Adria to debut Saab 2000 on Brač, Warsaw flights


Adria Airways will begin utilising its Saab 2000 turboprop equipment from September 1, with Brač and Warsaw to become the first destinations within its network to be operated by the 50-seat aircraft. According to "Airlineroute", the turboprops will be progressively introduced on select days on services from Ljubljana to Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Prague, Hamburg, Sofia and Vienna. The airline is leasing six of the aircraft, with one to be stationed at its new base in Paderborn, Germany.


  1. Anonymous11:14

    Why did they reduce their flights to BWK¿ it was initially launched as 2 weekly andnow it is only on sATURDAY. ¡
    I thought it was the newest trend in the Croation market...

    1. Anonymous14:13

      It is always very tough to start a new route without any marketing!

      Seriously, how many people from all the JP destinations that could connect onto BWK know that JP is now flying to Brac? Germany and Austria for ex. is a vast market for the Croatian islands, still I somehow think that JP was so far incapable of using only 10% of the BWK route potential. Also in LJU itself I have a feeling that most don't know about the BWK service.

      Does anyone know if JP made any contracts with tour operators for guarantee or pro rata seats to Brac?


  2. Anonymous11:14

    But adria have no more flights in sistem to brac after 01.09 in her offer?

  3. Anonymous11:19

    Nice. Last time when I travelled from WAW to LJU we have made a stop in PRG and consequently arrived 2 hours later. Finally this won't be a reason for delays anymore.

  4. Drmati se na starom propelercu preko cijele Njemačke do HAM ili cijelog Balkana do SOF mora biti nezaboravno iskustvo.

    1. Anonymous12:42

      What's wrong with the Saab? It's a reliable aircraft and was already refurbed by EY, remember????


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