EX-YU airlines handle 2.8 million passengers

The national carriers from the former Yugoslavia handled over 2.8 million passengers during the first half of the year, representing an increase of 2.4% on 2017. Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways and Montenegro Airlines all recorded growth when compared to last year, while Air Serbia's figures declined, with the airline also operating fewer flights.

Air Serbia continues to maintain its position as the busiest national airline in the former Yugoslavia, despite a drop in the number of passengers handled. According to Belgrade Airport's half-yearly report, the airline welcomed roughly 1.076.000 travellers during the first half of the year, representing a decrease of 6%. The number of operated flights was reduced by 5% over the same period. The report suggests that the airline held a passenger share of 43.7% at Belgrade Airport. At the same time, foreign carriers recorded significant passenger growth amounting to 19%. Air Serbia itself is yet to publish any official operational results for the year so far.

Croatia Airlines handled 949.007 passengers on board its aircraft during the January - June period, an increase of 5.1%. Of those, 235.040 travellers were carried on domestic flights, up 5.4%, while 690.709 passengers flew on international services, an improvement of 4.3%. The remaining 23.258 passengers were carried on charter flights, up 30.7% year-on-year. However, charters accounted for only 2% of overall traffic. The airline operated 12.802 flights during the first half of the year, which is up 0.9% compared to the same period in 2017. The average cabin load factor stood at 70.9%, up 1.3 points. Loads improved on international flights by 1.3 points for an average of 71.2%, while on domestic services they were up half a point to 67.9%. Passenger carrying capacity, measured in Available Seat Kilometres (ASKs), stood 992 million, up 2.5% year-on-year.

EX-YU national airlines, passengers carried in H1 2018

AirlinePAX (million)Change (%)
Air Serbia1.07 6.0
Croatia Airlines0.949 5.1
Adria Airways0.576 8.5
Montenegro Airlines0.250 9.0

Adria Airways welcomed 576.377 passengers on board its aircraft during the first half of the year, representing an increase of 8.5%. Following a decrease in figures during January and February, the airline returned to growth from March, with double digit growth registered from May onwards. The Slovenian carrier introduced seven new routes this summer, while the number of operated flights grew 2%. Unlike last year, the airline no longer maintains services out of its former base in Lodz in Poland but is gearing up to station an aircraft in Padeborn in Germany in late October. Earlier this year, the carrier said, "Figures show we are on the right track, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us".

Montenegro Airlines handled 250.296 passengers during the first half of the year, representing an increase of 9% on 2017. The number of operated flights grew 6.6% to 3.209. The average cabin load factor improved three points to 65%. "The growth in all of sectors comes as a result of the implementation of the optimal commercial strategy, as well as the responsible planning of resources and costs, which all had a positive impact on our operational results during the first half of the year", the airline said in a statement. Montenegro Airlines accounted for almost a quarter of all passengers passing through the country's two international airports - Podgorica and Tivat.


  1. Anonymous09:01

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous09:04

    How come OU handles so many PAX with 12 aircraft, while JU hast 22 and only slightly more pax?

    1. Anonymous09:06

      JU has 21 aircraft and uses 18 for the majority of the first half.

    2. Anonymous09:06

      JU fleet

      8x A319
      2x A320
      6x Atr
      3x 733
      1x A332

      So 20 aircraft in JU fleet. During winter a lot of them are parked and undergoing regular maintenance. Also, OU Q400 have more seats than JU Atrs.

    3. Anonymous09:08

      What a disaster for Air Serbia at a time of record results for airlines and airports everywhere in Europe and especially in our region....

    4. Anonymous09:08

      JU 20 aircraft
      OU 12 aircraft
      pax difference less than 10%?

    5. Anonymous09:12

      Yes OU dash has 6 more seats than JU´s ATR72. That the difference.

