Dubrovnik Airport sees record July


Dubrovnik Airport recorded its sixteenth consecutive month of growth by welcoming 474.643 passengers through its doors during July, an increase of 7.7% on last year. Since the start of 2018, the airport handled 1.377.143 travellers, up 9.8%. Dubrovnik Airport has projected 10% passenger growth for this summer. During July, a new legacy carrier commenced seasonal services to the city, with Air France to maintain two weekly flights between Paris and Dubrovnik until September 1. 

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN22.280 15.3
FEB24.074 5.5
MAR47.684▲ 40.9
APR151.661▲ 5.4
MAY291.453▲ 14.8
JUN365.348▲ 7.9
JUL474.643 7.7


  1. Anonymous11:18

    While Zadar had a passenger drop of 0.5%. What's going on there? They were supposed to have a record year!

    1. Anonymous11:23

      They also had a drop of almost 6% in April. Definitely not a good year for Zadar.

    2. a drop ... hmm maby a cut in lines? or just a temporary dip

    3. Anonymous14:54

      Don't know, compared to the national average, they were quite below it.

    4. Anonymous15:22

      They sit on Ryanair's lap, they'll suffer until they pay more to Ryanair. That's the risk of dancing with the bear: it'll be the bear to decide when to end the dance, not you.

    5. Anonymous18:00

      Rumours of an additional FR plane based in ZAD are increasing. Lets see if this is true.

    6. Anonymous19:43

      rynair strikes

  2. Anonymous11:21

    Slower than expected growth at DBV. Additional 32.521 passengers of 7% more.

    1. Anonymous11:21

      The most important thing for Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, is to grow out of the main season. Pula has a very good growth in march, april and may. High season numbers are already good.

    2. Anonymous11:21

      PUY grew by 12% in July.

      153.279 to 172.390. So far this year 383.935.

      Let's see how SPU does. I still hope for double digit growth there and in ZAG. It's doable.

    3. Anonymous11:22

      Turkey is bouncing back and so are Egypt and Tunis. There's more competition than last year.

    4. Anonymous12:43

      @anon 11:21: at least for SPU, the most important job for them is to stabilize operations during high season and ensure that they have enough of their employees their.
      I had the pleasure to experience the airport 5 times this June/July and I completely understand that they are looking forward for the new terminal and do not want to invest a single lipa into the old one,
      on two of those five occasions there were a lot of extremely angry passengers, and no effort by the airport to improve the situation; I would not have been surprised if they had started a revolt

    5. Anonymous13:24

      @Anonymous3 August 2018 at 11:22

      You trolling again!!!

      Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia have bounced back many years ago, you just seem to ignore that little fact. Egypt was affected in 2013, we're in 2018 now. Turkey in 2014 and Tunisia in 2012. All of them recovered in 2016.

      Dubrovnik airport always grew at these rates 7-8% just that Dubrovnik idiot was saying how the airport will be the biggest in ex-yu by 2020 or something.

    6. Anonymous13:36

      Look at the numbers in Turkey, Egypt or Tunis and you will see they are bouncing back.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Anonymous16:06

      Anonymous3 August 2018 at 13:24
      Well, you're wrong.. Tunis was affected in 2015 and 2016 after series of terrorist attacks, started recovery last year. Turkey was affected in 2016, after a series of terrorist attacks and failed coup attemp, started recovery late last year and this year. Egypt was also affected in 2015 after downing of Metrojet flight, recovery is still ongoing.

    9. Anonymous18:48

      The structure of visitors to Turkey is such that its Tourism is affected by regional issues and conflicts more than any other aspect. nearly 6 million Russians visit Turkey, number of other regional tourists visit Turkey in large numbers.

      Germans and British visitors represent much of the western-European visitors to Turkey, in total 3.5 million Germans and 1.7 million Brits. If Croatia was affected in any way by Turkish rebound, for that matter same goes for Tunisia and Egypt. Croatian tourism continues to grow at pace it grew in past 5 years, around 8-10% yoy.

