increase frequencies and attract many more passengers, at least the article suggests that..

  7. Anonymous09:18

    I can't stand Sinisa Mali but I agree with him on this. I think this was a smart investment overall. You only have to look at how much visits from the US to Serbia increased 2016 vs 2017.

    1. Anonymous09:30

      Goes to show the benefit of nonstop flights.

    2. Anonymous09:31

      Do you have the figures on the tourists from US in 2017 vs 2016 ?

    3. Anonymous13:08

      34169 in 2017, 25% more than in 2016

    4. JATBEGMEL20:00

      I wouldn't say its a bad investment, but I would say its a smart one either.

      - JU jumped into TATL ops too early.
      - 2 years on and JU still hasn't got use for the A330 that ends up being parked in BEG 4 days a week during the winter.
      - JU has no codeshare partner in JFK.

      Serbia has spent a lot in financing this route, while JU has a chronic shortage of appropriate regional aircraft. 60 million euros could purchase 3 brand new ATR72's, while a decent leased fleet and an enhanced network could of been set up for that amount. Tourism is great, and definitely investments should be made there, however an increased regional/Euro network would also have brought in more tourists too, on top of increased connectivity making Serbia more attractive for business and investment that it also needs.

      The justification back then was that JFK would help boost regional routes, however since then, JU has continued to cut routes and frequencies, a lot due to not having the appropriate aircraft to serve them.

    5. Anonymous00:08

      - too early? no, 25 years too late. they should and would have continued flights if they were allowed. their intercontinental services would have been somewhere between LO and OS by now were they not interrupted.
      - it's not like you can use for 3 days and lease it out for the other 4 days. once 2nd A330 arrives they will keep one busy during winter and lease out the second one.
      - but they have great interline partner in JetBlue. you can get from Belgrade to your beach house on a Nantucket Island on a single ticket with only one stop, or from Tesla Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada to Tesla Museum in Belgrade with a single stop!

      Regional flights will start growing again. Having 2nd A330 with increased number of faraway destinations and frequency will help.

    6. JATBEGMEL03:49

      @ anonymous 00,08am

      Lots of things could of happened had the country not fallen apart and sanctions hit JU. Fast forward to today after many years of mismanagement, corruption, poor decisions and instability and yes, JU went a bit early on their TATL ops. After all, they are still, almost 5 years on, tweaking with their product and offering, trying to find their place. I don't think they've maintained consistency for an entire season!

      A better plan should of been made for where to send the A330 during the winter period. I just have a feeling that nothing east would of been acceptable to EY who seem to be hell bent on having traffic funneled through AUH. I am sure there is some form of demand for a seasonal destination that could be supported alone on domestic traffic, not to mention the opportunities with transfer pax. That aircraft is bleeding resources they don't have, which has only created chaos in their core network.

      As for the JetBlue interline, its a nice thing to have, however taking it a step further to a codeshare would of been better. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Anonymous09:20

    Flights to NY are not profitable, at least not directly. But indirectly, considering cargo, flow of funds and capital that comes into Serbia from tourists or just Serbian people visiting (airport fee, taxi, accommodation, cash spent in Serbia etc.), I am sure this route does more good than bad to Serbia.

    1. Anonymous09:25


    2. Anonymous12:58

      cargo, flow of funds, capital coming from tourists ans Serbian people visiting can also be achieved without a flight from Airserbia to New York- its not like its the only carrier who has flights from and to Belgrade

  9. Anonymous09:31

    Which potential destination would have more passengers? Chicago or Toronto?

    1. Anonymous09:49

      I think Toronto would have more potential because they would open up an entirely new market.

    2. Anonymous17:32

      Agree with anon above. Canadian market hold s lot of potential.