    6. Anonymous09:13

      Truth q400 has only 6 seats more than atr 72

    7. Anonymous09:16

      Yes, I am sure that 6 seats make difference in overall numbers. Does not matter if JU has A332, 2 more A319 than OU and 737, 6 seats in Q400 makes big numbers.

    8. Anonymous09:16

      Air Serbia does not have 22, but 20 planes. In same time Croatia use 2 more CRJ-1000 half of the year from Air Nostrum (so from May to October they have 14 planes in fleet). But still fact you wrote have seance. With 50% bigger fleet Air Serbia has same number of passengers.

    9. Anonymous09:16

      And it is not 6 seats difference issue but q400 is much faster airplane and can do more operations in a day

    10. Anonymous09:17

      And OU has a domestic network. Calculate what the figure would be like without it.

    11. Anonymous09:23

      And ASL has Ethiad behind them. Calculate what the figure would be like without it.

    12. Anonymous09:25

      I think you are mistaken if you think Etihad funnels passengers to Air Serbia.

    13. Anonymous09:27

      I think you are mistaken if you think domestic network makes a huge impact to Croatia Airlines.

    14. Anonymous09:29

      I don't think so. Seems like a sizable number.

      "235.040 travellers were carried on domestic flights"

    15. realan09:30

      To ti je zbog domacih letova! U drugoj polovini godine razlika ce se povecati u korist AS.

    16. Anonymous09:31

      That number is more or less the same YoY and did not contribute to an increase listed above. Pax to Adriatic routes arrive primarily by LCCs and not by OU.

    17. Anonymous09:32

      Growth in domestic passenger numbers was larger than on international network.

    18. Anonymous09:33

      On a much smaller base

    19. Anonymous09:34

      It makes sense OU has such performacne when they have almost no competition when compared to JU at BEG. JU has to compete with a Wizz Air base..

    20. Anonymous09:36

      The baseline for international flights is much larger that the one for domestic flights

    21. Anonymous09:40

      Absolutely not true. Just look at ZAG DBV.

    22. Anonymous10:04

      The same guy asks the same question time and time again but he is not understanding the basics of aviation! It is not the number of aircraft but the number of operations. For example one one Dash plane that makes 5 rotations a day can have 76*2*5=608 PAX every day and if it has an average of 4 rotations a day 7 days a week which is reasonable that is 4256 PAX a week in summer months. On the other hand airbus A330 that has maximum of 6 rotations a week and 256 PAX per plane that is 3072 PAX so a much bigger plane can carry much smaller number of people on weakly basis!!!
      So even thou Air Serbia has much more planes than Croatia Airlines number of operations is not that different! In AERO half year report you can see that number of operations of domestic carriers in first half of the year was 14.000 and that was just 1200 more than Croatia airlines (if we assume all were performed by Air Serbia).
      So 10% more flights 10% more PAX. The most important parameter is not number of PAX but ASK. Air Serbia ASK for 2017 was 4.24 billion with RPK of 3.1 billion. Croatia Airlines at the same time had 2.2 billion ASK in 2017.
      So Air Serbia 20 planes 4.24 ASK and Croatia Airlines 12 planes 2.2 billion ASK!!
      If you don't understand it that you don't understand aviation!

    23. Anonymous10:10


      So ZAG-PUY-ZAD 3 hours is shorter than BEG-BNX-BEG 1:50 hours?
      Or ZAG-SPU 50 minutes is shorter than BEG-TGD 40 minutes?
      Or ZAG-DBV 1:05 hours is shorter than BEG-TIV 40 minutes?
      Or ZAG-SKP 1:20 hours is shorter than BEG-SKP 0:55 minutes?

      Crotia short routes:

      Air Serbia short routes:

      Q400 make 4 rotations per day, same amount as Air Serbia ATR-72. On short routes up to one hour there is no difference.

    24. Anonymous10:24

      This Croatia vs Serbia thing is getting so old and boring. You both have superiority complexes you can't get over.

