Ljubljana Airport readies for new terminal

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is expected to start work on the construction of its new terminal building by the end of the year in order for it to open its doors to the public in time for the 2020 summer season. The Maribor-based Plan B Architects have been commissioned to design the new terminal. The company recently completed the structure's design (pictured), while a tender call for the facility's construction is expected soon. Stretching over 10.000 square metres, it will feature a new departures hall with 22 check-in counters, five security lanes, three baggage reclaim carousels, a new baggage sorting area, a large duty free shop, a new premium lounge, as well as new food and beverage facilities.

Initial construction work will involve the demolition of the old administrative building, which is expected to take place during the fourth quarter of the year, while the construction of the new terminal will be carried out mostly during 2019. The existing passenger terminal, which stretches over 13.000 square metres, will also be partially renovated. The two facilities will be joined to form a single functioning unit. “The new terminal will allow us to serve peak traffic periods better, as well as future-proof the airport for the next fifteen to twenty years, resulting in an improved experience for passengers and airlines", Ljubljana Airport's General Manager, Zmago Skobir, said recently. The new terminal will significantly boost capacity from 500 to 1.280 passengers per hour.

Meanwhile, Ljubljana Airport's operator, Fraport Slovenia, saw its net profit surge over 100% during the first half of the year to 3.1 million euros. Revenue increased by 18.9% to 22 million euros, while earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) grew by 50.9% to 8.6 million euros. As previously reported, Ljubljana Airport handled a total of 831.195 travellers during the first half of the year, which is up 15% on 2017. Growth was fuelled by the launch of seven new routes by Adria Airways, as well as improved passenger numbers on almost all other flights, with exception to Vienna, Belgrade and London Gatwick.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Things are really looking up for Ljubljana with Adria expanding, foreign airlines expanding and the new terminal. Congrats.

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Looks nice.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    It's been a long time coming but I'm glad there will be some new construction work in Ljubljana.

    1. Anonymous09:07

      I mean Ljubljana Airport not Ljubljana city. Plenty of development there :)

    2. Anonymous09:13

      Will there be a railway connection to the downtown area?

    3. Anonymous09:27

      No railway, we are aiming for Virgin Hyperloop One :)

    4. Anonymous10:02

      Railway connection through Kamnik is being investigated. Still many years away though.

    5. Anonymous10:28

      Hope so. I mean, even poorer VNO has a railway link from the airport to the town and costs 0.70€ and takes 7 minutes from the airport to town! Crazy, right? I mean they used to be part of the USSR anyway..


    6. Anonymous18:50

      How's that a bad thing?

    7. Aэrologic18:54

      Former USSR was a lot more developed in terms of infrastructure than ex-Yu.

  4. Anonymous09:08

    How much does it cost?

    1. Anonymous10:00

      Last number floating around was 24 million EUR. The final cost will be known after the tender is completed later this year.

  5. Anonymous09:08

    Good. A new terminal has been needed for 20 years already...

  6. Anonymous09:10

    "With exception to Vienna, Belgrade and London Gatwick"

    Why the drop?

    1. Anonymous09:12

      Because there are more and more nonstop flights from Ljubljana, meaning people don't have to transfer through either VIE or BEG.

    2. Anonymous10:00

      That is bad news for JU.

    3. Nemjee10:14

      Air Serbia does very well in Ljubljana, they are making good money on the route thanks to business passengers who are buying same day return tickets which tend to be very expensive.

      Unfortunately Air Serbia had to reduce LJU as they don't have enough Atrs to maintain double daily flights. Also, if I am not mistaken, two weekly flights were reduce to make room for Venice. The other two weekly came from Zagreb.

      All in all, JU does really well in Ljubljana, both in terms of finances and loads.

    4. Anonymous10:24

      Well, as far as I remember JP dropped BEG in favour of JU and they code-shared instead. Yet again, BEG-LJU needs to become double daily for business travellers. Now that the JP Saabs are officially arriving next month, I hope they resume flights to BEG and increase existing routes to the Balkan capitals cementing its regional position.