  10. Anonymous09:36

    Air Serbia's top markets in 2017 were :

    1. Germany 291.569
    2. Montenegro 246.535
    3. Greece 201.003 (without charters)
    4. Switzerland 188.369
    5. France 159.422
    6. Italy 149.110
    7. Russia 115.495
    8. Netherlands 104.966
    9. Croatia 104.451
    10.Great Britain 92.635
    12.United States

    1. hmmm, i recognize the figures you have, but in the annual report it reads that USA is ~200k

  11. presented figures are wrong, both here on the blog and the JU's annual report
    montenegro is JU's second largest market after germany (with US in the picture now, maybe third)

    unfortunately, this year, in the yearly report, they've put it in the "other markets", so you cannot see the montenegro market performance

    so my guess is that whoever did the table above for the article was only looking into the yearly report, where unfortunately there is no mongenegro singled out on that graph.
    also the graph in annual report itself in the report is very wrong, and i suspect the y axis misses one zero. with the way it is, it seems that JU is transporting ~25k passengers to germany, while the real figure should be 10x that

    bad analytics

  12. Anonymous09:50

    Still waiting on that second A330 Mali announced months after the arrival of the first.

  13. Anonymous09:55

    Of course it is 50% more passengers n 2017 as in 2016 they did fly just 7 months not all year. How unprofessional spin they try to make.

    By this data LF on route was 75%. That is disaster for long-haul. Companies have 85% average LF on long-haul routes. In same time Air Serbia has very low prices on route. So, low LF and low prices = huge minus on that route.

    1. Anonymous10:09

      That calculation has been made before. The conclusion was, JU currently loses between 20 to 30 million Euros annual on this route.

    2. Anonymous11:34

      To Annon 10:09 : For that type of aircraft annyal fee is about 5 mill Euro. Eash return flight spend appr 18*5.5 t = 99 t (18 h prose;no vreme u vazduhu) [to je oko 60000 Evra po letu ili za oko 200 letoava tačnije 189 oko 12 miliona evra. Na to treba dodati plate , aerodromske takse, popravke, osiguranja itd i to sigurno ne prelazi 10 miliona Evra. Sve ukupno oko 30 miliona evra. Ukupno ima oko 36000 povratnih karata prodato (neka sve bude u drugoj klasi po 600 evra prosek) što je oko 21 milion evra. To znači da je u najgorem slučaju gubitak oko 9 milinoa evra a verovatno i znatno manji. Ne znam kako neko tvrdi 20-30 miliona bez pokrića

    3. Anonymous11:45

      Prodaje se biznis klasa sve bolje, pa apgrejd iz ekonomske u biznis, pa duty free na tom letu, pa doplata za mesta sa dodatnim prostorom za noge, ekstra prtljag,
      a tek komercijalni kargo...

    4. Anonymous13:07

      @11:34 Od tih 600 jura vise od 350 su takse drzavama. Ovde bas nemate pojma sa ekonomijom.

    5. Anonymous00:39

      Jeste, kad Ryan leti iz Nisa za Stockholm ide preko skoro istih drzava kao JU500 ali se od 35 eur za Ryan kartu tim drzavama kao taksa plati isto 350 jura, pa Ryan gubi 315 jura po svakom letu. Kako da ne, 350 jura za takse!

  14. Anonymous09:56

    Nadm se da Toronto krece na jesen a na prolece da stigne i drugi A330. Kako je krenula da se razvija linija za JFK od sledeceg leta mozda bude i 7X nedeljno a mozda nekim danima i 2X. Uglavnom lepe vesti iz AS.

    1. Anonymous09:58

      2X, drugi A330... lol

    2. Anonymous10:02

      Ne vidim sta je "lol" za drugi A330 ako vec planiraju da krenu sa Kanadom.

    3. Anonymous10:10

      Jedino ostaje da rese problem za zimu. Bilo bi dobro ako bi drugi A330 preko zime mogao da leti za Etihad

    4. Sve je to divno, krasno, ali tko će platiti taj drugi A330 i kojim parama?

    5. Anonymous10:32

      Poreski obveznici, nazalost.