      Dubrovnik airport numbers reflect reality of Dubrovnik as a destination, which attracts mostly better off visitors. The growth of 7-8% is all Dubrovnik can expect, yes there'll be anomalies where numbers are going up by 20%, or even more, but overall Dubrovnik never grew as fast as Split Airport.

      Split is the gateway to Dalmatia and Dalmatian islands, and is experiencing massive boom in growth due to number of visitors coming to Croatia from beyond Germany, Austria and Italy has skyrocketed. Million British visitors expected to visit Croatia this year, 550k Dutch visitors, 1 million Polish visitors, 320 000 Swedish visitors, 600 000 French visitors, 300 Spanish visitors, 200 000 Danish visitors, 170 000 Norwegian, 154 000 Finish visitors.... Belgian visitor numbers should also hit 300 000. Irish visitors 100 000.

      All these people use plans to come in to Croatia, Number of German visitors will also visit Croatia using air, 3.25 million German visitors expected in Croatia this year, at least million of them will fly to Croatia.

      Croatia is expected to host 20 million visitors this year, 18 million foreign visitors. If Croatian tourism was slowing down or being affected by Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt... I don't see it. If this year tourism numbers were bellow last year, I'd generally agree, but numbers are going up constantly.

    10. Anonymous18:49


    11. Anonymous19:51

      The airport in DBV looks simply gorgeous. And it's not even finished!

  3. Replies
    1. Anonymous12:12

      That would be a jump of some 100.000. Doubt the airport could handle it.

    2. Just below 70 000

    3. Anonymous12:53

      @anon 12:12: indeed, they often have more passengers than they can handle;

      waiting more than 2 hours for luggage drop off is a certain sign for operating above capacity

      but almost all areas operate way above capacity in high season; surprisingly the two areas where I have neither experienced nor heard from friends of waiting times of more than one hour this season are security check and id check on arrival...

    4. Anonymous20:21

      Did SPU really reach 730 000 pax in July? No official data yet.

    5. They could easily be around 700,000 or beyond. Last year they had 645,000 if I remember it correctly and this year new routes and frequencies have been added. But the airport is insane. I flew in with Norwegian and the flight was decent, however the airport experience - one of the worst ever. Anywhere. In my experience even the airport staff attitude has deteriorated, while last year despite the chaos that had not been the case.

    6. Anonymous21:51

      You can't blame the airport staff just because they will handle probably 30 thousand people per day and work all day long checking every single item. Please, try and be more humane in your comments. They are human beings like us and have a LIMIT!!

    7. Anonymous09:09

      Split airport data:

      July 2017 / 2018
      657.056 / 695.142

      YTD 2017 / 2018
      1.529.500 / 1.715.770

      Great job! Congrats!

    8. Anonymous09:10

      SPU is, once again, the busiest airport in Ex-Yu in July! Wow!

    9. Anon @21:51 Please stop moralizing on account of your bad understanding of English. Where did you see any implication of me blaming the staff for anything?
      Or any moral claim for that matter? If facts bother you, what can I say...tough.

    10. Anonymous12:24

      So basically SPU had similar growth to DBV this year. I am happy they grew but I expected between 8% and 10%. With growth in summer slowing down ZAG can take a breath.

    11. Anonymous22:56

      @Anonymous4 August 2018 at 12:24

      You'll find there's no competition between Croatian airports, ultimately Zagreb had very low beginning cause of the shitty terminal it had before, nothing could have been done till new terminal opened, once it did, the new terminal that is, things stated to move, 12 new airlines started to fly to Zagreb, among them, Air Canada, Korean Air, Emirates and who knows perhaps even US based carrier in not to distant future...

      Split was projected to do 700k this July, hope was for 720 or more, but it did 700k, almost.
      Zagreb will probably do 400k this July, way bellow what Split did, but then again, Zagreb has loads of catching up to do.

      August, depending if OU will go ahead with the strike or not, should handle 375 if strike happens or 390k if no strike. OU barely has 44% of Zagreb traffic now, in few years time that %g should go down even more, down to 25% by 2025.