    25. Anonymous10:24

      I have no idea what you are talking about but ASK in Air Serbia is 4.24 billion and in Croatia Airlines is 2.2 billion!! So 20 planes are flying 2 billion more ASK than Croatia Airlines 12 planes 2.2 billion ASK! Rout to rout compare is irrelevant here when the summary tells the story!

    26. Anonymous10:51

      Why not just look at the average lf?

    27. Anonymous11:18

      BEG ATH is a short sector? Block time is 01.40 so longer than ZAG-MUC,FRA,ZRH,PRG...

    28. Anonymous11:37

      Yes, it is short. ZAG-PRG id 1:20, ZAG-ZRH 1:35. Just 5 minutes shorter than BEG-ATH.

      And for sure one route does not make difference. Air Serbia does not so many more long routes than Croatia, and Croatia does not have more short routes.

      Please check this list even if you put BEG-ATH out.

    29. Anonymous11:38

      Conveniently we forget routes like Belgrade-Beirut, Belgrade-Larnaca, Belgrade-Tel Aviv...

    30. Anonymous11:40

      Or Belgrade-Moscow and unless something major changes we will count LHR as well. All depends when OU will sell the remaining slots.

    31. Anonymous11:41

      JU also has many charters to Egypt.

    32. Anonymous11:53

      It doesn't matter just number of routes but frequencies also and most Croatia Airlines frequencies are for short routes like Dubrovnik (34), Split(33), Pula(13), Zadar(13), Vienna(12), Zurich(14), Munich(14), Frankfurt(21), Sarajevo(13), Skopje(12)... All numbered frequencies are 179 weekly rotations what out of 268 weekly rotations from Zagreb represents 67% of all rotations and their average distance is 395 km per rotation!
      On the other hand Air Serbia most frequent routs are Amsterdam(10), Athens(15), Bucharest(8), Ljubljana(12), London(9), Milan(8), Moscow(10), Paris(13), Podgorica(21), Skopje(13), Tirana(9), Tivat(21), Vienna(14), Zagreb(10), Zurich(17)... All numbered frequencies are 204 weekly rotations what out of 333 weekly rotations from Belgrade represents 61% of all rotations and their average distance is 720 km per rotation... Small difference... 720 vs 395... And that is for Air Serbia without New Yourk...

    33. Anonymous11:58

      The only numbers of interest are revenues and EBITDA

    34. Anonymous12:37

      Again, so Zagreb-London and Split-London LGW are much shorter than Belgrade-London?

      Belgrade-Podgorica with 21 frequencies is much shorter and so big quantity than Zagreb-Split with 33 frequencies.

      And Croatia is not flying to Helsinki, Oslo, St.Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Dublin?

      And 61% is so better number then 67% to justified 50% more planes in fleet?

      Air Serbia have charters? What about Croatia charters to from Split to Harstad/Narvik, Kristiansund, Luleå, Örnsköldsvik, Östersund, Skellefteå, from Dubrovnik to Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, from Zagreb-Mostar to Beiruth.

      This with distance is hilarious! really 395? Really 720! Hahahaha!

    35. Anonymous12:47

      Hahaha, good Joke with the domestic network :D JU has TIV and TGD which ist quasi a domestic route. Nontheless then we should then consider American Airlines and Delta all without their domestic networks as this does not count :D

      Fact is OU has slightly less PAX than JU with almost 10 less aircraft and much more competition aound.

    36. Anonymous12:53

      What competition? In Zagreb, it competes against virtually no low cost airline

    37. Anonymous13:17

      @ Anon. 12:53 - Just one litte example: ZAG is the only Point of interest in Croatia. While in the past passengers flew for example LON-ZAG-SPU. they can now fly 10 time a day between these cities nonstop.

      When A3 started direct flights between ZAG-ATH, JU lost transfer pax. No competition? Think in broader terms.

      And you are asking what competition?

