Montenegro Airlines posts record July figures


Montenegro Airlines has recorded strong passenger growth in July by handling 98.297 travellers on board its aircraft, representing an increase of 15% compared to last year. It added an extra 12.854 passengers and maintained flights with six operational aircraft, marking a new record for the company. Routes with the highest average cabin load factor in July were Belgrade and Ljubljana at 88%, followed by Copenhagen at 85%, Moscow at 84% and London with a load factor of 83%.

During the first seven months of the year, Montenegro Airlines handled a record 348.659 passengers, up 10.7% on the same period in 2017. The carrier's CEO, Živko Banjević, said, "These results show that the measures taken by the Montenegrin government and the airline's management in order to restructure the company have been successful and in the line with targets set for 2018". Montenegro Airlines currently maintains flights to 27 destinations in fifteen countries and anticipates welcoming 620.000 travellers by year's end.


  1. Anonymous10:45

    Does anyone know, are they happy with AirX and 9H-OME?

    1. BoeingMaster12:59

      BoeingMaster oR DR. Boeing

      Dear Anonymous

      Montenegro Airlines can't be happy with this aircraft for sure. I don't know any company that would be happy with this flying trouble.
      This aircraft in very poor condition with lot of problems and system failures can only be a bad experiance for company management, crew and most important.. For the pax.
      Maybe this Boeing is good for cargo transport in Africa but for commercial transport definitely not!!!

      Best regards.

  2. Anonymous10:47

    Bravo Crna Gora!

  3. Anonymous10:49

    MGX once again proving to be one of the most successful carriers in ex-Yu.
    Their new Boeing looks very classic and elegant, I love this concept.

    I think they should lease another plane and start doing charters as there is a high demand for them in the Balkans.

    1. Anonymous10:52

      koja patetika

    2. Anonymous10:59

      the Madonna-in-Budva guy :D

    3. Anonymous11:15

      Well she came didn't she? Thanks to people like this, a country becomes popular....or not?
      Anyway, they should also lower the prices a bit. 280€ RT to Europe is just super high.

    4. Anonymous12:09

      Are you the same person that was suggesting that Air Serbia should be charter-focused company? :)

    5. Anonymous12:45

      I can't be omnipresent, sorry.

  4. Anonymous04:17

    Montenegrin avion Boeing 737 Classic series je veoma tih i ima komforna putnicka sjedala, ali ipak Fokker 100 ima malo udobnija putnicka sjedala.

  5. Anonymous14:40

    My experience of flying Montenegro Fokker 100s is on Podgorica-Belgrade flights of about 1 hours duration. It's not a newest plane and the seat pitch is very generous (34 inches) and comfortable.I like this aircraft as a passenger.

  6. Anonymous18:28

    "Routes with the highest average cabin load factor in July were Belgrade and Ljubljana at 88%, followed by Copenhagen at 85%, Moscow at 84% and London with a load factor of 83%."
    These are not great LF for July?!

    1. Anonymous23:32

      How are the new UK routes doing ¿


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