  4. Anonymous12:45

    Congratulations to the pride of Croatia and the ambassador airport of the Balkans.
    3 million will be achieved that's for sure and the new flights to US even sooner!

    1. Anonymous13:25

      3 million will be archived just not this year bozo.

    2. Anonymous13:43

      But what's with the ongoing talks with American airlines about possible US flights? Any inside info?

    3. Anonymous14:00

      "ambassador airport" Dude, you sound the same as the Madonna guy yesterday...

    4. Anonymous14:22

      13:25 Why so much hate?

    5. Anonymous19:50

      So, still no news about TATL flights in S2019?

  5. Anonymous13:05

    Bravo, Dubrovnik! Congrats!

  6. Anonymous14:59

    It seems that DBV has reached its limits (not in terms of airport's capacity, but in terms of demand from customers), because the no. of passengers grew by 7.9% and 7.7% in June and July, while airlines' seat capacity was 11.2% and 11.5% higher respectively. This means load factors are dropping, making it difficult to add more capacity next year. Be prepared for a modest 5% growth next year!

    1. Anonymous16:30

      DBV is already overcrowded during summer, the winter months are growing quite nicely! Even 5% in 2019 should be fine! Unlike DBV, SPU has plenty of space for growth!

    2. Anonymous19:03

      @Anonymous3 August 2018 at 14:59

      Dubrovnik grew consistently @7-8% yoy for much of the past decade, don't think much will change. in coming years. I am saying on average, some years were better, some where worse, since 2010 when 1.27 million pax was achieved airport nearly doubled in 2017, this year airport will handle around 2.7 million, next year airport might handle 3.0 million and after that i see slowing down a bit.

      However, new terminal is big enough to handle 5.5 million pax with ease, and terminal can expand where luggage sorting facility is.

      Split will continue to grow fast for next few years as there's a massive demand, and cheap flights make it easy, However, beyond extended summer tourist season that lasts between May and late October, I see not much happening. Most likely Split airport will be the first airport in the region to pass 1 million mark in a single month, and could happen in 2021/2.

      However, once Croatia hits 30 million foreign visitors, sometimes in 2025, I don't expect Croatian tourism to grow faster than 3-5% per year, this will affect Split Airport numbers beyond.

    3. Anonymous19:42

      I disagree that SPU airport will grow that much compared to DBV.
      After all, the DBV catchment area and better geographical situation combined with excellent airport management gives it more advantages. By 2025 as you say, a possible scenario in ex-Yu can be:

      1. BEG
      2. DBV
      3. ZAG
      4. SPU
      5. LJU

      After all, JP will agressively expand next year so, we might see some movements.

    4. Anonymous19:49

      LJU maybe after SPU, but not even close. DBV as number 2? Not gonna happen, as I live in DBV, the current mayor is already trying to reduce the number of tourists since there is simply not enough space for all of them.

    5. Anonymous20:20

      The mayor of Barcelona is always repeating this and tourists never end, she just couldn't. The cities just want massive turizam because it's money all the time.
      I personally predict DBV to take second place after US flights and arrival of UK tourists + possible Korea charters.
      In 2005, there were 1 million passengers, possibly 3 million in 2019 and in by 2025 - 5 million.
      By that time BEG will be around 8 million just prior to EU membership.

    6. Anonymous20:24

      Like I said, I live in Dubrovnik my whole life, and, trust me, there is simply not enough space nor the infrastructure that can handle so many tourists. Unlike Split and not to mention Barclelona.

    7. Anonymous20:37

      Ok, I trust you my friend. I also read articles that the locals are very fed up of so many crowds of tourists then yet again the city literally hibernates in winter.
      If you live all your life, could you tell us if there is a chance for business, winter travellers?
      Any IT companies or serious businesses available?
      Or is there a possibility to extend the summer season just like some coastal cities are trying to do or it is mainly beach and nightlife (drunk tourists, etc)?
      In Barcelona locals are struggling very much - insane rents, noise, people piss in the street, litter, etc. Typical tourists.

