Niš Airport numbers decline


Niš Constantine the Great Airport has seen its monthly passenger numbers decline slightly for the first time in years. The airport welcomed 31.826 travellers in July, representing a decrease of 1.4% on 2017. It shed 436 passengers compared to last July. The decline comes as a result of the cancellation of several flights due to weather and strikes, as well as the absence of Germania Flug, which maintained services to the city last summer. Overall, during the first seven months of the year, Constantine the Great Airport handled 205.985 travellers, which is up 12% on the same period in 2017. Niš Airport anticipates welcoming up to 400.000 passengers through its doors by year's end. Wizz Air is due to launch a new three weekly service between Vienna and the south-east Serbian city this November with its Airbus A321 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    Weather was really bad last month so no surprise there. I remember once FR was circling for 40 minutes before they managed to land.

    Hope they can make up the difference in August.

    Btw INI also lost EIN.

    1. Anonymous10:44

      But they won an extra flight to ZRH operated by LX.
      What a surprise & pity about EIN, right? :(

  2. Anonymous10:41

    No need to panic and worry. The figures will become green again in November when W6 send their A321. I just discovered that W6 just launched a second Israeli destination to Ovda.
    Maybe INI should be linked to TLV or Jordan?

    1. Anonymous10:57

      It's hard to be linked to TLV or Jordan taking in consideration that only 150 km from it is SOF and they have 21 weekly flights to TLV + winter flights to both Eilat and Aqaba.

    2. Dragana Mirkovic10:59

      Grohotom! (first thing you should discover is where they are allowed to fly)

    3. Anonymous11:03

      How about AMM then? FR opened a base there.

      Or is it a special EU-Jordan Open Skies agreement?

    4. Anonymous11:46

      @Anonymous 9 August 2018 at 11:03
      Of course it is only EU-JORDAN

    5. Anonymous18:12

      We are seeing surge of Israeli visitors in Belgrade, so maybe some will come to Nis and South as well. 2-3 weekly in summer season is quite possible.

  3. Anonymous10:52

    Sobering news. I guess INI haa reached its limits.

    1. Anonymous11:00


      Even the new flight they are getting is already served by FR to BTS. It's ok, they have a nice selection of flights, they should be happy.

    2. Anonymous11:04

      So does this exclude it from becoming an FR or W6 base?

    3. Anonymous11:09

      no but BTS is getting redundant ...

    4. Anonymous11:17

      Nope, I even think FR might increase the frequency to 4 or 5 weekly next spring.

    5. Nemjee11:48

      Or get replaced by Laudamotion from VIE.

    6. Anonymous12:59

      Switzerland, Austrian and Sweden. Gastarbajter routes and thats about it. If we look at the bus carriers, they lose FR and W6 gain, that is it....

    7. Anonymous18:15

      Unfortunately, the Government is preventing the future growth of the airport. With proper investments (by the city, central state, private investor, whomever...) the airport could have become Ryanair base with 1m+ passengers and serve the whole country with frequent bus connections to Belgrade.

  4. Anonymous11:04

    Ma nije ovo nista, bice bolje sledece godine

    1. Anonymous11:07

      Следеће године, LX ће вероватно покренути дневне летове...

    2. Anonymous18:16

      To bi bilo sjajno za citav jug Srbije! Nadam se da ce LH razmotriti da pokrije Nis iz Minhena ili Frankfurta narednih godina.

  5. In Jun State take over Nis airport and right away in July....peak season we have a decline....omg where does it end ! Scum need more money every day....same goes for Croatia Airlines,we never wake uo....we never will and we diserve nothing else !!!!

  6. Anonymous11:17

    Seems like some have missed the memo, the slump occured because of cancellations caused by bad weather.

    1. Anonymous11:25

      A slump is a SLUMP, regardless of what caused it... Bad weather happens and it certainly happende last year as well.

    2. Anonymous11:26

      This is just a cheap excuse invented not to please the SKP crowd.

    3. Anonymous11:47

      The slump was barely over 1%, much less than ZAD's fall for example. INI still managed to record 12% more passengers.

    4. Anonymous11:57

      Both airports are neck to neck.

      2017 final results:

      ZAD 589,841
      INI 331,582

      We will see this year....interesting times ahead!

    5. Much less than ZAD habah. ZAD had decrease of only 0,46% in July

    6. Anonymous12:15

      neck to neck o_0 250 hiljada razlika

    7. Anonymous12:19

      Yes, but ZAD after autumn will go to sleep, while INI will wake up the beast and parade with a second primary destination after ZRH which is VIE.

    8. Anonymous12:54

      ZAD had a 6% drop in April, INI didn't.

    9. Anonymous13:01

      Yes, because more tourists decided to celebrate Easter this year in Nis.

    10. Anonymous15:00

      Anon 12:15 Yes, neck to neck...