    38. Anonymous13:23

      Are you seriously comparing that to JU in BEG which has to compete on a daily basis with two Wizz A320s? On top of that BEG is also currently seeing increasing flights by easyJet which makes JU's life much more difficult. On how many routes from ZAG does OU face hostile competition on? AMS and LHR from the top of my head... now be a sweetheart and do the same comparison for JU-BEG.

    39. Anonymous13:24

      As for Aegean in Zagreb, they are a joke with their two weekly Q400 which won't operate for most winter anyway. They are a seasonal airline there like a lot of others.

    40. Anonymous13:31

      Yes serious, do they need 21 planes to compete with W6? Probably not, should just lower their prices and costs, which is hard having 21 planes and sit them around in winter like the JFK bird.

    41. Anonymous13:46

      You can repeat and count what ever you like and number all those destinations but in the end numbers don't lie. If you don't know what is ASK go and check on internet I have no intention in explaining it to you!! If Air Serbia has almost double ASK compared to Croatia Airlines with only 10% more rotations that means that they are flying longer routs...
      So compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges... You can not count number of aircraft and number of PAX and draw a conclusion and you know it. Nowhere in your post you ever once mentioned ASK and influence of it but repeat constantly time after time some random destinations... IT SHOWS NOTHING...
      To make your life easier I calculated for you all the destinations for Air Serbia and Croatia Airlines for this summer season... Average distance per flight for Air Serbia is 936 km and for Croatia Airlines 660 km. So 936/660=1.42 so average distance per regular flight in is almost 42 % further than for Croatia Airlines... This is even without charters that are the most for Antalia which is 1245 km away from Belgrade which is farther than average distance for Air Serbia...
      So don't ever compare number of aircraft and number of PAX to see which operator is better .

    42. Anonymous13:58

      ASK = SEATS * DISTANCE FLOWN = with JFK and 220 seats in one direction JU has overall longer routes and more ASK.

      JU has also more bigger planes- fly 150 seats between BEG and ARN or fly 100 seats between ZAG and AR

      JU will have many more ASKs on this route as it uses a 150 seater. And JFK is quite significant in that calculation as it uses a big plane * long distance. At the end of the first half year OU trasported 0,95 mio guests, while JU transported 1,07 whic is 57.000 more guests with 7 planes more regardless of the ASKs.

    43. Anonymous14:18

      You just don't get it...
      ASK in New York just 0.13 % of ASK of Air Serbia in 2017... Sorry... no huge impact on ASK...
      Number of operations is something that you just don't want to see and keep repeating the same thing!
      There is just a limited amount of time a plane can fly daily so if it flies longer it can make less rotations... Shorter routs more pax with same aircraft... Difference in number of operations between Air Serbia and Croatia Airlines is just 10% and difference in ASK is almost double! Difference in size of a plane is small cause Q400 are larger than ATR but Air Serbia has more A319 and B737 (which basically do not fly in winter...).
      Conclusion - Comparing PAX number just to number of aircraft in one company - meaningless...

    44. Anonymous15:00

      it can never be 0,13% of all ASKs- never.

    45. Anonymous15:09

      it can never be double ASKs between OU and JU.

    46. Anonymous15:38

      Sorry my bad ASK on New York rout is 694.24 million ASK...
      But it is still huge difference in ASK even without New York.
      Air Serbia ASK (without New York) - 3.54 billion. (20 planes)
      Croatia Airlines - 2.2 billion. (14 planes)
      Huge difference...
      And if you add New York difference is double sorry...
      Quick search on this site about financial results of the two companies can show you everything that you need...

      Even here you can see how a small Q400 can actually have more PAX a year than A330... So since A330 does about 4 rotations a week during year (4*2*256*52=106.496 seats/year) while Q400 can make basically 3 rotations a day whole year (3*2*76*365=166.440 seats/year). I even increased number of operations by A330 and lowered by Q400 but what the hell... Difference 166.440/106.496 = 56% more seats on Q400.