    8. Anonymous21:21

      lol while you're dreaming about DBV overtaking everyone and everything you should more look behind as SKP&PRN are narrowing the gap to PRN with yearly growths of 20%. Another W6 based aircraft (which they applied for) and SKP gets in the range of 2.5mil.. same for PRN once they can travel like the rest of the jugos ...

      just dont jump so high

    9. Anonymous21:57

      SKP has milked all the important destinations and there is no room for more. Even Vaxjo will be terminated. Out of all Wizz 26 +1 destinations 9 are to Germany and 4 to Sweden bringing the total to 13 i.e. almost half of the destinations to 2 countries!
      If Vaxjo is replaced with 10th German destination, then yes. But 2,5 million? No way, José!

    10. Yeah, I've heard that UN has threatened to strip Dubrovnik off of its UNESCO heritage site status if the number of visitors to the old town isn't limited.
      Good thing it has been limited to 8,000 people at any given moment if I'm not mistaken? Might be 10,000.
      That number is still too high in my opinion. No wonder no one wants to live there anymore. Such a shame. It's really not pleasant at all. Airport, unlike SPU, can handle th3 numbers, but the city can't.
      The best way to truly experience the surreal beauty of Dubrovnik, is out of season. Hopefully more tourists discover that and it Dubrovnik needs to be marketed as such, as a year-round destination. It'll be better for the visitors and the locals.
      Split on the other hand, should embrace more industry, tech, diversify the local economy. I'm glad to see things are moving on that front, but slowly...as everything in Croatia. The damn red tape!
      As for the unruly tourists and the locals being fed up, Hvar and Dubrovnik are struggling the most I feel. And as usual, it's the drunk Brits that cause most problems. They're back big time, but this is a new, millenial generation, they behave equally as horrible anywhere they go. Same thing in Spain. I'm generalizing, of course.

    11. Anonymous22:39

      The story of DBV is very typical in the European, hot spot touristic destinations: Prague, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, partly London, Sunny Beach, Katowice, etc.
      When one destination suddenly becomes affordable and cheap all the tourists flock and make the use of it.
      Poor Dubrovnik is facing this crisis. The government in Zagreb should look into this problem and try to attract business just like Barcelona and Prague are already doing.
      Even Varna and Bourgas are currently building massive business centres with more flights in winter.
      Dubrovnik is located in a strategic area close to Italy, nothern Balkans which means it can be a future IT or logistics hub as well.Construction of proper business hotels between airport and town area. Construction of smaller, closed residential areas to take away traffic from crowded, historic downtown (like Prague).
      Organise seminars, exhibitions in winter to fill hotel rooms. Host sports events, collaborate with JU to reinstate year round frequencies.
      Spread brochures to attract factories like VW, Airbus, Volvo to invest in DBV where the climate is much better than a Slovakian village and cheapear!

      Ideas can continue all night..

      DBV has super, high potential that is currently not used.

    12. Anonymous23:57

      W6 applied for subsidies for the 5th aircraft, you will read it on this forums once they get the approval. one based aircraft means additional 250-350.000 pax to the now expected 2.1-2.150 mil pax. so do the math

    13. Anonymous00:10

      @Anonymous3 August 2018 at 19:42

      You sir, are seriously delusional.

      OK lets look at past 8 years of growth in Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. What makes you even contemplate the possibility of Dubrovnik ever being 2nd in the region after Bg ?

      Any evidence for such vivid imaginary prediction?

      As I see right now, Dubrovnik will be lucky if they make 2.7 million this year. AS I see it right now, Dubrovnik will barely pass 2.5 million mark, projection for 2018 is 2.55 million.

