easyJet launches new Ljubljana service


Low cost carrier easyJet has launched its third destination from Ljubljana by inaugurating three weekly flights to Berlin. "This new route from Berlin has been unserved for a few months so we’re really happy to connect the two capitals again. Berlin Tegel is easyJet’s third destination from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, in addition to our existing services to London Gatwick and London Stansted", Thomas Haagensen, easyJet Europe's Managing Director said recentlz. Ljubljana Airport's General Manger, Zmago Skobir, added, "Considering that Germany is Slovenia's largest trading partner, we are convinced that this and all other connections from our airport with German cities will be successful and that it will also significantly contribute to the further growth of the number of German tourists in Slovenia".

easyJet is Slovenia's second largest airline based on capacity. In 2017, the carrier handled 126.537 passengers on its flights to and from Ljubljana, with 64.309 of those travelling on the Stansted route and the remaining 62.228 on the Gatwick service.


  1. Anonymous15:19

    Very nice developments, finally LJU gearing up fast! I think Fraport also is behind this.
    What makes LJU unique is the elegant and healthy combination of legacy & LCC together with JP's nice new connections to key destinations such as OTP.
    I am guessing U2 will launch more UK connections. Next one maybe MAN, EDI or BHX. Though I won't be surprised if they consider SEN too.

    Anyway congrats LJU! <3 <3

    1. Anonymous15:31

      MAN or anywhere north of Luton would be an improvement!

    2. Anonymous15:49

      Inex already have seasonal flights to MAN. I suggest DUB instead.
      Anyway Brits love Yugoslavia. Look at Montenegro and the UK invasion this summer!

    3. Anonymous16:26

      "Inex"? "Yugoslavia"? So time travel *is* possible. ;)

    4. Anonymous19:07

      DUB is only Ryan's base. Easy and Wizz are not welcome there.

  2. Anonymous15:24

    Does anybody know what were the loads? Since flights are in the system only until the beginning of november it seems that the loads are not sufficent enough for year-round flights...

    1. Anonymous15:40

      Anon 15:24 cool down a little, first flight took off just two hours ago. How do you imagine EZY knows in advance the FINAL loads in the following months ? Your question is absolutely premature ! By sheer coincidence ?!

    2. Anonymous15:50

      1st flight have 79% LF

    3. Thanks! Its not even bad if the first flight had a 79% LF.
      Was the the inbound or outbound LF?

    4. Anonymous17:08

      Slovenian media reports that flights will end on November 10th and return next summer season if the loads are good.

    5. Anonymous18:07

      RTV reports that route should go year-round next year.

    6. Anonymous18:48

      Inbound 145
      Outbound 139

      So nice load for first flight

  3. Anonymous21:46

    Cool thing is that starting February 2019, London will be operated to both LGW and STN - 11 weekly + 4 weekly W6 to LTN brings the total to 15 weekly, which is amazing!! Total: 3 airports.

    Here is a comparison with other cities (February 2019):

    BEG: 10 weekly - JU to LHR daily and W6 to LTN 3 pw
    ZAG: 9 weekly - only LHR - BA - 5 pw + OU 4 pw
    PRN: 5 weekly - only LTN - W6
    SKP: 4 weekly - only LTN - W6

    So, LJU definitely is much more ahead compared to the rest. Good job.

    1. Anonymous07:18

      This summer season (but not peak season july/avg) LJU has 10 STN, 4 LGW and 4 LTN flights. So we can expect 18 flights again.

    2. ahahahaha well, well... but u forgot to say that ONLY LONDON is that well served from LJU. One well served route DOES NOT make LJU superior to any of the above mentioned airports. We keep waiting for more LCC routes, every single yr (summer) we hope for something new, but if we are 100% honest with ourselves, little has changed in the last few yrs. LJU got first LCC to LONDON already 10 yrs ago (ok, now we got 3 airports, but still...this doesnt make LJU much much better connected to the world), same with CRL (probably close to 10 yrs ago as well). So what has LJU got in the last 10 yrs (Regarding LCC)? HV to AMS last yr and U2 to Berlin yesterday (with still no news about winter schedule). So, all over, quite sad n disappointing.

    3. Anonymous15:46

      What's wrong with you? He started the convo with stats about London flight.... Jeez...

  4. Anonymous10:54

    do we know what new LCC and JP flights are planned for 2019 out of LJU? as VLM will finish flights to MBX to not propiate sales method couldnt get the trust of the local population... will JP or some other airline company return/start from MBX? And as JP is getting SAABs is there something going on starting charter flights to POW?

    1. JP said they are not interested in MBX


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