      Basics is this, you asked a question "How come OU handles so many PAX with 12 aircraft, while JU hast 22 and only slightly more pax?" (even tho question has false information...)

      And you got the answer that you obviously don't like... Sorry but no point in talking to you any more...

    47. Anonymous16:11

      Are you really now comparing ONE Dash with the single A330 JU has?

      JU obviously has also some ATRs which do the same rotations a day a Dash makes by flying to VIE, ZAG, TGD, SKP, SJJ, TIV, SOF, LJU etc. which also adds up doing a lot of opersations, still not as productive obviously to cover up the difference in PAX numbers.

      Air Serbia ASK (without New York) - 3.54 billion. (20 planes)
      Croatia Airlines - 2.2 billion. (14 planes) ==> 13 Planes on a yearly basis.

      30% less Pax on 60% more ASK ==> an effect of bigger planes and more frequencies on certain routes by JU- A320 double daily to ATH or ZRH adds a lot of ASKs but do not bind the aircraft so it can only fly one rotation a day- instead the Dash on ZAG-BRU for example which binds the Aircraft for 6 hours a day. JU has bigger ASKs because it flies bigger Aircraft in more frequencies on a route but carries less PAX per AC.

    48. Anonymous16:14

      ASK = number of seats available * kilometres flown

      A330 = 254 seats
      BEG-JFK 7260km
      Average 4 weekly

      Total = 7,376,160

      Q400 = 76 seats
      ZAG-DBV = 395 km
      Average 21 weekly


      Of course it's much better having 1 sole A330 flying long 4 weekly compared to 1 smaller one doing 3 rotations.

      End of BEG vs ZAG

    49. Anonymous16:36

      So you do get it!!!! Congratulations!!

      Please don't write stupid questions like "How come OU handles so many PAX with 12 aircraft, while JU hast 22 and only slightly more pax?" any more cause it has a huge difference on the type of aircraft, destinations it is flown, number of rotations etc...

      All the best...

  3. Anonymous09:12

    ZAG grew by 11% and OU only 2%. What's going on there?

    1. Anonymous09:14

      OU has the same fleet and almost no new routes out of ZAG, so pax number stagnating is reality.

    2. Anonymous10:11

      BEG grow 7% but JU is 6% in minus. What's going on?

      By the way, Croatia had 5,1% grow.

    3. Anonymous10:13

      If you read the article and took a long breath before your nationalistic nerve popped you would find your answer that foreign carriers grew 19%.

    4. Anonymous12:50

      since we cannot find the same numbers for ZAG in the article, we may assume that foreign carriers grew much more in ZAG.

    5. Anonymous13:59

      Well if ZAG is growing three times faster than OU, you don't really need a physics degree to work out that it's foreign carriers that are growing.

  4. Anonymous09:14

    Honestly I was expecting much bigger growth from Adria. They launched 7 new routes!

    1. Anonymous09:26


    2. Anonymous09:28

      LJU is actually small market and lot of new launched routes are operated with smaller aircrafts. Also, some flights were cancelled, I am not suprised with their numbers.

    3. Anonymous09:45

      Adria stopped their 4th wave. there are no evening flights to SKP,PRN,TGD ...

    4. Anonymous09:51

      The new routes were launched last March...it's still too early....

    5. Anonymous09:57

      0.4% growth in July was stunning

    6. Anonymous10:14

      They fly those flights with Carpatair F100 and other big planes (even 737-400 was leased), not with Saab 2000. And it is not 7, but 8 new routes as Ljubljana-Kiev was opened this winter. On top of new routes they made increase of their frequencies on many routes.

  5. Anonymous09:14

    So in the end Montenegro Airlines improved the most.

    1. Anonymous09:52

      Thanks to its restructuring, YM was the best performer in the region....

  6. Anonymous09:17

    I read this as a proof that OU is quite efficient in their operations.

  7. Anonymous09:19

    Not hitting our ears hard enough i guess.