    6. Anonymous10:45

      Зашто нажалост? Толико глупости покривамо што не и ово од чега имам велику корист. Боље ЈУ него страни инвеститори попут Јуре и тако даље.

    7. Anonymous10:52

      last anon has a point.

    8. Anonymous10:54

      Drugi a330 dolazi u maju 100%, Toronto je gotova stvar i pitanje je dana kada ce ga objaviti i vrlo verovatno cemo i ove zime gledati kako YU-ARA stoji na BEG, jer Toronto krece u junu. Postoji velika verovatnoca da ORD bude lansiran dva dana kasnije i da cemo imati dve nove destinacije na prolece.
      Pored svega ovoga Teheran je izvesan vec od 20.10. krecu letovi. Razmatra se vracanje AUH, ali se ceka Etihad za dogovor.

    9. Bilo bi super da se potpišeš kod ovakvih objava, ali opet nema odgovora na pitanje: tko će to platiti?

    10. Anonymous11:06

      Ako krece Toronto to znaci da ce jedan A330 biti uposlen 100% a ovaj drugi ce se finansirati iz budzeta dok i on za 2-3 god. ne postane profitabilan. Ako hoces da pravis biznis moras prvo da ulozis da bi ti se kasnije vratilo.

    11. U teoriji to zvuči super, ali u praksi baš i ne. Ti svejedno trebaš uplupati ogromne novce da bi probao nešto pokrenuti, a para nema. Barem ne tolikih kolike su potrebne za ovakve projekte.

    12. Anonymous11:15

      Kako bre nema? Sta je za drzavu da 20 mil. evra kolko su dali prosle godine za AS? Od tih para dobar deo se vrati kroz poreze zaposlenih,turista koji dolaze iz NY i prolaze kroz BG.

    13. Pa tamo je med i mlijeko!
      Znači taj A330 će koštati samo 20 mil. eura?
      I kolike vi to turiste iz Amerike imate da vraćate sve te pare samo kroz njih?

    14. Anonymous11:27

      frishki, ok niko nema američkih turista kao Hrvatska, kapiramo sve. Samo ne znam čemu tolika briga oko finansiranja. Jasno je da Croatia Airlines mora čerupati imovinu kako bi živela...To mu dođe na isto kao i sa Air Serbia, s tim što Air Serbia ne lešinari po avionima, slotovima i sličnom, ona troši keš.

    15. Kad nemaš argumenta, onda se uhvatiš uspredbe sa Hrvatskom, makar je ja nisam ni spomenuo. Pitam te koliko to američkih turista ima u Srbiji godišnje da može pokriti troškove ovakvih egzibicija. A to i jesu upravo - egzibicije.
      Mislim, mene zaboli na što će vam država trošiti vaše pare, ali mi je nevjerojatno da vi koji to plaćate, stojite iza toga i podržavate.
      I to kako Air Serbia "ne lešinari" i što ti ja znam - lol. Ne treba lešinariti kada država stoji iza nje sa parama. Uostalom, što si se hvataš Croatie Airlines? Jesam ih ja spomenuo?

    16. Anonymous11:32

      Ne kazem ja da se vrate sve pare od turista,daleko od toga. Ali jedan deo se vrati. Srbija je kao prioritet stavila razvoj turizma sa SAD jer je to izuzetno bogato trziste. Pokusavaju da razviju i medicinski turizam. Jeftinije je nekome iz NY da dodje u Beograd na nedelju dana sredi zube,provede se vrati se i ustedi. U prilog tome evo i spota koji su juce izbacili Ameri

    17. Anonymous11:35

      Purger said it best. It makes sense for both countries to support tourism through intercontinental flights:

      Purger27 August 2014 at 13:31
      ja sam još 2010. Croatiji predlagao…da bi linije prema SAD-u, Kanadi i Kini bile odlična stvar za iskorak CTN-a u regiji i da bi one mogle uspjeti uz državnu subvenciju, što ima opravdanje prvenstveno u razvoju turizma (logičnije je subvencionirati interkontinentalne linije, nego npr. Ryanair što se trenutno u Hrvatskoj radi). U tom svijetlu treba podržati nastojanja Srbije da pokrene interkontinentalne letove“

    18. To što je Purger nešto rekao ne treba značiti da je točno i da bi funkcioniralo. Da je jedna OU bila u uzletnoj putanji, još možda, ali i tada jako teško i jako skupo. Ali ovakva OU ne može ni fantazirati o takvim potezima.

      I kako su Ameri izbacili video koji snimljen na Srpskom jeziku i dignut na kanal zvan "Vi ste svet"?.

      A što se tiče dolaska sređivanja zubiju, to možete prije nuditi jednim Britancima koji su u Beogradu za par sati.

    19. Anonymous11:48

      Spot je napravila Amercka ambasada u BG,a za zube sam ti samo naveo jedan banalni primer. Postoji tu mnogo kockica koje se trebaju sloziti u mozaik da bi finkcionisalo bez pomoci drzave.

    20. Anonymous11:53

      To sto je Purger rekao je tacno. Vas dvojica se dogovorite izmedju sebe ako se ne slazete.

    21. To ni ti, ni Purger ne možete znati. Što bi bilo, kad bi bilo. A ti sad vjeruj što te volja.

      I nemam se što dogovarati s ikim. We agree to disagree. I bok.

    22. Anonymous12:06

      "A što se tiče dolaska sređivanja zubiju, to možete prije nuditi jednim Britancima koji su u Beogradu za par sati."

      Naprotiv, dentalni turizam najveći porast broja putnika koji dolaze zbog toga je sa dalekih tržišta poput Kanade, SAD, Australje i Japana, naveo bih i Nemačku koja nije daleko ali veliki broj državljana dolazi u Srbiju da sredi zube.

    23. Anonymous12:19

      Opala Friski Vise brine za Srpske pare nego bilo ko u Srbiji. Opusteno druze, sve ce to narod pozlatiti. Ne bih se mogao potpisati, da ne bih nogu dobio u firmi. Ja rekoh gore sve, a ti prati i dobro zapamti datume.
      Pored ovoga normalno bice i gasenja nekih linija, prva je Venecija koja postaje sezonska, Hamburg se gasi, Brisel se razmatra.

    24. Ne trebaš potpisati ime i prezime, niti te to nitko ne traži, stoga ne pravi se blesav. Potpiši se nickom i zdravo.
      A to da me brine kako spaljujete novce, nimalo. Samo postavljam pitanje i pokušavam uvidjeti logiku otvaranja ovakvih linija, dok regionalna mreža stagnira ili se kreše.
      Ali, ako se ima para - svaka čast.

    25. Anonymous12:44

      Upravo tako, Frishki, ako je Vlada Republike Srbije procenila da linija kao takva ima vise koristi za Srbiju nego stete, linija treba da se subvencionise. Nije sve u cistom profitu iskljucivo od prodaje karata, gleda se sira slika. Svaki turista pored 600-700 EUR koliko plati kartu ostavi u Srbiji jos toliko ... racunica verovatno postoji. Da ne pricam o podizanju ugleda drzave, ipak je prestiz leteti za JFK, pogledaj region, niko tome nije ni blizu :)

    26. Ajde nemojmo spominjati Vladu Republike Srbije u kontekstu sa logikom i da nešto ima više koristi, nego štete. Također, od te cijene karte, samo dio ide Air Serbiji, a isto tako taj turist može do Srbije doći i sa jednim presjedanjem.
      A o tom "prestižu" isto nemojmo. Taj "prestiž" košta. A i vjrojatno postoji i razlog zašto nitko iz regije ne leti preko Atlantika. Ili Srbija ima neke novce koje ni jedna država u okruženju ima, a da mi to ne znamo?

