Zagreb Airport sees World Cup traffic surge

Zagreb Airport has seen a flurry of traffic this weekend as the Croatian national football team plays France in its first FIFA World Cup final, which is being held in Moscow this afternoon. Airlines have scheduled additional flights to Zagreb and upgauged their equipment in order to cater for the growth in demand for services to Russia. Operating charters to ferry Croatian football fans to Moscow today are Red Wings Airlines, Ural Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, Adria Airways, Turkish Airlines and Rossiya Airlines (with two flights). As a result, Zagreb Airport is likely to break its 24-hour passenger record.

Among others, an Uzbekistan Airway B767 will be operating from Zagreb to Moscow today

Croatia Airlines has also applied a special sticker to celebrate the historic success of the country's football team on one of its Airbus A319 aircraft.

A Croatia Airlines A319 with the titles "Bravo Vatreni", referring to the team's nickname


  1. Anonymous06:07

    Today, we make history.
    Or burn in flames trying iy.
    Go Croatia ✌

  2. Great verity of aircraft at Zagreb these past few weeks. The USAF 747-200 dooms day plane was there a few days back too.

    Just feels like Croatia will win this! As long as fatigue is not an issue I think we will shock France. Everyone knows about out midfield but our defense has been solid especially Lovren, Vida and Vrsaljko has had a gun tournament. France a deserving favorites but everything just seems to be going well for this Croatia team!

    2-0 or 2-1 Croatia.

  3. They should have put this special scheme on all their planes. :)


    The Zagreb live webcam was showing a pretty full old ramp with what looks like 2 large wide-bodies and 5 other aircraft. So yeah.... looks pretty busy at Zagreb today.

    1. Full list of widebodies:
      Uzbekistan 763 x2
      Turkish Airlines 343
      Turkish Airlines 330 x 2 (regular line TK 1055/56)
      Rossyia 773

      On Monday, there will be a total of 7 widebodies:

      Uzbekistan 763x2
      Rossyia 773
      Turkish 343
      Turkish 330
      EK 773
      Air Transat 332

      Narrow body charters this weekend:
      OU 319 x2
      Adria CR9
      Ural 204
      Rossyia 738

    2. Nice!!

      I think the Vatreni come back tomorrow too.

    3. Anonymous12:05

      Monday will be very busy, we'll have usual 3 wide-body aircraft and at least 5-6 more from Moscow. Monday 15k quite possible. July now looks like we'll do 400k in Zagreb, originally I was projecting 385.

      If Zagreb can surpass 400k in July and August,that'd be a major milestone for Zagreb airport.
      World cup, weather we win or not, the result will have a great impact on Zagreb and Croatia, as tourist will have seen Croatia everywhere, across the globe, many would choose to visit Croatia next year, or later on this year. in Europe many will visit Croatia in August and September on top of existing wave of visitors. This August could for the first time record 4.5 million foreign visitors in a single month . Previous record I think is 4.2 million.

    4. Anonymous15:21

      @Peter - one more to add - AC 767 was in ZAG today, one more widebody for today, Juy 15.

      Igrajte za nju, našu Hrvatsku
      nek snažno kuca to Srce Vatreno...

  5. Anonymous09:06

    Go Croatia!!!
    Cheers from this Serbian supporter!

  6. Bring the cup to Croatia

  7. Croatian clubs in Sydney are going ballistic!!!

    Win or lose one of the best moments for Croatia world wide!!

    1. Still partying here in Sydney.... wasn’t meant to be but can’t be more proud!!


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