Montenegro Airlines maintains growth momentum


Montenegro Airlines has continued to record strong passenger growth with the carrier handling 403.000 passengers between January 1 and August 15, representing an increase of 12.6% compared to the same period last year. The airline added an extra 43.000 travellers, while at the same time operating an additional 1.000 flights. During the first half of August the carrier handled 53.000 passengers, up 23% on 2017. The airline has recorded its best average cabin load factor of 95% on services to Belgrade, followed by Ljubljana, Frankfurt and London. "We are aiming at carrying around 620.000 passengers - the size of Montenegro. Our figures so far show we are on target to achieve this or even surpass our expectations", the company's PR manager, Milena Djergović Perunović, said. She added, "Of all the passengers arriving at Montenegro's airports, we carried more than a quarter of them".


  1. Anonymous10:39

    Bravissimo YM!! You are putting to shame the other neighbouring carriers with the super figures!
    Congratulations and thank you for being such an excellent example and reference for the others nearby....

    1. Anonymous11:26

      Puting to shame the other carriers with its smallest fleet and passenger numbers while also posting the biggest losses? And all that just to boost the prestige of the corrupted political elite...
      YM is at best just like the other ex yu carriers...

    2. Anonymous11:37

      I has undergone significant structuring after Daliborka's saga. JU went low cost, JP has staff issues, JP is the winner of cancelled routes so who's left? YM natürlich...

    3. Haha, currently the best example here is jp by making profit,starting new routes,expanding its fleet...

    4. Anonymous13:36

      and yet growth in July was 0.4%

    5. Anonymous13:51

      @Anon at 11:37 JU went low cost? Not at all, JU is not LCC, they only have BoB in common with them. This is LCC:

      Standardization of plane size and seating options,
      Using a reduced seat pitch, if required,
      Fly point-to-point routes in lieu of a hub-and-spoke system,
      Use primarily unserved or underserviced catchment areas and secondary airports,
      Refrain from interline agreements, code-share agreements and the use of travel agencies,
      Sell directly from the Company website,
      Cap full-time employees substantially below that of the mainline carriers,
      Unbundle all items; deploy strategies for maximizing ancillary revenue by selling additional services, such as in-flight food and baggage, to customers.

    6. What are you a hater or something, the reason why there was only 0,4 growth in july is because of crew lack that resulted into flight cancelations not the lack of passengers

    7. Anonymous17:09

      we will see ...

      announcing routes without having crews (if thats the case of 0.4%) is not the "best example"... its the most amateurish example ....

  2. LJU the second busiest route? Wow, JP should start this route ASAP

    1. Anonymous12:15

      JP flies to Podgorica

  3. Ups! I know they were talking about increasing, but Then i think i read some info about the lack of AC, so I made a wrong conclusion flights were cancelled (in fact, frequency has not been increased). Thanks


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