    27. Anonymous13:21

      Friski, do sad si imao lepe argumente, a sada mi nesto delujes nervozno kad je spomenuta sira slika i cinjenica da Air Srbija leti za Ameriku preko 2 godine dok ostatak regiona kaska.

      Jel sve ok? :)

    28. Opet patetični pokušaji provokacije.
      Znači, ponovno iznosiš nekakve najave bez potpisa i da se i ne dogode, nikom ništa, jer pojma nemamo tko je iza njih. Super potez! Mudro, priznajem.

      A što se argumenata tiče, i dalje ih imam, a ovo što si provalio sa tim da "region kaska za jednom Srbijom" je jedna od najboljih šala u zadnje vrijeme. Ajmo saad ovako, obzirom da potežeš se za jezik, koliko to turista iz Amerike ima jedna Srbija i sa tom direktnom linijom, a koliko jedna zaostala Hrvatska do koje jadni turisti moraju presjedati po tamo nekakvim Minhenima, Frankfurtima i Amsterdanima?

    29. Anonymous13:34

      Kao prvo, ja nisam osta osoba sa kojom si zapoceo konverzaciju, ja sam se ukljucio od komentara 12:44

      Kao drugo, nisam rekao da region kaska za Srbijom, daleko od toga, vec da regionalne avio kompanije kaskaju za Air Srbijom po pitanju transatlantskih letova.

      Pozdrav i ugodan vikend

    30. Anonymous13:35

      Presedu i u Beograd komsijo :) youre welcome!

    31. I ja bih trebao znati da to nisi pisao ti već netko drugi - kako? Svi pišete pod istim nickom. Jel teško odabrati nick i koristiti ga?

      A odgovor na "kaskanje" je bilo, očigledno, na komentar nakon.

    32. Voja13:57

      Kakva besmislena rasprava. Videćemo šta je tačno vlada planirala sa JU i letovima za SAD i Kanadu kada i ako se to desi. Ako imaju para uložiće ako nemaju neće. Za par godina ćemo znati da li su to bile bačene pare ili ne.

    33. Anonymous16:08

      frishki has lost its nerve today.

    34. Oh my. Someone isn't used to being talk back to.


    35. Anonymous18:57

      Talked, yes. Barked, no. xoxo

    36. Anonymous23:13

      frishki against the World. Either the World is wrong, or the frishki je u krivu. Choose one.

    37. Anonymous00:13

      World needs to grow up? Riiiiight.

    38. Anonymous02:21

      frishki is so so unhappy lately...his negative comments on everything are not helping...
      anyway, I think JU will be very successful soon with US

    39. JATBEGMEL04:21

      @ anonymous 10,54am

      YYZ seems for a while to be the next long haul destination. It would be interesting to see where the second A330 will come from. My guess is from EY who are reducing their ops quite a bit while yet taking on more new aircraft.

      As for new destinations, GVA was supposed to start however cancelled after a week of sales due to a lack of aircraft. Apparently they are still keen to start it. I'm guessing that this is where they will send the aircraft currently used to operate HAM. IKA will be interesting, I'm guessing it may replace IR who are short on aircraft, expanding on frequencies and taking advantage of the growing tourism as well as now other Euro carriers are pulling back out of Iran. It wouldn't make sense to have 4 carriers operating BEG-IKA.

      Rumour has it that VCE isn't doing too well and is likely to go as well.

    40. Anonymous11:25

      ...or to go at least seasonal.

  15. Anonymous17:31

    I'm glad the government the government is supporting Air Serbia.

  16. Anonymous18:33

    JFK gives JU a very good image abroad. The excellent business class and that logo stands perfect on the A330. Style and prestige.
    Good luck with YYZ in 2019. A second A330 should arrive by New Year 2019 to begin flying next spring 2019.


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