Belgrade Airport registers busiest July


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has recorded its busiest July to date by handling 670.354 passengers during the month, representing an increase of 6.4% on last year. The number of flight operations stood at 6.449, up 4.6%, while its busiest day of all time was registered on July 31 when 24.306 travellers passed through its doors. The airport also handled 50% more cargo. During the seven month period, Belgrade Airport welcomed 3.134.106 passengers through its doors, an increase of 6.9%. It added some 200.000 passengers on 2017.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN333.989 1.3
FEB297.430 5.3
MAR366.099 6.5
APR447.681 7.5
MAY479.384 10.8
JUN539.169 6.4
JUL670.354 6.4


  1. Anonymous11:20

    40.247 putnika više nego prošlog jula, odlično. Dobro je da aerodrom ne zavisi toliko od JU što se vidi ovde.

    1. Kako to me ovisi? AS nikada ovoliko čarter letova I destinacija..Ogroman broj putnika na osvim letovima i najpametnije odluka da se smanji redovni broj letova i poveca profit čarter letovima.

    2. Anonymous14:41

      Ne mislim samo na ovaj mesec već i na ostale tokom godine, čarteri su samo tokom 4 meseca(jun, jul, avgust, septembar) i nešto malo tokom oktobra i maja. Aerodrom cele godine beleži povećanje, a Air Serbia je smanjila kapacitete u redovnom saobraćaju. To se nije odrazilo ni na jedan mesec u godini i zbog toga sam rekao da ne zavisi.

    3. Anonymous14:57

      Busiest day of all time...
      SPU 27.989 (16.07.2017.)
      BEG 24.306 (31.07.2018.)
      DBV 18.608 (30.07.2017.)
      ZAG 13.263 (01.07.2018.)
      TIV 11.233 (30.07.2018.)
      SJJ +6.000 (18.08.2018.)
      Maybe someone else has more data for other airports?

  2. Anonymous11:29

    Hm seems like 2018 is a really good year for the airport. Not only are passenger numbers growing nicely but the airport seems to be positioning itself as an important cargo center.

  3. Anonymous09:37

    Qatar Cargo seems to have given up on BEG. Shame. I guess Etihad Cargo was faster.


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