    5. Anonymous10:28

      How come the LGW's numbers dropped?

    6. I hope JP starts BEG flights (with Saabs) and keeps the codeshare agreement with JU. Maybe they should try INI (like many have suggested already) 3x/week. Lets wait for the winter schedule.

    7. Anonymous13:23

      Even you Slavio agree that LJU-INI is a very potential route. Only concern is that JP already flies to the busy trio: PRN, SKP and SOF. But the area is densly populated anyway and INI is a large city so there is a chance.

    8. I think they could get some acceptable deal at INI and give it a try. They should go for transf pax.

    9. Anonymous13:54

      Yes, just like when YM used to fly daily via its TGD hub. Time will show if they consider INI and include it in their future expansions.

    10. Nemjee14:12

      BEG-LJU dropped from 13.532 to 12.700 in Q1 this year. BEG still managed to outperform VIE (12.561), WAW (11.403), TGD (10.583) and TIA (9.826)

      From those numbers we can see that JU had roughly 40 to 45 passengers per flight in Q1. I think the market is nowhere close to needing another carrier.

    11. Anonymous15:11

      Oh wow that's a 6% decrease. Could you please post the busiest routes from LJU? Hvala.

    12. Nemjee16:12

      Sure thing. I am going to post this year's April with the last one next to it.

      1. LJU-IST -14.271 (12.766)
      2. LJU-FRA - 13.160 (9.781)
      3. LJU-STN - 12.083 (9.412)
      4. LJU-CDG - 10.177 (7.700)
      5. LJU-AMS - 9.883 (6.844)
      6. LJU-ZRH - 9.073 (9.586)
      7. LJU-MUC - 8.236 (6.675)
      8. LJU-TIA - 7.037 (5.379)
      9. LJU-BRU - 6.669 (6.266)
      10. LJU-VIE - 5.722 (5.336)
      11. LJU-LGW - 5.600 (5.167)
      12. LJU-BEG - 5.212 (5.241)
      13. LJU-LTN - 5.055 (5.518)
      14. LJU-TGD - 4.905 (2.837)
      15. LJU-WAW - 4.703 (4.220)

      Interesting that LGW, BEG and VIE have more or less started to recover in April. I am still surprised/impressed that IST keeps on performing so well. If this trend continues it will be, once again, the busiest destination out of Ljubljana.

    13. Anonymous16:40

      According to these figures, technically London, just like many east EU capitals is number 1. Because STN + LTN + LGW are London so 12,083 + 5,055 + 5,600 = 22,783.
      LJU is one of the few ex-YU capitals connected to 3 London airports.

    14. Anonymous16:46

      Is TK really increasing LJU? Maybe it could become their top destination in ex-YU?

    15. Anonymous16:51

      but where are SKP&PRN?

    16. Anonymous17:08

      Here are the new TK Balkan capitals adjustments for summer 2019 schedule:

      SJJ-IST: 3 daily (from current 11 weekly) - highest number in all ex-Yu
      SKP: IST: 16 weekly (increase from 2 daily)
      BEG-IST: 2 daily (no change)
      ZAG-IST: 2 daily (no change)
      LJU-IST: 2 daily (no change)
      PRN-IST: 2 daily (increase from current 11 weekly)
      DBV-IST: 11 weekly! (no change)
      TGD-IST: 2 daily (increase from current 11 weekly)

      Interesting non-ex trends:

      OTP-IST: 3 daily (no change)
      SOF-IST: 3 daily (increase from 18 weeklly)
      VAR-IST: 11 weekly no longer linked to CND
      CND:IST: 2 weekly no longer via VAR
      TIA-IST: 2 daily (no change)

    17. Anonymous17:11

      No, Duborvnik will be double daily


    18. Anonymous17:21

      SKP 18 weekly

    19. Nemjee17:44

      Regardless of the number of flights, the biggest markets from IST are BEG, SJJ, SKP, PRN, LJU and ZAG.