      Dubrovnik Airport pax in 000:

      2017: 2323
      2018: 2550
      2019: 2800
      2020: 3050
      2021: 3300
      2022: 3550
      2022: 3850
      2023: 4100
      2024: 4400
      2025: 4740

      Split Airport pax in 000:

      2017: 2818
      2018: 3250
      2019: 3600
      2020: 4000
      2021: 4300
      2022: 4600
      2022: 5000
      2023: 5300
      2024: 5600
      2025: 5800

      Zagreb Airport pax in 000:

      2017: 3090
      2017: 3400
      2019: 3750
      2020: 4200
      2021: 4600
      2022: 5000
      2022: 5400
      2023: 5800
      2024: 6400
      2025: 7000

      And this figures without any major LCC operator basing one or two aircraft in Zagreb. Eurowings practically uses Zagreb as a base, it flies to ton of German destinations and in near future will add Hanover, Nuremberg and Leipzig, seasonally at first.

      Wizzair, EasyJet and Ryanair are likely to start flying out of Zagreb as early as 2021. How does Dubrovnik suddenly become a mega airport over night?

    14. Anonymous00:29

      @Anonymous3 August 2018 at 20:20

      Now you're trolling, first of Serbia won't be in the EU before 2028, it is technically impossible now, there are too many issues to resolve before any new member can join the EU, only Norway, Iceland and Scotland if they leave the UK in case of Brexit would join the EU before 2028. This is cause the above 3 countries have legal framework and institutions in place for such membership. The new Framework has been agreed at Lisbon summit and in Nice.

      That aside, I can't possibly see how can Dubrovnik get any North American flights, and this somehow will generate what million extra pax??? Where from ??? You're clearly trolling now, first with EU statements you clearly don't understand how EU works, and 2ndly imaginary scenario where hordes of Brits and Yanks will suddenly come and make up the difference that would generate such demand that million extra pax per year would descend on Dubrovnik per year.

      BTW Zagreb will handle around 7 million pax in 2025 and Split 5.8 million according to current trend.

      List of airports in the region in 2025, according to traffic 000 pax.

      Belgrade: 8800
      Zagreb: 7000
      Split: 5800
      Dubrovnik: 4750
      Skopje: 3400
      Ljubljana: 3200
      Pristina: 3000
      Podgorica: 2000
      Tivat: 1800
      Sarajevo: 1800
      Pula: 1200
      Zadar: 1000

    15. Anonymous12:25

      LJU will surpass SKP. Period. JP will grow vs. W6 in SKP as they are running out out of options.

    16. Anonymous12:29

      No way in Hell will ZAG have 7.000.000 passengers by 2025. Their growth was primarily fuelled by Emirates and we still have to see what happens this winter with minimal additions to its network.

      By the logic, BEG which is experiencing much faster and stable growth than ZAG, should be at 12.000.000, not 8.800.000.

    17. Anonymous13:57

      ZAG in 2018 3,5 million
      ZaG in 2025 7,5 million

      It has already been projected. Almost 1 million growth every year.

    18. Anonymous14:47

      @Anonymous4 August 2018 at 12:29

      You're just trolling now, Zagreb's growth is not only due to Emirates, the growth is due to increased load factor per plane, larger planes land in Zagreb on average and demand for Zagreb is growing. In fact the vehicle of growth are number of foreign carriers, Lufthansa, Iberia, BA, Turkish and Air France among them.

      I expect SAS, Finnair, Air Baltic, Aer Lingus, Ukraine International, TAP and EasyJet will service Zagreb in 2020, some seasonally some year round. By 2025, at least every major legacy carrier will be in Zagreb. With arrival of LCCs numbers could go up really fast, so in my numbers I didn't include Wizz, Voltea, Vueling, Transavia France or Ryan air, who could initiate flights to Zagreb and even base an or two aircraft in Zagreb by 2025.

      If that were to happen you could easily add 1.5 million pax to Zagreb in 2025. As to Belgrade, all projections I've done, indicate 9 million pax will be the best result for Belgrade in 2025, 12 million in 2030, but this is if airport continues to grow relatively fast.

    19. Anonymous16:22

      aha sure they will grow with their Saab's , 25pax per flight....

