Banja Luka Airport registers strong growth


Banja Luka Airport as recorded its second consecutive month of passenger growth in July by handling 3.109 passengers through its doors, representing an increase of 22.7% on the same month last year. It also represents the airport's best July performance in over a decade. The passenger increase came as a result of Air Serbia's one weekly charter service to Antalya, which will run until September 11 and has so far recorded strong loads. During the first seven monhs of 2018, Banja Luka Airport handled 11.944 travellers, down 1.5% on the same period last year. The airport ended its eight month passenger slide in June. It is gearing up to welcome Europe's largest low cost carrier Ryanair, which will commence flights from Charleroi, Memmingen and Stockholm Skavsta to Banja Luka from October 29.


  1. Anonymous10:45

    I am so proud of BiH and how the airports are nicely developing especially TZL.
    I think BNX will be the new INI and will compete directly with TZL.
    On the other hand, I am glad that the people of ZAG and the southerners will use it as an alternative airport.
    Bravissimo BNX, bravissimo BiH!

    1. Here we go again with "ZAG south" obsession.
      Just be happy that BNX has flights finally.

      Cheering to the max.

    2. Anonymous18:19

      These flights will only make the region richer and develop tourism and hotels.

  2. I think the flights to AYT are operated every 10/11 days, not weekly,according to KonTiki Banja Luka facebook page. The flight on August 31 will be penultimate with flight on September 11 ending the summer season for BNX.

    1. Anonymous19:10

      Very nice photos! I didn't know JU used the A319.
      I also like the interior of BNX, it looks spotless and modern! Do you know if they will be repeated next year?

    2. Anonymous20:01

      This only goes to show the charter potential out of Srpska. I hope there is more next year.

  3. Anonymous21:09

    I am checking the prices on FR's website and see that CRL and NYO are doing well and quite high in November but FMM is always dirty cheap. I hope this route survives and doesn't end like INI-EIN

    1. Anonymous10:13

      FMM is much shorter than the other two so they can afford to have much lower fares. Also, they are competing with buses there.

    2. Anonymous10:45

      It will be very interesting to watch the new development at the same time when Ryanair is introducing 8 EUR charge for the larger hand luggage piece (10 kg.) unless you purchase priority and my experience with frequent travel on regional Wizz routes is that many passengers only bring hand luggage and go as cheap as it gets.


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