  8. realan09:26

    Nadoknadice to AS u drugoj polovini godine i imace priblizno isti broj putnika kao i prosle godine. Mislim da su isli na povecanje LF ove god. a da sledece krece expanzija,a po nekim najavama mozda vec i na jesen krenu sa novim destinacijama.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      Uspije li ASL ostvariti ekspanziju u vrijeme kad je Ethiad u problemima to će biti sjajan dokaz sposobnosti managementa kompanije.

    2. Anonymous09:31

      Planira se neka ekspanzija?

    3. realan09:38

      Spominju se Toronto,Cikago i Kairo,pa videcemo?

    4. naysmith je tu do kraja godine, a onda naša vlada treba da izabere budućeg CEO-a
      tako da ne znam da li možemo tokom sledećih... pa makar godinu dana očekivati neke spektakularne poteze

      inače šta je sa a320neos? jel će biti water cannon salute-a na tesli do kraja godine?

    5. Anonymous09:48

      ASL prikuplja snagu za novi iskorak. Vidimo da se nabavljaju nove letjelice. Biti će i novih linija.

    6. Anonymous10:15

      Koje nove letjelice? Uzimaju jedan A319, a vračaju dva do kraja godine. Da bi bili na nuli moraju uzeti još jedan avion. Plus nadoknada za dva prizemljena 737.

    7. Anonymous10:17

      Nisu prizemljena vec penzionisani. Postoji razlika. Prizemljeni avioni su kada Croatia Airlines nema mehanicare da popravi motore. Penzionisani su kada su zavrsili svoj radni vek.

    8. Anonymous10:21

      Pa jedan je prizemljen jel se vratio u dva mjeseca top sezone, a i drugi se još uvijek u registru vodi kao aktivan. Dakle za sada su prizemljeni.

    9. Anonymous10:23

      Siguran sam da si ti proveravao srpski registar ;)

    10. Anonymous11:37

      Da. A ti?

  9. Anonymous09:28

    Air Serbia has much longer sector lenght i.e making more money.

    1. Anonymous10:19

      Which one exempt New York?

      Croatia longer routes
      + charters from Split and Dubrovnik to United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

      So, what are exactly those number of longer routes Air Serbia have with 50% more planes?

    2. Anonymous10:21

      How on earth is Zagreb-LHR, ZAG-AMS, ZAG-BRU, ZAG-CPH, ZAG-ARN, ZAG-CDG longer routes than the same ones from Belgrade?

    3. Anonymous10:32

      Croatia Airlines ASK - 2.2 billion in 2017 - 14 panes
      Air Serbia ASK - 4.24 billion in 2017 - 21 planes

    4. Anonymous11:17

      Actually they are losing money.

    5. Anonymous13:02

      ASK- AVAILABLE SEAT KILOMETRE - FLY 100 km with 1 Plane * 100 Seats = 100*100 = 10.000AKS

      What is your argument?- JU has more planes in use thus with exactly the same routes would have double ASKs but they fly JFK which is the big adder of ASK. (Capacity * Sector Length).

    6. Anonymous14:08

      You forgot to add number of operations!!! It makes a crucial difference!!!
      Croatia Airlines 27.491 OP - 2.2 billion ASK
      Air Serbia 31.188 OP - 4.24 billion ASK (New York rotations in 2017 = 375 which is 5.34 million ASK which is just 0.13 % of all ASK in Air Serbia so meaningless...)
      Conclusion - Air Serbia - longer routs.
      In the end my argument is Air Serbia longer routs smaller number of rotations per plane and the same block hour flown per plane results in just 22.8 % more PAX in 2017 (2.617 vs 2.13)... Get it?

  10. Anonymous09:38

    Where are people who were saying Air Serbia has a monopoly in Belgrade? :P

    1. Anonymous11:41

      With dumping in 2014 and 2015 that was like that. In that time they had 55% share and many other airlines cut frequencies and routes. But when they start to cut routes and put prices up, that is not fact any more. And for sure you can not read this any more. Not even here.