    20. Nemjee18:11

      Anon 12.29

      True, some markets grew while some other retracted. I will post combined numbers for April and May this year compared to those last year.

      1. ZAG-FRA 60.735 / 57.899 this year
      2. ZAG-DBV 47.414 / 47.919
      3. ZAG-SPU 28.695 / 31.501
      4. ZAG-MUC 30.773 / 34.442
      5. ZAG-VIE 28.691 / 29.769
      6. ZAG-IST 27.418 / 29.600
      7. ZAG-CDG 26.772/ 27.469
      8. ZAG-AMS 30.156/ 27.809
      9. ZAG-DXB ------ / 25.629
      10.ZAG-LRH 28.809 / 23.794
      11. ZAG-BRU 21.609 / 23.276
      12. ZAG-DOH 21.785 / 21.930
      13. ZAG-ZRH 20.464 / 19.709
      14. ZAG-CGN 12.948 / 13.769
      15. ZAG-SKP 8.352 / 12.177

      LO seems to be doing really well in ZAG despite their flights being quite low overall in rankings: 6.808 / 10.894

      What surprised me the most was the fall to AMS. Could it have something to do with Transavia launching LJU? LJU-BRU is booming compared to last year.

      SKP seems to be performing really well for OU and I think overall it has the biggest growth. That said, as you can see, EK does play an important role in ZAG.

    21. Anonymous18:40

      Nice numbers! Thank you, Nemjee!

    22. Anonymous19:50

      Yes. LJU is playing a major role in some of the figures.
      Let's also see how ZAG-BRU will preform this year vs next one after the launch of BNX flights this b winter.
      Exciting challenges ahead for ZAG placing it possibly in fourth or fifth position by 2028.

    23. Anonymous20:24

      So, Croatia could still have 3 airports among top 5 in Ex-Yu, Anon 19:50? Yay!!!!!

    24. Anonymous20:50

      Well, duh...it has the largest number of airports in ex-YU.
      That said, don't you think two very small countries hold the top 5 ranking namely Slovenia and N.Macedonia is a remarkable achievment ?
      SKP and LJU NEVER fail to impress us.

    25. Anonymous21:10

      they (OU) should not be afraid to increase SKP in winter too (a 45% growth in Apr/may is stunning) , but they are going again with that strange split schedule we know from last years (is the nostrum leasing only in summer schedule?)

    26. Anonymous22:57

      @Nemjee4 August 2018 at 18:11

      Can you post the link to website you're getting your data from, linking data. I have no idea if data posted is accurate or can be relied. thank you.

  7. Anonymous15:18

    They recently made runway works back in winter:


    Does anyone know if there will be a second one soon?

    1. Anonymous15:29

      There really isn't a need for a second one especially since the airport is d.e.a.d. in winter. In summer they can make it as is.

    2. Anonymous15:33

      Okay thanks a lot. Do you know roughly how many planes per day are operated in the peak, summer season?

    3. Anonymous14:22

      Some examples of DBV traffic:

      Sunday, 29JUL 155 Arrivals and departures
      Friday, 3AUG 104 arrivals and departures
      Sat., 4AUG 162 arrivals and departures (all numbers IFR only) This last number can change slightly till the end of the day

      I think, those dates can be considered as peak summer season :)

      Source: Eurocontrol

    4. Anonymous14:35

      Arrivals and departures shall read "operations" for arrivals divide the numbers by two.
      Just to make my previous post more clear.

    5. Anonymous16:56

      Thank you, Anon 14:22 (14:35). Great numbers!

    6. Anonymous18:47

      Some more great numbers for comparison:
      Today, 4AUG:

      BEG: 206 ops
      ZAG: 118 ops
      SPU: 206 ops
      LJU: 77 ops
      SJJ: 38 ops
      SKP: 57 ops

      I do not know about ZAG, SJJ and SKP, but in LJU saturday is the weakest day of the week even with a dreamliner :). And I wouldn*t want to be a passanger in Split today :)

    7. Anonymous19:06

      Wow, Split rocks!


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