      As for the Balkans it's ATH, OTP & BEG.

    20. Nemjee17:45

      ...and TGD at the bottom. I can't remember about DBV.

    21. Anonymous18:02

      BEG would be 18 as well and maybe some flights on widebody in winter as well.

    22. Anonymous19:21

      Nemjee, do you also have figures for most unserved routes from LJU?

    23. Nemjee20:20

      Sorry, don't have those. :)

  7. Anonymous09:11

    The rivalry with ZAG is increasing with every single year. LJU decided to take a serious move with all those developments. I would not be surprised if JP goes long-haul within 5 years or we see long-hauls to Japan, Australia, US or Canada.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      JP with long hauls??? Are you serious or trolling.

    2. Anonymous09:20

      Anon 9:11


    3. Anonymous09:31

      Why not, DC6 needs just a "slight" update, fill the tanks and off we go...

    4. Anonymous09:32

      Why so sarcastic? JP can order A321LR and launch flights to YUL, EWR or PHL just like Primera Air. Late afternoon departures to ensure full network connection coverage.

    5. Anonymous09:55

      What a great idea! They might as well order a few A380s to serve LAX, SIN, NRT, and base 1 in MBX for flights to China.

    6. Anonymous10:00

      No need for A380, not the most economical aircraft. You can easily fly to China with those brand new Saab 2000s. Couple of technical stops and opportunities for pax to see some of the world along the way to their destination :)

    7. Anonymous10:32

      A380 is not a good option, A321LR is. S200 is an excellent Swedish product just like Ikea, Spotify, Ericsson, Volvo and so many Swedish products and will act like a feeder.
      SLO is a rich country and can allow itself A321LR. I am sure JP will consider long-haul after 2020 when the modern terminal is completed.

    8. Anonymous10:46

      God forbid somebody mentions long-haul which is neither BEG nor ZAG.

    9. Anonymous12:47

      Because they are really the only ones that have potential for long-haul (except for some coastal airports seasonally).

    10. Anonymous13:08

      Nope, LJU has charters from Japan so this indeed is long-haul.
      A possible solution is to convert LJU into a cargo long-haul hub similar to LUX or ZAZ.
      Sadly, there is currently no cargo, regional hub in CE + Balkans except IST.

    11. Anonymous13:19

      Forget about long-haul cargo hub. High terrain north-west of the airfield and uncontrolled airspace don't allow straight-in approaches from the west. I don't see a 747 or 777 doing circling approaches. Add to that the extremely-complaining local residents living in nearby villages and you see it's not feasible at the moment.

      However, get rid of the uncontrolled airspace, convince local residents not to complain about noise and extend the runway by 300-400m and we can start talking about cargo hub.

    12. Anonymous13:32

      Viable and accurate thoughts, thanks. I had no clue about the approach issues in the airport.
      The current LJU runway is quite decent 3,300m while BEG has 3,400 so I wouldn't see this an issue.

      The current cargo hubs have:

      LUX: 4,002m
      ZAZ: 3,718m
      LEJ: 2 runways 3,600m each

      But yeah, I get your point about those 400m. Shouldn't be a big deal extending it after the terminal works are over.

    13. Anonymous15:24

      Don't forget LGG with 3690m and CGN with 3815m. However, the real problem is the terrain around, which limits takeoff performance. Some of that can be compensated with a long runway, but not a lot.

      Looking at ZAG, it would be a much better choice. In the EU, airport in more or less flat area, already relatively long runway, ILS on both sides already (wouldn't take much to upgrade the other side to Cat 3b as well), a lot of room left on east and west side of the airport for expansion...