      2015 - 36,200
      2016 - 124,917
      2017 - 331,582
      2018 - 400,000 (read article above)


      2015 - 487,652
      2016 - 520,924
      2017 - 589,841
      2018 - 620,000 (projected)

      Therefore 620,000 - 400,000 = 220 thousand and no longer 250 as you mentioned.
      Fact : --> narrower gap i.e. closer i.e. neck to neck

    11. Anonymous15:21

      pravi neck to neck 220 hiljada. Sto sve ne procitas

    12. Anonymous15:38

      Pa jeste primarno jer je ZAD nesposoban da obezbedi rast svakog meseca.

    13. Anonymous15:55

      znaci to se zove neck to neck kad ti treba 50% growth , lol

    14. Anonymous16:44

      First it will be ZAD surpassed and then SKP. Developments take decades to take place and this will happen with INI. Next phase will be concession, terminal expansion and runway expansion, rail connection from the airport to the city town, hopefully. Although a bus is also welcome.

    15. Anonymous22:39

      ...yes, you are right, developments take decades, and that's how long it will take INI to surpass SKP

    16. Anonymous01:24

      8 years and we will see. Besides, SKP destinations are already covered a long time ago.

    17. ok, then i might as well wait for 80 years....

    18. Anonymous16:42

      Nope, you will still be young and see it happen. From INI to the infinity and above....

  7. Anonymous11:44

    I think it's a matter of time that INI will recover. Remember what the airport director said a couple of years ago? The traffic is expected to reach 750,000 by 2021.

    So, simple maths:

    2021 - 750,000
    2022 - 870,000
    2023 - 930,000
    2024 - 1,240,000
    2025 - 1,375,000 (Serbia joins EU)
    2026 - 1,500,000

    In just less than a decade, there will be around 1.5 million pax.

    1. There will be because the crystal ball has spoken...?

    2. Anonymous12:17

      Lol at "Serbia joins EU"

    3. Anonymous12:42

      frishki, not. The facts speak for themselves. There is no need to be jealous about INI's remarkable success.

    4. Um, lol.
      Classic comeback in form of jealousy.

      So, you know how things will play out in the next 8 years?

      Could you tell me next weeks winning lottery numbers, while you're at it? Thanks!

    5. Anonymous13:11

      Good to see you laugh.

      These are projections and predictions based on the current trend. Of course these figures do not include the possible stationment of a permanent aircraft or 2 in INI.

      You are the typical person not saying well done to the GREAT job INI did and the clever introduction of the 3€ tax.

      He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best.

      You laughed first, I will laugh last.

    6. Laugh away, buddy.

      Projections are one thing, reality is the other.
      And if you think you can make projections for up to 8 years - you're delusional.

      But, whatever keeps your boat rocking!

      BTW, I couldn't care less about INI numbers. I'm referring to your predictions and how certain you are in laying them out here.

    7. Anonymous13:20

      Frishki, I don't remember that you said something like that to the Croatian fanboy with crystal ball about Croatia tourist numbers, ZAG numbers, airlines launching ZAG in the next few years (the same guy who said Serbians need a visa to go to Germany)... Btw I'm not the above anon.

    8. Anonymous13:21

      Yes you are expressing pure jealousy and envy.

      INI now has a modern, nice terminal and will become a significant, regional airport.
      It will also be connected to the new highway to SOF ready by 2020 so this means even more passengers, tourists, business and investments.

      These predections don't have to be accurate just orientative.

    9. Again - couldn't care less. But if you'll repeat enough that I'm jealous and envious, you'll convince yourself eventually.
      And your fanboyism is borderline worrying.

      @Anonymous9 August 2018 at 13:20
      I'm sorry I don't reply to each fanboy on here, including the Croatian ones. But, like before, you don't notice when I do. You just choose to ignore it.

    10. Anonymous13:31

      frishki, you have a lot of ex-Yu aviation fans! We just luv your comments.

      Again, sorry to disappoint you about INI facts, but it is here to stay and here to grow and you know that the 1 million mark is not that far away.

    11. Anonymous13:41

      Opet ovaj frishki sa svojim komentarima kao couldn't care less a svaki dan ovde pise svima kako su baba vange ili sta vec.
      Druze ovo je sajt o avijaciji i svako moze da pise sta hoce i voli a jedan od glavnih stvari entuziasta jeste da pricaju sta misle kakva ce buducnost da bude... Pa niko od njih ne misli da su to tacne brojke samo razgovaraju...
      Ako to ne mozes da shvatis pa ti lepo ponasaj se u skladu sa svojim uverenjem i nemoj da te zanima i preksoci te komentare...
      A sto se tice administratora sto te pusta svakoga dana da ovde ljudima pises da su prorocite koje gledaju u kristalnu kuglu ja stvarno ne znam sta da kazem meni je to uvredljivo. Pa neka te pusti da vredjas i dalje...

    12. Glad to entertain!

      Also, if INI makes these figures and even more - good for INI and kudos!

      Again, I was merely responding to the unrealistically far projections.
      My projections say I'll be almost a millionaire in 8 years. I'll keep you all posted!

    13. @Anonymous9 August 2018 at 13:41

      Pa upravo tako i ja - pišem što hoću. Kao i ti.