  11. Anonymous09:54

    I cannot believe that OU and JP have almost the same share of passengers....simply incredible!!!

    1. Anonymous15:53

      Ahahahaha na cemu si? Procitaj jos jednom i ponovi. Na glas. Bit ce ti jasnije.

  12. Anonymous10:02

    Air Serbia's new business model and product obviously a miss with passengers.

    1. Anonymous10:27

      Maybe, but if they saw a 6% decrease in pax while reducing their operational costs by, say, 15%, and increasing ancillary revenue at the same time, it was a good call overall.

    2. Anonymous11:17


  13. Anonymous10:03

    When you combine it all together, it is a really poor figure for four airlines,

  14. Anonymous10:09

    Great to see Adria performing well. If they play it smart with the Saabs, numbers will be even better.

  15. Anonymous10:15

    It's very difficult to say who's the new regional leader airline, having seen those figures...there's definitely a tie between JU and OU. However JP is growing too...

    1. Anonymous10:27

      But, don't forget, how many flights OU cancelled during first half of the year..

    2. Anonymous10:28

      How is it difficult? JU has more pax, more routes and a long-haul destination. There is literally no competition.

    3. Anonymous11:42

      Not so many more pax, just one flight more per week this summer, no membership in alliance. Well????

    4. Anonymous12:26

      At least they are not striking and have enough mechanics to service the planes.

    5. Anonymous14:00

      Did you know that OU isn't a full but 'regional' partner of Star Alliance?

    6. Anonymous14:05

      regional what??? :D

    7. Anonymous14:10


    8. Anonymous14:41

      Oh, so in the end ZAG is considered a regional hub, or...?

    9. Anonymous17:16

      Yes just look at its airport.

  16. Anonymous10:43

    At the end of the day BEG and its catchment area win as no one is affected by JU incompetence. This winter this becomes especially apparent. I don't know what they plan to do in Vienna with Wizz launching INI and OS increasing BEG to 19 weekly plus they already scheduled a lot of A319 and A320 for the winter season.

  17. Anonymous11:38

    I find this tragic considering the fact that we’re talking about a market of more than 20 million people. Imagine how many passengers JAT would be handling if there wasn’t for what happened in the 90’s

    1. Anonymous12:22

      The market is much more than 20 million. There is nothing stopping let's say JP or OU to operate other flights either inside EU or in/from EU to other countries. Look at W6, Hungarian market isn't the largest, yet they have 100+ aircraft.

      I know LCC vs "legacies", but money is money. Limiting oneself by some borders that are long gone in business terms and not expanding to the market which has room for expansion is crazy. But we are in the Balkans, so...

    2. Anonymous12:28

      W6 is "Hungarian", but only on paper.

    3. What happened in Bulgaria or Romania in the 1990's or the Czech/Slovak Republics? Their national airlines haven't done much better. Its an East European/former communism mentality problem. War finished over 20 years ago, can't be an excuse anymore.

    4. Anonymous14:16

      O cemu lupetas? Ostrijan bankrotirao, Swiss i Sabena takodje sve vadi ih LH, a Malev zato otisao sa liste kompanija. Nemci cuvaju svoje, Istocno Evropljani nemaju stampariju para. Wizz se peru pare.

    5. u wizzu se peru pare? hahahaha dobar, dobar

    6. Anonymous14:26

      Kad naucis nesto o investicijama ...

    7. Anonymous14:45

      W6 is considered Hungarian and JU Serbian but the money is a total different story, but lets not enter in details...

    8. u kojim vi svetovima živite bogte. nadam se da ne živite od avijacije

    9. zapravo poslednji put sam imao ovako kvalitetnu raspravu sa čovekom koji mi je tvrdio da je vlasnik celog manhattana zapravo britanska kraljica