    14. Anonymous16:43

      Yes, but ZAG is known for it's notorious expensive fees similar to SJJ.
      Business companies are not really a big fan of this. Also belonging to Fraport is more prestigious because of the name something that ZAG doesn't have.
      In this case LJU still gains its regional position.

    15. Anonymous20:53

      The runway at LJU is 3300 long because of elevation giving you a similar takeoff performance as if BEG had 3000m or 2800m.

    16. Anonymous20:59

      Is it because of the mountains, wind or what exactly? Why is LJU''s approach that difficult?

    17. Anonymous07:12

      Cargo business is extremely sensitive when it comes to reliability of dispatch and arrival. For example, if the weather at destination is likely to be out of limits, the aircraft is likely to wait couple of hours at origin airport, because it is much more difficult to arrange ad-hoc transport of let's say 100 tonnes of cargo than 200 pax. That's why all serious cargo hubs need Cat 3 capability from all directions and if you will take a look you will see, most of them have it.

    18. Anonymous14:34

      Novartis, keuhne&nagel. Cargo. Lju cargo has a bright future!

  8. Anonymous09:27

    Any updates on ANA? Will they come?

    1. Anonymous09:31

      Yes, to ZAG. LJU and DBV will remain as seasonal destinations.

    2. Well you can’t know that yet, they are yet to decide LJU or ZAG.

    3. Lepo pozdravljen Nejc!
      Ce bi slovenska stran koncno zares zacela z partnerskim odnosom proti Hrvatski, ce bi zacela gradbo avtoceste proti Reki in koncala gradbo proti Zagrebu na slovenskem ozemlju, in ce bi nehala blokirati hrvaski vhod v Shengen in z tem omogocila boljsi in hitrejsi protok, bo bilo veliko bolj sans za LJU. Pri taksnem stanju, kaksno je danes, menim da bo ANA prisla v ZAG, ker je pet ali sest krat vec Japoncev ki pridejo na Hrvasko v primerjavo z Slovenijo. Opravicujem se za mogoce napake v slovenscini. Zivijo !

    4. Kar se tice partnerskih odnosov med HRV in SLO je trenutno hrvaska tista ki to preprecuje z vsem tem kar se dogaja na nasi obali...

    5. Anonymous15:34

      Boljsi odnos med sosednjima drzavama je vsekakor potreben. Sicer pa vsem navijacem bum turizma; naj se raje ogne Slovenije, ki za enkrat nima ne strategije, niti infrastrukture. Trenutno vseskupaj deluje na kaos.

    6. Sad mi je jasno s kim razgovaram i zao mi je da sam uopce zapoceo razgovor. Hrvatska nema apsolutno nista s onim sto se dogadja na slovenskoj obali. A da slovenski korumpirani politicari nisu pokusali podmititi arbitrazne suce, sve bi vec davno bilo rijeseno. Ionako je arbitraza u korist Hrvatske A ANA dolazi u Zagreb. Jedino sto mi je zao da sam prvi put pisao na slovenskom, ; nisam mislio da razgovaram sa Joskom Jorasom

    7. Anonymous17:18

      @Nejc Bolhar11 August 2018 at 09:53

      Yes, they'll decide on when to start Zagreb service, they won't be coming to Ljubljana year round. Zagreb and Croatia attract far more Japanese visitors and as Rijeka guy said, Schengen shenanigans make things harder for Japanese. Also Japanese company requested slots at Zagreb airport, and initiated talks on new flights. We should know late this year or early next.

      Same goes for Chinese carrier Hainan, they should also announce their flights at about same time. In meantime Zagreb is adding two additional gates and one or two wide body jetways, well one for wide body aircraft with two attachments, the gate can serve two A320 or a single A330/A380/B777/B787...

      New Ljubljana terminal looks better than original design from last year, also larger, I think it is larger than 10 000sqm, could be 20 000sqm. looks to me two levels, 120x100m, could be 17000sqm. I think they should add at least 3 jetways if not 4 at some point in near future once the terminal is completed.

