Zagreb Airport records busiest day


Zagreb Airport registered its busiest day on record on July 1 by handling 13.263 passengers. The airport continued to maintain its growth momentum in June by welcoming 331.533 travellers through its doors, representing an increase of 6.6% on last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 4.124, which is up 4.8%. Overall, during the first half of the year, Croatia's busiest airport handled 1.471.628 passengers, up 10.1%, while aircraft movements grew 4.7% to 20.405. 

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN191.276 13.3
FEB170.658 10.3
MAR223.642 16.2
APR253.853 5.7
MAY300.676 11.8
JUN331.533 6.6


  1. Anonymous10:45

    Bravo Hrvatska

  2. Anonymous10:56

    SPU dominira ... bit će zanimljivo krajem godine *wink* *wink*

  3. Anonymous11:00

    6%? It's kinda satisfactory.
    I still think DBV will top the chart by 2022 and be behind BEG.

    1. Anonymous11:06

      A onda je svizac odmotao čokoladu ... šta nisi stavio rok do 5022. godine?

    2. Christ almighty with the insane predictions...

    3. Anonymous02:00

      @AnonymousJuly 5, 2018 at 11:00 AM

      It won't, it never will. Zagreb has steady growth year round, 7-8% long term, Dubrovnik and Split has fast expansion, once they reach certain number, around 3.5 million pax,they'll flat line or grow at steady pace of 4-5%, unless the season is really good.

    4. Anonymous02:10

      This year, projections pax in 000:

      Zagreb: 3400
      Split: 3200
      Dubrovnik:2700 (at most)
      Pula: 720
      Zadar: 650
      Rijeka: 250
      Osijek: 50
      Brac: 40

      total: 11010

  4. Anonymous11:25

    cool picture

  5. Anonymous11:30

    lol who said it was 22% the other day?

    1. Anonymous12:15

      Fake news as I immediately and correctly identified. Next time just follow what I write.

    2. Of course it was fake, but who are you again?

    3. Anonymous08:47

      I'm the one who said it was a fake news. I'm smart and my predictions are correct. Just listen to what I say.

    4. And you are.... Anonymous just like that other guy.

    5. Anonymous02:01

      I'm anonymous as much as you are. Except that I don't spread fake news around.

  6. ...of course they had better numbers for May... german diaspora had a lot free days (;

  7. Anonymous15:00

    Will BNX expansion in autumn affect the ZAG figures in an indirect way?

    1. Yes, totally.

    2. Anonymous15:40

      The biggest loss with be Brussels. I heard the flights from CRL-BNX are packed.

    3. And I've heard that they are closing ZAG by the end of the year.

    4. Anonymous15:47

      Don't be silly, they are not going to be closing it but I am sure the loss of BNX passengers will be felt to a certain extent.

    5. Anonymous15:50

      Ask people from south Croatia and they will tell you that they don'T mind using BNX. Why not have an alternative? It's a 3 hours ride.
      Many many people mentioned that it will be the future LCC airport of ZAG.

    6. Wait, let me go ask all of them and I'll come back with the result.

    7. Anonymous17:50

      All three of them?!!

    8. Anonymous01:53

      @AnonymousJuly 5, 2018 at 3:50 PM


      yeah, we'll be packing and heading for Banja Luka, we don't mind passport checks on border and probably erratic departure schedule. If that makes you happy, i guess.

      Service out of Zadar is far supperior, most Croats would travel extra 50km to Zadar than dick around in selendra somewhere in republika Srpska.

      When you say most Croats from down south,you mean Hercegovina right ?

    9. Anonymous01:57

      @AnonymousJuly 5, 2018 at 3:50 PM

      Zadar is closer for most Croats, only 200km,in Zadar in less than 2 hours on the autoput, no border crossing and passport checks. Banja luka is not good for most croats, perhaps some in Slavonia might use the airport if they're close to the border.

    10. Zadaris actually 300km from Zagreb on the highway - 2,5hrs drive. Banja Luka is 170 km away, but the border is too big of a hassle. Even if it gets more connections in the future, which is doubtful. I'd rather go to Graz than Banja Luka. At least you're not exiting the EU and it's exactly the same distance from Zagreb - 170km.

    11. Anonymous07:38

      The border literally takes 20 minutes at most, stop presenting this as something that's not. You are just trying to comfort yourselves ahead of BNX's boom.

      Also, before FR you always used to brag how all of BNX uses ZAG yet now no one speaks about the change of them getting their own flights.

    12. Anonymous08:51

      I wish BNX all the success but it is highly unlikely it will impact air traffic in Croatia in any noticeable way.

    13. Anonymous09:37

      if one could be affected then TZL if at all

      from the use of words i think its the INI guy that is cherleading here for BNX.

    14. Anonymous15:55

      @MichaelJuly 6, 2018 at 5:28 AM

      FFs use google earth, seriously !!!

    15. @Last anon I did use it. Seriously. Maybe you should use it and make sure to check the road distance, which we're taking about here, not a straight line, smart guy.

  8. I predict 400,000 pax at ZAG in July. That would be 14,5% increase on last year and it's totally possible. It'll be another first for ZAG.

    1. Anonymous07:41

      People on here (Croats) keep on saying that growth in July will be close to 6% again. Were you the one who said July growth will be 22%?

    2. Anonymous08:46

      This guy is throwing fake news all around. He's not relevant source of any info.

    3. Anonymous16:06

      375 000 is the projection i am working atm, reason, OU strike, if the strike is longer than 2 days, the number for July could be 350 000,less than last year.

      In July Zagreb handles on an average 12500 pax, so a single day loss x days of strike x 40% OU's share of the traffic in july.

      I predict 4 days of strike, that is loss of 20 k, and projected growth for July is around 390k, so remove ou's numbers for strike dates add growth, and you come to around 375k.

    4. Anonymous18:45

      I guess strike has been called off, we might see 400k after all, we'll see, 12 extra weekly rotation, larger planes and charters projection is 390 000 pax for july, any better would be a nice bonus.

    5. No, I didn't say that growth in July would be 22% and I don't post any news, much less fake news, Mr. Anonymous. This is what I think is a plausible number and if you know a bit of math it ends up being approx. 14,5%.
      Last time I estimated anything was that Zagreb would reach 300,000 pax in May and I was right.

  9. Anonymous06:24

    Fantastic growth of biggest airports continues. In the first 6 months of this year compared to last year, airports grew:

    ZAG: 10.1%
    BEG: 6.6%

    Growth in number of passengers for the same period:

    ZAG: 135k
    BEG: 152k


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