    14. Anonymous13:48

      So far INI's projections were realistic, that is the ones for the past two years.

  8. Nemjee11:54

    I think we might see Memmingen being increased next summer. Their loads seem to be quite good, last year they had 31.997 passengers from INI while from BEG it was 32.635 the year before they ended up adding an extra flight.

    1. Anonymous12:00

      Wow! Decent numbers indeed! Do you think MUC can work out as a future destination? Maybe operated with a smaller aircraft like Saab 2000?

    2. Nemjee13:38

      The real question is who would operate the SAAB flight from MUC? Personally, maybe INI-NUE or INI-FRA could work on Wizz Air or Ryanair in the future.

      That said, I think INI could use a two weekly flight to Paris. Who knows, maybe from next year. Good thing is that SOF doesn't have crazy demand to Paris.

      CDG-SOF on average had 166 daily one way passengers last year, so basically a daily A320.
      BVA-SOF on average had 80 daily one way passengers.

      BEG-CDG on average had 216 daily one way passengers to Paris.
      BEG-BVA on average had 65 daily one way passengers to Beauvais.

      So it makes sense to introduce Paris from INI has the market from Serbia seems to be much stronger than from neighbouring Bulgaria.

    3. Anonymous13:47

      And the capacity on those routes?

    4. Anonymous13:53

      Yes, indeed France is not really working out for SOF. AF is seasonal to CDG, which I find strange. Maybe they decide to operate Joon like they did with BUD.
      No wonder why people said there is high demand from INI-CDG or INI-BVA.

      Any thoughts about NCE? It was launched last March from SOF.
      Any demand for other French cities for INI?

    5. Nemjee14:03

      From BEG, JU flies double daily to CDG in summer and 12 weekly in winter. It's difficult to calculate the number of seats as many flights in winter are operated with the A319. The A320 tends to be moved to Heathrow.

      I think for the time being there is only demand for Paris. Like I said, I think they need to make the most of Sofia's weaknesses. Routes currently served from INI seem to be performing quite nicely. Time will tell what will happen in the end. Personally, I hope FR launches BVA-INI in stead of Wizz Air.

    6. Anonymous14:44

      INI treba Lion ne Pariz. Putovanje autobusom je preko 30 sati cena oko 100 jura. Dosta ljudi tamo radi.

    7. Anonymous14:51

      Interestingly, SOF-BVA was operated 4 weekly this summer with A321 but I think it's a highly seasonal route.
      Maybe BVA will be considered by FR as it's currently the biggest airport operator.

      Nemjee, do you know why EIN was stopped shortly after it was launched by W6?
      Is it because FR fly to neighbouring NRN, which is quite often considered as an alternative airport?

    8. Nemjee15:10

      Anon 14.44
      easyJet је једини потенцијални авио-превозник који би могао успоставити летове из Лиона за Ниш. Нажалост мислим да је нереално очекивати увођење ове линије, барем у овом тренутку. Можда за неколико година ако се њихова експанзија у Београду исплати.

      Anon 14.51
      Sofia like many Balkan airports experiences seasonality, I am sure SOF-BVA was no exception. Also, looking at W6's numbers on the route I guess they didn't perform that well, my guess is that both loads and yields were simply not there for them to commit to the market.

      As for EIN-INI, I didn't see any numbers for the route but I guess that must have been the case. Another possibility is that they needed the capacity elsewhere. I suppose all new aircraft they get will be directed to Western Europe. INI, and it seems BEG, will have to wait. I am still waiting to see if W6 responds to easyJet on the BSL route. If not, easyJet might smell blood and go after them more aggressively.

    9. Anonymous15:23

      Ah, very good highlights you pointed there.

      I would say it was capacity issue indeed. W6 now are focusing significantly on VIE and LTN.
      At least we all agree that INI needs France as a whole, especially Paris ones.
      Who knows, we may even see Transavia, you never know.

      As for BEG-BSL, very difficult to tell as it's still too early. Maybe none of the carriers will drop the line as BSL is considered to be an alternative airport to ZRH. We will give them time.

    10. Nemjee22:29

      I am not doubting the market potential but all I am saying is that Wizz Air's schedule might make them extremely unappealing to the customers who can now fly on easyJet. Wizz lands back in Belgrade at around 00.25. The outbound flight leaves at around 15.00 but it's used for OSI as well.

  9. Anonymous12:06

    Thanks Zorana and AV

  10. Anonymous15:23

    aricle about INI. ko u Luna Park-u

  11. realan18:00

    Ndam se da i AS skromno doprinese rastu INI. Rekli su da ce pokrenuti liniju kad drzava preuzme aerodrom.A i ne vrerujem da ce tek tako preputiti Wiz-u putnike za VIE sa juga Srbije.Uz to moci ce da dobiju i neku legalnu subvencijicu za otvaranje domace linije :)

  12. kraspeed20:01

    Anyone know how many FR flights to INI were cancelled due to strikes?


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