      By 2025 Ljubljana will handle 3.2 million passengers, they'll need a terminal that can handle 5.5 million pax not 2 million which 10 000sqm would be.

    8. Anonymous21:16

      So, what you are trying to tell is that LJU has a great possibility of surpassing ZAG by 2025, right?

    9. Anonymous23:06

      @Anonymous11 August 2018 at 21:16

      At present rate of growth, Zagreb will hit 7 million pax in 2025, Ljubljana 3.2 million.

    10. Anonymous09:14

      At present rate? You mean with EK flying there? ;) We have to wait and see how long they stay there, cuts are already happening. LJU on the other hands keeps on expanding.

    11. Anonymous20:03

      No, with Korean flying to ZAG! ;)

    12. Anonymous20:09

      Anon 9:14, EK is staying during 8 months, don't worry! As for the announcements, for ZAG they are yet to come!

    13. Anonymous16:00

      Jaoo...volim grad koji teče... :)
      Če si Riječani tako zelo želite avtoceste, ki bo povzročala zastoje Čehov, Slovakov, Nizozemcev, ki bodo s polnim prtljažnikom drli k vam, si jo lahko zgradite na lastne stroške. Lahko pa jo zgradijo vaši skorumpirani politiki. Sicer je pa debata o aviaciji, ne o tem, da kot država niste primerni niti za EU, kaj šele schengen in za evroobmočje.

  9. JU520 BEGLAX09:30

    No additional jetbridge gates, absolutely not understandable. But typical German management philosophy: save save save - offering quality to customers is secondary

    1. Anonymous09:46

      From my info they wi build one more

    2. Anonymous09:55

      I am afraid JU520 is right. Nothing mentioned about jetbridges.


      It is projected that the airport will reach 2.2 million by 2025, which I find quite disappointing, tbh.

    3. Anonymous10:01

      It's quite clear the goal is to attract LCCs, which normally aren't too keen on using airbridges, as it slows the turnaround significantly.

    4. Anonymous10:07

      In the latest proposal one new air bridge is indeed planned. More can be added later if needed, but LJU traffic is dominated by Adria's CRJs (and Saab's in the future) where jet bridges are not practical.

    5. Anonymous10:12

      Nothing wrong with LCC. Slovenes deserve to fly for less and have more options.
      I am glad that U2 expanded nice and smooth just like they did in BEG. Their next move is most likely another UK destination such as MAN or BHX.

  10. Anonymous09:41

    Bravo Ljubljana
    Bravo Fraport
    Bravo Europe
    Bravo Capitalism!

    1. Anonymous09:43

      Bravo troll

    2. Anonymous09:48

      Fraport is not only about building new terminals, okay?
      Look elsewhere and you will see how hard they are working to take care of their baby airports. Just look at their Greek airports. KVA has an increase of 67%!!!! LJU stands proudly at 15%.


      Store your bravo comments on the shelf.

    3. Anonymous12:03

      FRAPORT has been delivering excellent results in all of its airports the last few years.
      Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Chile, St. Petersburg, they are all having record traffic numbers.

  11. Anonymous09:41

    how many time they reconstruct ther terminals o_0

  12. Anonymous09:59

    Who offers cerosine in LJU? Petrol only?

    1. Anonymous10:02

      Of course. One fuel supplier, one handling company, so it's not difficult to choose the best provider.

    2. Anonymous10:13

      They are in talks with another supplier specializing in jet fuel, but details are scarce so far. http://www.blog.uporabnastran.si/2018/02/10/petrol-kot-edini-dobavitelj-letalskega-goriva-na-letaliscu-brnik-lju-dobiva-konkurenco-kdo-bo-drugi-dobavitelj-goriva-na-letaliscu-ljubljana/

  13. Anonymous08:47

    Adria has one very comfortable aircraft Fokker100,i enjoy flying as a passenger twice monthly to and from Ljubljana Airport.


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