Zagreb Airport readies for World Cup rush


Zagreb Airport has appealed for passengers travelling tomorrow to arrive at least two and a half hours prior to their departure time as a busy day is expected. A total of five charter flights will ferry Croatian football fans to Moscow on Wednesday for the semi final match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup between Croatia and England. Croatia Airlines, Trade Air, Adria Airways, Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines will all operate charters between the two capital cities, with Rossiya set to deploy its wide-body Boeing 777-300 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous13:58

    2:0 za nas

  2. Anonymous14:15

    This is in addition to AeroFlot's scheduled service from ZAG to SVO. So a total of 6 flights to Moscow tomorrow.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Aeroflot sends a larger aircraft.... Still an A320 for now.

    The other day Rossiya operated 2 777-300 charters to Sochi for the quarter final match. Some good pics where posted on FB:

  4. JU520 BEGLAX19:31

    Bravo Hrvatska. U make us proud. All the best for tmrws game

  5. Anonymous00:04

    I hope the fan efforts will be awarded by reaching the finals.

  6. Anonymous07:51

    Finals people !!! How many extra flights for finals ??? I know most will use alternative methods to get to Moscow, either via Frankfurt,Vienna or direct with Aeroflot, wonder how many chartered flights for finals is what I wonder,hope more than 6.

    Croatia first time in finals, 2nd times in semi in less than 20 years. Almost every world cup Croatia manged to get in to quarter finals (last one was a slight omission, Croatia manged only last 16).

    I wonder if we do win, could Croatia host world cup say in 2032 or 2040 perhaps ? Perhaps together with Slovenia and Austria.

    1. The 2026 WC will have 48 teams! I hope this is just a one-off because 3 large countries will jointly host it but if not, than no chance Croatia will host it alone or with nearby neighbors.

      Lets first have a go at hosting the Euro's in say the next 10 to 20 years (again jointly with neighbors) then dream about hosting the WC.

    2. I have a feeling that less Croatian would be at the finals compared to the semi's as many people around the world go to the final just for the experience and how many Croatian's have these tickets. I'm sure a few thousand would be released soon to Croatian football federation members and I guess charters would have to be organised.

      A few people from Australia I know are traveling to Zagreb just for a few days for that experience. My sister went yesterday with her family and just arrived on the Qatar morning flight. She said flight was almost full.

      France will be tough but I have a feeling Croatia will win this.... as long as they can recover enough I think they want it more and being a bit more older and experienced will help get them over the line. If it doesn't go to penalties... Croatia 2-0.

    3. Anonymous12:39

      8 wide body chartered for today and tomorrow, all returning back Zagreb on Monday, lol, when there could be up to 11 wide body aircraft in Zagreb.

      Turkish stated to send A330 to Zagreb on a regular basis, and regular wide body are Air Canda, Emirates and Air Transat, from September 1st add Korean air.

      Hope for really nice July figures, I projected 385 000 for July, could be 400k now, as OU strike was called off.

      As to Croatia winning, not sure, I won't make any predictions, the fact Croatia managed to secure in past 5 world cups, 4 Quarter finals, 2 Semi finals and 1 finals is very good result for a very small country. If Croatia could win the world cup, that would be historic first for Croatia. Croatia is already very popular tourist destination with 21 million visitors expected to visit Croatia this year. Can you imagine the effect of Croatia in the finals, next year Croatia will be flooded with even more tourists, many will now come to see the country cause they heard all the positive news about the country form World Cup.

      I expect world cup win or not, visitors will come just to see the place. Only if economy will pick up and catch up with the rest of the EU. We're growing too slow atm, 2.8-3.0 isn't really growth Croatia should be having, the growth rates should be twice that.


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