News flash publication notice

Starting August 20, EX-YU Aviation News will publish one news flash item each workday between 10.30 - 11.30 CEST, in addition to the regular feature article published daily at 09.00 CEST. This does not apply in case of any breaking or developing news which will be published immediately. Regular publication of two news flash items each workday resumes on Monday, September 3.


  1. Anonymous09:25

    Thank you for the notification and keep up with the great blog.

  2. I just have one question. Since you refurbished your blog, is there any way to make it easier to follow new comments and replies. Its very untransperant

    1. agree on that. smaller font in comments section would definitely help

    2. Thanks for the feedback. I will try to address those problems.

  3. Anonymous20:48

    Odmori se. Zasluzio si.


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